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The fire element and the 2020 consciousness expansion


With the entrance of the new decade, 2020, we witness the huge fires at Australia. In the last 4 months 27 thousand square km were burnt. More than the area of Israel state altogether… The heat climaxes of the climate crisis have also reached Russia far east, and at Au 2019 Putin instructed the army to assist with the handling of the fires that burnt 30 thousand square km of woods. In North America too, at California in the last 2 summers of 2019 and 2018, the fires spread over vast areas of over 200 thousand square miles. The fires didn't skip South America – in the Amazonas, and Africa in the summer of 2019 – the green lungs of the planet with so many species in it…

The fire element is present on the planet in great intensity. The surface of the planet is eliminates itself…we know that fires raise the number of species and help to recycle minerals that were trapped in the plants. The fire also enables renewal of many plants. However, it is a great disaster for the natural environment. The number of species and habitats are drastically dropping. Few plants take over the burnt area and as a result the animals that fd on the plants that were burnt in the fire disappear. The fire element is connected to strength, action, blood and the force of life. It is also perceived as purifying and very defending. Is the fire element that is present on the planet at the end of a decade random? Is there a connection between the human consciousness and the fire that takes a hold of the vegetation world in the different continents? Indeed the planet is not at its balance point, due to the human interference via the exploitation of the natural resources and the industrial revolution. The endless pollution in Gaya gives its signals and the 4 elements are not present in a balanced resonance. The water element will also be present with the glaciers defrosting and the rise of the sea level. Many areas on the planet will be flooded. The weather forecast does not come to frighten, but to encourage us to observe. Many organizations continue to pollute and humans start to wake up and cry out to those organizations and companies leaders. It's time to take responsibility! It is not about one more plastic bottle that we take to recycle. We witness a consciousness change and it is already coming, from these new leaders that shall rise and take decisions to lead a green industry, green economics and a society that holds personal and social responsibility. The scientists have investigates and came up with the optimistic and pessimistic forecast for 2050! We can feel the discussion of these issues taking place more and more. The crystal children are waking up and calling our society to wake up before… See the discussions regarding the fires in Australia, the prayers and the awakening consciousness The blue planet has an independent self-consciousness. It holds the life consciousness in the motion systems of the 4 elements: fire, air, water and earth. The connection between these 4 elements is constant and continuous. 4 billion years since that point of big bang, a million and a half of humans on the planet… Many cultures arrived to establish colonies on this earth and ancient life cycles existed and had been extinct on this earth.

I ask the teacher of humanity, the high priest Adama, about this subject and he answers: "Blessed are you, humans who  read the new knowledge that arrives to the human consciousness. Indeed you witness, with the decade ending, a wave of fires that is taking place on beloved Gaya. The wave of fires eliminate and enables Gaya to heal itself in many natural areas. The nature, loved ones, gives you the biggest inspiration for your physical presence in this world. The nature anchors the visibility of life, and now you can witness many plants and animals extinct. Know that, the system of vegetation and animals on the surface of this planet is very unique: there is great versatility after so many species has developed and are co-dependent. The animals who have many colors and shapes are well aware to their role in these days. The human consciousness is awakening to compassion and brings you, loved ones, to a wave of awakening. Indeed, the human emotional bodies open up and awaken to the world of animals and plants. The consciousness development is the most significant stage for humans at this time. Therefore loved ones, there is a motion of the fire an wind on the planet. In each and every continent humans have to deal with this powerful element that make humans understand that we are still very small compares to the natural forces of Gaya. The people of the earth, the ancient ones, who hold the ancient knowledge and are observing what happens on the planet, are not surprised. They know, the Indians, the Aborigines,  the tribes in Africa, that we can't continue to exploit Gaya. The question that you have to ask, children of the light, is whether you who hold your light, you who are aware to the wonderful transformation that takes place on the planet these days can see the fire as a mirror to the internal fire that takes place in the human consciousness, and how can this internal fire be quieted? 2020 will bring the 4 elements as a mirror to humans. Was you will enter more and more the 21st century, Gaya shall echo as one with the humanity consciousness. Don't be afraid, as your consciousness and your language recreates the planetary identity in these days. Humans recreate their identity with the new humanity, the humanity that echoes the new 10 commandments that resonate the exact tools for marching on Gaya. The oak brotherhood that exists in the natural wilderness , calls you loved ones to come out as the planet guards to a new discussion that brings out the uniqueness of Gaya. The planets of animals and plants, along with the light kingdoms are aware of the significant change that takes place on the planet. Know the strength of the different elements. Know and practice them in your life. In each element there are foundations of the essence of Gaya, the blue planet. Each element contains components that are connected to another element. Fire can't exist without air, water contain dust particles that arrive from the earth, so they would be able to come down as rains and fill out the water reservoirs, the earth receives constant nourishment from water and air and the fire helps to disassemble the life forms and assimilate it into the earth for nourishment and recreation. It a circle and a cycle that enables the existence of the planet and it has existed for millions of years. The factor that has broken the circle is the industrial human, that with intervened with dams building and changing the water routes, making the clouds denser or drier, air and soil pollution…this intervention distort the resonance that has existed on the blue planet for decades. As you can witness, and many of you are in communication with your star brothers, you know that your presence is greater than ever. It is undeniable, as there are high ranks officers that come out from undercover in these days and publish their personal encounters. Army pilots, scientists that investigated bodies that were taken in captivity. The knowledge will become more available and the dark details will be discovered by the masses. The power of control is fading away on the blue planet. The new technology has already been given to the human, and those organizations that have controlled humans are aware of that. Therefore, the children of the light, the Lemurian family, you who have nourished the planet with your light. You who light up today as light towers, you know. A new ear has begun with your entrance in the light gates of 2020. The fire is lightening, cleansing and purifying and enables many of you to shine again. Recharge this shining and be together with us in this mutual journey that expands and accelerates more than in any life period on this planet. I bless you in this exciting transformation. We are one with you, the people of the inner planetary light cities From the light city of Telos I am Adama"

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