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The freedom system of the souls of light



I am Adama here to greet you dear ones, these days we have been waiting here for the 20/3 year from that day when the governments of the world announced the global virus which is about to shut down the world.

Indeed, your world is closed and reopened, the world of the window of the soul has undergone many significant changes and transformations.

You have dealt with very deep fears, with pain and karma that arose from ancient times, when the experience of separation enveloped you.

Beloved, I want to share with you, indeed the year of transition according to your earthly time is over, the time of transition which has received the name of the corona consciousness, a consciousness of opening the crown chakra, a new consciousness which gives man the easy ability to converse again with your high essence with the source of your soul.

Indeed love, feel you will feel full of support in you.

Indeed, your world is closed and reopened, the world of the window of the soul has undergone many significant changes and transformations.

You have dealt with very deep fears, with pain and karma that arose from ancient times, when the experience of separation enveloped you.

See, the planet which has undergone a process of collective purification, is already preparing itself for the next stages of human insight moving to the light dimensions of the fifth and seventh dimension.

These days beloved are the days that we from the cities of light have waited, indeed we have waited to see you awake, glowing ready to take full responsibility for your life.

We are interested in showing you the vision of the planet, the planet Earth that moves across the vast universe to unite with another galaxy called Andromeda,

We have talked a lot with you about this galaxy which contains life in high consciousness, they are your brothers and sisters who have telepathic communication with you.

The same science fiction movies, made up of the same communication with the same cultures you call the Pleiadians, we call them members of the light cultures, they look a little different but many of them you have already met, in dreams, in the Star Wars series in the various Avatar movies.

Indeed, we know that many of you, are moving at night to the same systems, and then you return to the bodies the consciousness of the planet and again, your consciousness will learn and already prepares itself for the transitions between the consciousness in an awake and conscious way.

The fundamental change in the days of the Corona was a change in the revelation of the many truths about the nature of the planet, the history of the planet, and of course the destined vision of Planet Earth.

Your forefathers foresaw this, go back to the ancient writings, they are exposed more and more in different places on the planet, they are exposed to those who knew how to write and document what is visible to their eyes, the ancient prayers. The evidence is revealed and revealed throughout the planet.

Beloved, from the cities of light of the inner Earth we support you, it's your time to shine as the light rises and shines, it's time to join in and reverberate as you are masters walking in awake bodies.

Vibrate the colors of the flame rays that surround you and give your light bodies the glowing aura, the same aura that resonates with the aura around the planet, this aura is unique in its renewable Gaia vibrations.

Indeed beloved, prepare yourselves for the last campaign this year, prepare the bodies, and see the vision created in one awake consciousness. With the entry of the planet into the dawn of the new age.

The Telosian city of light expands and we operate in the resonance of the seventh dimension to the 22nd and even more, the halls of light are open and we welcome all the souls and brothers and sisters who come in and go through the advanced stages of initiation, indeed humanity has experienced a tremendous leap of consciousness.

In those days when I talked to Aurelia we sat together and I showed her the vision of the trend of the sons of Lemuria waking up to the daughter of Lemuria and learning the ancient doctrine of light again.

Together with the messengers of Telos organizations across the planet, the crystal network has condensed and resonated with mighty bones. It is connected to millions of souls and even resonates with the planet Mo. The supreme happiness passes to those who walk like catalysts in their bodies,

The coming year is precious, many ask me about the nature of the change, again as I explained, the process is wide open in the years of human time on the planet, but in the level of wind and light the change is fast, indeed the rhythm of light vibrations surrounding and containing the planet got a lot of acceleration so many feel the disappearing time, it is gone again ..

We talked a lot with you about the time of being and being focused on the present creation and holding the vision, again there is no meaning to what will happen..the meaning is to the same frequency that vibrates at that very moment.

The infinite cosmos and the echo envelops the planet, the planet is no longer present at some distance from the center of the cosmos, so the changes are reflected in this planet, returned home, indeed planet Earth this unique solar system returns to the center of the universe to the star system of brothers and sisters .

You were beloved, the joy and light

Be with us in learning from the Nakal Center illuminating the wisdom and knowledge of Lemuria the continent of light - which is where it resonates appropriately through construction and its daughters, we are with you in the days of spiritual awakening, we are with you in the city bearing the crystals of light from the golden waterfalls and the valley of heavenly abundance.

The mass of light messengers that has arisen these days is great and it makes us happy to see you gather together to illuminate the planet. On the day of the upcoming holidays we will be with you at the inauguration of the Hall of Light in the Telosaian village, indeed it carries the frequencies of the city and the connections are made both in the depths of the earth and at the site level.

Understand that the vision created these days was designed in very ancient times, we waited for the right time and together with the people of Telos who are embodied on earth we create the consciousness of the Telosian community of light in the world

Why in Israel, indeed the unique people carrying the DNA containing the devotion of God is dedicated to the highest order of life and fulfillment, and therefore the place where you incarnate and live vibrate in vibrations that allow health and connection with the light dunes, the opening to the cosmos above your unique country allows fast communication With the same extraterrestrial light cultures, and with the light cities.

The command of Jerusalem is under the leadership of the multi-angelic angels from Tetron carrying the One Deity Order and from Jerusalem to the entire planet.

From Jerusalem to Shasta from Jerusalem to the Great Pyramid from Jerusalem to Shembala in Tibet from Jerusalem to Mount Tartar and to the Ularo.

The people of Israel embody within it the righteous of light who walked on this earth, the people of Israel awaken and lead the planet to the advanced and developed life on this planet.

With the flame of life and resurrection, the Temple of Light over Jerusalem and the Dead Sea resonating and open to the sons of light, this flame that envelops the planet once again awakens in the cells of Jewish memory the right to freedom of soul and ancestral soul, therefore young people with this year's enlightenment the old organization, the new ones are more to that

Israel is the one that shakes the consciousness of the nations of the world, were you.

Congratulations on the holidays, we will meet and celebrate together in the prayers of the flames from Telos with love




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