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The Meaning of Devotion to Spirit to Soul Voice


Waking up again before dawn, hearing the voices calling from the mountain. Embarking on a journey beyond time and space, there, under the wonderful mountain in the light city of Telos that sustains the community of heavenly beings that live in the 5th dimension vibration. There they practice the protocols of the 5th dimension that contains the voice of truth, the containment of the other, the unconditional giving to the community. In peace, telepathy and precise nutrition to their bodies, they are there.

They invite me for healing and release. I move through all of the temples of healing and wisdom. I know that my body is reconstructed. I am open to contain the light vibrations. I open up the DNA strands for expansion and growth, the codes of remembrance and containment, my heart…to all there is.

They see what goes on the planet of the earth, through the crystal screens. They support the processes of human awakening. They see what takes place above the earth and they feel Gaya’s pain in her struggle with the great pollution that still takes place.

The support for the planet containment in these days arrive from distant worlds. Its object is to sustain the planet and help in its transformation to its next phase.

What is the next phase? The phase of awakening and the realization of the 5th dimension practices.

They ask for our support in the process, as many of the light workers can feel the change that is taking place, however many of the humans are still dormant. Therefore, the beings of the 5th dimension: the angels, the masters, touch us, in our hearts, in our wisdom and connect us beyond the veil.

The high priest Adama is beside me, shares and explains:

“In these days the magic rises, with the light periodical year of 2020 that humans enter, in the 21st century per the Christian calendar.

Many of the light workers will awaken to their old powers that have been dormant for ages. Healing powers with crystals, magnets, singing, painting…

The awakening happens in our human way which we choose, through our sacred heart. The heart reawakens to compassion, acceptance and seeing the other.

Most of the humans are still under the control of the ego and their self is crying its cry from an unbalanced place. These are the days for balancing ourselves and connecting to the ‘I am that I am’, our higher self, which originates from the creation light.

In the light city of Telos the community people open their days with healing of the bodies with the sacred flames. That creates energetic balance in the vibrations of the gentle light bodies. And then they start their fascinating day. Each one has an unconditional giving time for the community, according to his abilities and gifts, for the community sustaining. Afterwards there is a time for resonance, learning and development, growth and realization of the personal purpose that receives many colors throughout the personal growth. The learning never ends, as well as the sustaining of the high vibrations in the all of the bodies. Out of the balance we sustain the resonance of the creation energy that we work with throughout the day.

Are you humans connected with your soul? Are you aware, loved ones, to the importance of this connection?

Isn’t this your time for choosing to reconnect to your sacred heart, for taking a moment of your day for a divine connection with your own being?

Do your shopping temples give you the happiness which you long for and search for?

This temporary enjoyment which you fulfill by purchasing items for your house and yourself – is this temporary gratification fulfills you or for the long term does it make you empty?

It is your time, loved ones, to balance your various bodies for the correct routing of energetic vibrations in your life.

The inner observation is most important at these days. Looking inside into the inner self.

The objects that you buy lose their meaning after a while. The excitement of receiving the gifts is an illusion which provides no growth.

Wake up loved ones, wake up humans and choose your consciousness shift. Wake up and choose the change of the power of the word. Wake up and live your journey on the planet from the divine simplicity, from being magicians. What is the next magic that you dream of? Is it realized in practice? In a new creation? Hold the vibration and embark on your path and create a 5th dimension world.

In the coming year humanity shall experience another economic crisis that shall strengthen the understanding about money which you overrate.

In the coming year humanity shall experience social crisis between the human polarities that are created on the planet.

In the coming year light workers that commit to their path shall experience a cosmic leap to the knowledge that descends for operating the masterhood inside them.

In the coming year humanity shall experience planet earth dealing with extreme climate changes that will affect the animals, the vegetation and the humans. Gaya shall start moving its body and the tectonic fractures shall return to be active in many places. Indeed the planet changes itself from the coming decades.

Great compassion shall fill the planet. The human shall recall the strength of the unique planet that he has been living on for millions of years.

The cosmic energy that enters that planet, slowly transforms the human thinking. Humans that their heart is open hold a prayer for peace, serenity. However, the human kind consciousness is still scarce.

Speak what is in your heart. A great lesson for the light workers is to speak the truth. The gate of faith and truth, the gate of the divine will is the main gate for these days.

Do you find yourselves afraid to speak…?

Take a look at this fear. What hides behind it that needs healing? Say, talk, sing the truth of the light and the unveiled.

Dear light workers, hold your consciousness and your choice power and meet at the Telos Lemuria circles for sustaining your vibrations and reconstruction of the heat vibration for and for receiving the codes. The codes that are assimilated in your being awaken with the energy pulses that descend from the 1st creator. The vibrations awaken and many can feel the change in their physical body, with the need to sleep and change of nutrition.

Enable yourself to be devoted to the change, to the new.

Enable yourself to be attentive to your heart and spend time with other light workers around you.

Enable yourself to be in action and embark on mutual journeys for healing the planet and strengthening your body.

We in Telos are watching and seeing that the human awakening slowly takes place. Humans grasp on the old. Therefor there is much sickness. Release these places and choose your re-birth.

Dare and come out to the light.

Dare and be the light!

Dare and celebrate your being, awake to the golden days of the 7th era.

We are with you, watching, supporting, attentive. Call us and we will come.

I bless you


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