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The material world and the change in its resonance rate

Welcome people of human light, carrying the beacons of light Dear loved ones, We are looking from the depths of the city of light, Telos, from the control center room, which overlooks the giant screens towards your world above the surface. We see Gaia confronting with the changes, fires… and changes in many depths, in the oceans and the seas. I turn to you, loved ones: recognize your abilities, and unite your awareness with the change that is taking place. Unite your consciousness to the light and send from your heart, send these rays of light to support those human beings who experience turbulence and are faced with a challenging reality of the physical world. Your physical world is changing and reality comes to raise the awareness of the change that occurs in the material world. What is that material world? The one that exists today and you hold can disappear tomorrow... See loved ones that the frequencies in all dimensions are in movement and mobility, even in those dense material bodies. The frequency is moving. The releasing and fires occurring in the recent months in California, are to inspire, awaken human beings, to recognize that Gaia is a living entity, who undergoes the transformation of the material dimension; understand that an era has ended, and a new one opens. The redwoods trees that perish, rise to the dimension of light of the 5th dimension. Due to the great light that illuminates and the awakening human consciousness to the Akashic memories inside them, the guardians of brotherhood of the oak pass the knowledge through those souls that are embodied in human bodies, knowledge is maintained. Indeed, beloved ones, the mass of souls present on the planet, the masses of sons of light are awakening these days into conscious vigilance, you beloved ones, unite your powers, to anchor all frequencies together. Praying together, see yourself loved ones, standing in the same spot that anchors the pure frequency of light, up the mountain of Shasta; see yourself in a circle, and the rays of light coming out of your heart, gathering together into a huge light. The light rises up and illuminates and carries within it the golden vibrations coming from the one great sun source. The source of creation. In those days when the planet was created – the seeds of diamond light, trees and flowers, mountains and rocks, rivers and seas – were sown, and beauty was so great. Loved ones, you are carrying the light beacons with the ability to heal, unite and send out light. And we, from the depths of the city of light Telos, will come together with you, thickening, supporting and seeing the light emanating from your heart, washing out the fire, the spheres of the earth. See loved ones the light, as snowflakes, softening the blazing fire, see the flakes of light moving out over Gaya in need of support. And remember your power, you are moving in time, moving and feeling the change, feeling the extreme that emerges in its various faces. These are the days in which the sons of light must unite human consciousness into one, and therefore I am present, existing in your world. The split between the dimensions dissolves, more and more Lemurian brothers and sisters wake up and remember. More and more Lemurians are remembering the right way to walk on the planet. The living is about to change, the diet... The organizational management setup of the countries, and you in the human body you will experience and take a practical part in the new born. Many of you already bring the light and the language of light to your communities. We see, we support, go out with our light bodies and stand right beside you; feel us, when you feel the waves of light that penetrate your heart, it is we, when you feel the excitement and chills, we are here. Allow yourself to open up to the multidimensional, and build your light bodies to contain the new frequencies entering the planet. The Super Nova rays are those penetrating the planet at a higher than normal frequency mass. Your scientists, studying the foundation of the material, recognize that light rays containing tiny particles have the ability to transfer material with a single-frequency material to the material carrying other frequency density. Your physicists are discovering new rules... These cosmic rays are high energy fragments of atoms that are moving in space close to the speed of light and time. These rays rise in carrying the light within them, in frequency acceleration. You feel it. The particles of light are absorbed in you, in the soil of plants. The material world changes the rate of its resonance. The Super Nova rays, are those that accelerate the transformation inside and outside the planet. Indeed dear ones, even in the depths of Gaia there is a transformation and change. The cities of inter planetary light are preparing for the phase of Gaia's transformation. The changes will occur both outside and inside. Learn the frequency work, practice your ability to move with the crystal light bodies, beyond time and space, and invite yourself to shared learning at Telos. When you learn the frequency foundation, of the sacred flames, you are capable, consciously aware of working with the light of creation and to create the new. See loved ones, your world is built of energies, moving at a rate of density of the 3th dimension. Our world is built of a density of frequency velocity of the 5th and 7th light dimensions. The material world that is familiar to you, is changing; your scientists now identify different points throughout the planet, as in the North Pole. The city of light Telos, moves in the 5th dimension spaces. Indeed, it is all part of the days of the great light, of the galactic system change of the universe. See the wider picture and realize that everything is done according to the divine plan. The beacons light bearers, you are the people of the Lemurian continent. These are the days of remembrance and the opening of the light cells towards the divine synchronization on this earth. Blessed are you. I am Adama. (Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 19-Nov-2018) 

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