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The last gathering in the pyramid of the sun ~ the day of the equinox


She woke up to the rising sun and saw the golden hues washing over the green paddy fields. She felt her body waking up after the long winter in which the snows fell and covered the earth. Her body was ready to leave, she saw that her arms began to tingle again, she knew that her countrymen were waiting for the near equinox day, the day when the sun's rays once again wash the upper half of the star...she saw that ceremony she used to conduct in the High Temple with her family , she remembered how her father used to wear the blue robe, and lead her up and up to the edge of the pyramid, right before dawn. The sun that she loved so much, was the leading generator of the connections between those stars and the civilizations of light. Not everyone knew how to communicate with the house stars, but her father did. The day of the equinox was always a holiday, all the tribes would gather together, some would walk for weeks to reach the great pyramid especially on this day. They knew the meaning of the rituals, and would carry the tender children in their hands and support the older tribal sages. In order for everyone to be able to contain the higher luminaries with which they met. The preparations for the ceremony were so many, in the ten days before the ceremony, she had to focus on the breathing of the cosmos, and her body would change its elasticity, the food that would enter it was holy water, a tablespoon of olive oil and the light modifiers that were brought from the east. She made sure to meditate and be in communication with the Great Spirit and her personal guidance, she would not leave the door of her house, and felt how the energy moved through her bodies which grew each and every day. The day of the equinox, when she walked with her father up to the pyramid was the day she had been waiting for all year. On this day she knew that she was coming home, and could talk to her mother from the home planet...MU and undergo an apprenticeship and receive the information that will support the mission she chose to take on planet Earth. Again, the prediction was of the collapse of the networks, there was a lot of talk about this topic, and her father prepared her for what she would have to do when... They knew that they had to keep the records of the house, and this day was the gathering which was destined to be the last in this cycle. The tribes began to gather, they entered in a spiral around the pyramid, and sang the song of the house in the Lemurian language. Among the tribes were the priests and priestesses, the elders of the tribe, and the shamans who carried beacons of energetic light, the balls of light would float above the staff and illuminate the trail of light. They passed among the tribes and helped them balance themselves and prepare the bodies for receiving the high light mass, for communication with the representatives of the stars She saw them from the top of the pyramid, they were many, the sparks of light shone, and the singing thickened. Her father gave her the staff that day and next to her to move it with the forces of the cosmos, he gave her the signal and she began to move the staff, "Daughter of Adama, you are beloved, and she is the one who opens the gates of light" Everything was soft and loving, she listened and knew that these were the representatives of the councils. She moved the staff and began to draw the sacred geometry that she learned in the Nekal Halls for opening the Rabbi's gates from dimensions to the cosmos. The gates began to open and a huge light burst from the top of the pyramid to the center of the cosmos. Out of the light, luminous bodies began to appear descending - 12 in number were the Lords of Light who together formed a circle around the gate. Each of the lords of light was wearing a glowing robe, and their eyes were glowing watching the thousands of humans around the pyramid. "We have come to announce the end of the cycle of the age of high light on this planet, we designate those present around the pyramid to be the ones who will awaken and accept the call to the mission and the enlightenment of humanity in the days of the great ascension. " The sky began to drop flakes of glow and the tribesmen breathed them in to their DNA coils, they knew those tribesmen because they had been waiting for this day. "We grant you the right to take part in the great days of light, in which the masses of mankind will awaken to the consciousness of the Zohar beyond any religion or control plan, you are the beloved ones who will reawaken to the memories of the house, you are the ones who will return to circular learning, and the breathing of the lights of the cosmos and return to the planet the Freedom of consciousness." The delegates raised their hands and parted as the fingers showed the cosmic sign of - peace - And he returned from the pillar of light up and down and disappeared. The staff went out and the gate closed. She breathed and felt her body burning with the fire of life, she knew that she would see them again. And you will also return to this pyramid on which she is present. From those days to these days... They come again, they feel the call to reunite with the family that was there... You are loved, you are again in your own image, you know, in the depths of the awakened soul you are aware that this is the time for spiritual awakening, to open again to the freedom of the soul and go out into the world as you are children of Lemuria, children of this earth who remember the source. The homecoming is a code that invites you, just as it invited to the pyramid. I watch the sunset and know that in a few days, I will go with the 25 messengers of light across the ocean to "Mexico", to the land of the Mayans, to the gates of light. I'm ready . I am Oelet #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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