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The Game of Enlightenment: the Stage of Ascension


"We call upon you to choose a life of community action, a life of action for the sake of others, and of seeing the radiance of your soul. When you learn to give of your sacred heart and to maintain emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, then you will reach ascension."

Dear ones, this is Adama. You are witnessing the approach of the time of entry of the new energy, which is arriving from the source of the One, from the source of the center of the universes, from creation. Indeed, the energy entering the planet is being refined and as it enters your light bodies, your etheric bodies, and your physical bodies, your enlightened bodies undergo a transmutation in a process you are directing. Therefore, the existence of human beings who are pursuing awareness and containment of the light in the physical body is expanding, and will continue to expand with the absorption of this energy and its vibration; whereas those who are not on the path of awareness and light will be unable to contain this sacred energy. Dear ones, the only star of choice grants you the right to choose the time of your awakening. Indeed, precious souls who are dormant will awaken at later stages, but we yearn for an awakening among a high percentage of humanity. The souls who do not awaken at this time will choose again

to continue playing the game of creation. The planet is moving into the phase of ascension, but it will not happen in a single day. The transition is multi-phased and multidimensional. You must understand that thought processes are changing and will become, along with all that is familiar to you, unessential in the higher dimensions. Thus, your brain is awakening at this time to new patterns of thought. The new children on the planet are already familiar with these patterns and work accordingly in various situations, but the world of adults awakening to the light at this time are being exposed to these patterns of thought gradually. This is why you are noticing so many workshops, lectures, and meetings on the subject of enlightenment and each person connects to the frequency right for itself in a different way. Every soul that awakens connects to the vibration that is right for it and to the soul family with which it arrived on the planet. There are many nuclei of souls, and you are attracted to one another like magnets. Dear ones, these are Messianic times and we are glad for the great awakening of the sons and daughters of Lemuria, a group whose role in the process of ascension is most important because they have taken upon themselves the responsibility for enlightenment. They and the Pleiades were among the first light entities who arrived by choice in order to take a central role in the divine game of creation whose influence is felt today. At this time, we, the sons of Lemuria and the Pleiadians, are reconnecting to the planet in order to conclude this final stage and the excitement is great. Yes, dear ones, you who read these pages feel, remember, and know that these are the facts, and that this is the truth, the answer to all the confusing questions that are arising. We bless you, dear ones, for opening your hearts, for the opportunity you are giving yourselves to reconnect to the vibration of Lemuria. We bless you for your desire to remember and take a conscious part in this game of enlightenment and this stage of ascension. Dear ones, the change you are awaiting, but of which you are fearful, is approaching. The date 12/12/2012 is the date the Maya foresaw, the date known to many as the end of one energetic era and the beginning of a new frequency entering the planet. In this period, there will be many new discoveries. Crystals have always been important for the planet and many more crystals will be come to light. Historical findings will be revealed that will alter the understanding of science and the face of history as you know it. Continents will move and Mother Earth will change. Indeed, the change is taking place. This change is part of the energetic planetary transformation Mother Earth is undergoing, as are you, dear ones. Don’t cultivate fears in your hearts. Understand that the sons of light who are on the journey of enlightenment and are establishing a direct connection to the higher self and the sacred heart know where to be at the right moment. Indeed, a certain percentage of the population will be kept safe. Those who are not connected to the ancient way and longing for the light, whose eyes are closed and who adhere to the third dimension—which causes human beings to behave out of fear, ego, control, and force—will have to continue their incarnations on other stars intended for that purpose. You must understand that I have no wish to arouse panic or anxiety. Quite the contrary. Understand, dear ones,that these are the days of choice on the only star of choice.Many of the sons of light who are illuminating the planet willhelp during the early stages of awakening to transition tothe next stage, the stage of ascension. However, the sonsof darkness, in whose souls the spirit of darkness prevails,will be forced to leave.Dear ones, the planet will ascend into a phase of harmonyand love and peace. Yes, loved ones, only those who can bearthe frequency of love will stay and live in light, awareness,and happiness. These are the days that are approaching forthe entire planet. We, the light entities, the masters and theangels who support and accompany you out of love for youand out of the desire to help you with the process, are gladfor these days. We have undertaken to be at your side whenyou awaken and extend our hands in blessing. We whisperin your ear, caress your hand, and walk with you throughthe phases of awakening toward ascension. Indeed, dearones, in all the light cities, we see how human beings areawakening. Many exalted beings have said that humansare in such deep slumber that they will miss the designateddate. But, dear ones, human beings are up to the galactictask. Many, even more than are required for the mission,are awakening these days. A large portion of humanity isundergoing a rapid change, a transformation supportedby the violet flame and Master Saint Germain. The entireplanet is bathed in the violet light of transformation, whichaccelerates the protons and electrons in your bodies andmakes you feel, sense, remember, and ask questions on the universal level to carry out changes in the way of lifefamiliar to you. We are proud of you, dear ones.In the past, the beloved light entity Aurelia Louise Jonestransmitted messages about our light city Telos, about ourway of life and the way we understand the way of light in thefrequency of love. We continue to disseminate, from withinthe great Telos community, the light of the heart frequency,and thus assist Lemurians to reawaken to the new energyon the planet. Indeed, more and more Lemurians areawakening at this time. Telos organizations around theworld are transmitting the soft frequency that comes fromthe heart of Telos. This frequency is spreading, reachingmany, and touching many, and we are happy that Lemuriansare returning home. With each son of light who awakens tohis Lemurian heart, we too in Telos are enlightened. Yourbeing comes to us by night and by day, performing deephealing and cleansing. We are with you on the path of yourpersonal enlightenment. We see how you meet each otherand realize that you know each other from the earliesttimes. You engage together in many activities, spreadingthis loving frequency, and in this way enlighten more andmore sons of light.We are happy and Telos is celebrating. Telos is expandingthese days. We are making preparations in the mountainand beyond in additional places for our population and thesons of light who reach us. Indeed, Telos today is a light citythat has expanded greatly since its inception.I now invite you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, andsee before you the rainbow. You are walking along a path ofcolorful crystal stones, a path that leads you to the center of the light city Telos. The fountain stands before you,illuminating and sparkling, and the eternal flame shines atits center, rising up.Look around and see that you are here together withsons of the light city Telos who greet you with a blessingof love. Breathe deeply and feel your sacred heart openingand expanding to the frequency of love. See the children ofTelos coming to give you a blessing of peace and presentingyou with roses in all the colors of the rainbow. See thecrystal buildings beside vegetation that is unlike anythingyou have ever seen. See your loved ones at your side. Thelight city blesses you as you enter Telos. You are invited tocontinue your tour of the temples of healing of the sevenflames, temples that invite you to enter and embark upona fascinating journey, a journey of healing all the levels ofyour etheric, emotional, and mental bodies in the Lemurianfrequency of love that will return you home. Breathe deeply.

(Telos - From Theory to Practice,ayelet segal 2012)

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