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The Lemurian flywheel and the propulsion of the spirit world to the material world.


The movement of life, the movement of the fabric of creation, which we create, which we direct dreams and put into action.

What is that life journey, which we embark on.

What is that life journey that contains within it all the layers of the deep emotions of man.

The variety of dreams and desires some of which we fulfill.

And why do we fulfill only a part?

Why in our world the creative capacity of that thought is often limited.

How many times have you dreamed and the dream remains a dream…

The spiritual journey to Mount Shasta, to the depths of the city of light Telos of 2017, has opened up new layers for me to receive the tools of the world of fulfillment.

In my personal spiritual journey, my journey into the world of Telos to the memories of Lemuria, opened to me the world of fulfillment.

At first I thought that fulfillment, easily reaches the material world in everyone.

Seeing Vision feel him breathing him and .. let's create.

During the journey I realized that, many times, we see feelings but fulfillment is challenging, for our world.

In my first book in fact, I received from the High Priest Adama the tools to prepare the bodies for the high frequencies of the fifth dimension and to open the channels to the higher worlds of the divine creation that allow us the frequency charge and vision beyond.

In the journey of summer 2017 ...

I arrived at the garden of the High Priest Adma, in the depths of Mount Shasta, where after an exciting ceremony and entrance to the heart of the city of light Telos, came soil with full splendor, and for 5 hours, which passed in the physical experience about 5 minutes ... .

The flywheel and the propulsion of the spiritual world to the material world. The first stage in learning.

"Indeed, my dear, the following tools you can pass on to those sons of light, who are open in their consciousness to the multidimensional layers of the frequency cell known to you as an energy unit driven by the electron and proton strands familiar to you in the third dimensional consciousness”.

The flywheel is a wheel that drives the entire center of the particle of deity consisting of protons and electrons around the electromagnetic field in which you are present.

Your field has the ability to reach vast distances of tens of kilometers, and even more, there are those whose electromagnetic field reaches even beyond the planet -

Your field Ayelet, due to the opening of your consciousness, has the ability to move such distant worlds, in understanding the human mind it is not easy for you to understand this perception.

Most of humanity is due to the limitation of faith and the blocking of limiting beliefs. Greatly reduce their flywheel to just a few feet.

Therefore, let's first learn, how to move the magnetic field

Embark on your new humanity, in order to activate the flywheel we will first activate your electro-magnetic field.

Take a deep breath and see yourself, standing in the center of an electromagnetic field that emerges from the tops of your head, the crown chakra, to both sides of the body and back through, the base chakra, to the center of your body, start and seek to propel the energy in the flow of rhythm 1 and see the electrons and protons Pleasant .

Take a deep breath, feel the flow and learn it.

How do you feel?

This state of consciousness is for the static existence of the humanity.

We will accelerate the flow acceleration, take a deep breath and feel the flow accelerated to level 3, feel your field expanding and also accelerated at the same time.

Take a deep breath, feel the flow and learn it.

Do you feel the expansion, see the field expand to a large number of meters. Take a deep breath.

Do you feel your presence beyond your human body? Do you see yourself echoing the love that you are, in a great space.

Take a deep breath, and ascend to another stage, accelerate the acceleration of flow to level 6, feel your field expanding and accelerate take a deep breath and give the ability to flow freely freely without resistance.

Your field now reaches a level of several miles.

Your ability to influence is multiple, move your consciousness to love, peace and joy.

This consciousness now touches the consciousness of my sons as additional human beings, so be careful of every thought. You have a lot of influence.

Take a deep breath and feel the expansion, learn it.

We will stop at this point, because in order to continue to reach even wider places, you must control as much as possible your mind, which most of you are still practicing.

I must point out dear ones, that this exercise is necessary, for good practice, do not rush out into the wide spaces, (we have refined the ego) for if the thought is not pure in the level of expansion of the electromagnetic field, you can disrupt it for yourself. Therefore we practiced in the purity of thought.

For at the level of consciousness and its distribution in the world, there are the forces of light versus the forces of darkness.

The other side is also aware of the power of activating and expanding consciousness through the expansion of the electromagnetic field.

In fact the expansion of the field, in all the particles of the atom your consciousness is present, and it is this which magnetizes to the same fields as you, and thus the consciousness expands, hence the purity of thought, and its spring from your sacred heart.

Activation of the flywheel

As you expand your electromagnetic field, it activates the flywheel, to propel any creation of thought into your life.

This wheel is activated by your consciousness, when your consciousness creates a thought, and you see what is in your heart, you give meaning to this thought, you feel it in your whole divine and physical being alike.

Look at the picture, give it all the stimuli of your human senses and assimilate the essence of the deity, wash the vision with golden sparks of divine light.

Take a deep breath and move the rays of light into consciousness and see the fulfillment take place now.

This vision was continued and created every day for 21 days to operate the wheel.

Every day give your time to activate and nourish the consciousness of the sacred creation in the light of divinity, and to activate all your human senses.

And the wheel is turned on. And the more you nourish like him in your mind, the faster his pace will go. And the particles of creation will be unique in a rotation around your personal electromagnetic field. Always rotate clockwise.

And fulfillment will be created in your physical world.

And so it happens!

Congratulations, for the desire to learn for fulfillment.

I'm Adama.

This channeling was given in the Garden of Adama - #ADAMAYELETELOS


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