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The message of the High Priest Adama ~ Stop and observe ..

Beloved, I greet you, I am Adama from the crystalline city of light known to you as Telos.

I ask you to stop for a moment and breathe, I ask you to stop for a moment the rapid movement in your life and observe.

You are beloved, you who read these lines, feel and feel the high vibrations of light that come and envelop you with the resonance of the fifth dimension, from the city of light.

Indeed as its name implies, it illuminates, in the lights of the flames of creation, the planet our world and your world.

We often support you loved ones these days, from the depths of the planet, we are aware of the disorder that is present in many of your world, we feel the pain of your heart, we feel the confusion and distress.

Yet we also see the spiritual transcendence and gates that open up to those who are willing to take full responsibility in their lives.

Beloved, breathe, breathe and observe a moment before you choose to move on in the journey of life, a moment before you create and create, see around, with your eyes open that the world has changed.

Therefore, you and your movement in space also change.

Everything you know, your culture also changes, what is the culture that is expressed in your world, do you pay attention to the unity of the nations that is taking place, do you pay attention to the global transport to the uniform resonance that characterizes the younger generation.

It is no coincidence that today there are many tools in your world to translate languages, music beyond the borders of a country or culture, and indeed your economy is facing a change to become a global economy.

Therefore Beloved, just before the changes, breathe, do not rush, stop a little and watch.

The seeds of the plants germinate, slowly, seeing the seed emerge from the soil, the emergence above the surface to the new is sometimes challenging ... The new cells are created above the surface. They will be seen clearly in the next decade.

Many of you are already feeling the, flame of resurrection and life has begun to wash over the planet, more and more ideas, ventures, and ideas are emerging and descending to those who are leading human society.

Feel in their hearts and support those initiators, be with them as pioneers and expand it to many more who are following in your footsteps.

Beloved, the light civilization also comes from developed cultures that support and assist in the process of rebuilding above the earth, many of you know that they are here. Many of you are communicating with them.

And yes, their presence will be felt more and more above the earth openly.

The governments of the peoples know, the governments of the peoples unite, do not fear the fate of man or the planet The divine plan presents itself in the lights and variety of its shadows.

Stop each time that doubt arises from your heart, and know that together with you in your growth into the consciousness of the golden seventh age, you are fully supported, and protected.

Telos, continues to provide you, dear ones, with the tools and the multidimensional learning spaces.

Telos, anchors within it the seeds of Lemuria consciousness, the ancient knowledge that is present in your layers of DNA, the same source that you activated 100% in the days of heaven.

It is no coincidence that many of you feel great longing for those days. But remember they still exist in your present being if and when you give them a place to be revealed.

You are the creators of the worlds you are beloved, who feel the desire to anchor the insights of the present age, give the lights of the new world above the earth. Each of you, as you read these lines, expand your consciousness to innovative ideas, to dreams that are meant for you, see them and allow them to come out above the earth.

When you will be precise one with your heart, in purity, faith, and accuracy then we will accompany you, with full support, therefore we will be with you in the human mission. In this process, the light fields around your body expand thousands of times more than you knew. You are the motivators, you are the healers and the creators. In every thought word and deed in your daily life.

We invite you, to be part of the global community of Telos, and to build together the crystalline field and allow it to resonate throughout the planet and the entire cosmos.

When the global community of light of Telos unites, to sing the prayer of the flames, then the crystal net resonates so quickly and powerfully, and thus many souls awaken, even inadvertently.

When the local community of Telos unites, its field of light illuminates the entire physical space in which it is present and beyond, thereby performing great purification at high levels even beyond what is seen in your physical world.

Therefore beloved, we thank you, cherish you for being passionate about learning, having the desire to explore and take an active part in spiritual maturity at this time.

Breathe and love the wondrous flames of light, let your heart feel the vibration that suits you, the color hue, breathe and feel all the parts of their being and your body are filled with the light of the spark of the flames

Feel and breathe, were, all you have to do is be the frequency.

Stop for a moment, observe, remember that the times in your physical world are exactly the exact match you can contain and receive. We accompany you, as one light family.

In each of you dwells a divine spark, invite him to rekindle what your soul has on your journey home.

From the Crystal City of Light,

I am your brother, Adama


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