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The Eyes of the New Humanity

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


My friend’s eyes look at me, the eyes of the Divine, and her Light enters deeply into my eyes and Heart. I can see the magic and the glow in the deep focus inside her pupils. The eyes are the mirror of the Soul. They are our entrance code to connect with the Soul that stands in front of us. Ask for permission

before you look deep inside another’s Soul. And when you go deeply into the knowledge and memories encoded there, through the eyes of a person who stands in front of you, you realize that you are One with them.

When was the last time you and another person looked into each other’s eyes, for a long while? When was the last time you looked deeply into the eyes of the people you love very much?

Adama: Most human beings use a superficial sight to relate to the world. With a superficial sight, you see what is reflected before you and the brain interprets it very quickly. However, deep inside the brain, there are the cells of the brain stem, which contain the ability to unite with a Soul standing next to you. The ability to unite into Oneness.

In very few cases, if at all, a human being meets their Soulmate and unites with them deeply through the other’s eyes. This type of sight resonates deeply into your Sacred Heart. The Soul recognizes and knows, and the resulting excitement is indeed great. Masters possess the ability to look into a human being’s eyes and read the human content, the deep hidden content. When you read the human being in front of you, you do not need words. The telepathy communication comes from this deep sight within. We ask you, with the coming of the New Humanity, to practice deep eye contact. The eye contact is essential in human communication, since it sends you the other Soul’s transmissions in all their bodies.

The bodies respond at the cellular level, the DNA and the Akashic memory. Therefore, in these days, when human beings are fixating their eye contact to their cellular phone, to which they have become addicted, there is a human disconnection and alienation. These instruments are exercising a new and undesirable control over Humanity. These instruments give the illusion of progress. But they cause the human beings who use them to lose the human connection with each other; they walk alone in the dark. The darkness creates the separation, and alienation. This sucks them into the black hole of the state of nothingness. We ask you, our Loved Ones, to look into the eyes of another’s Soul! Lift your eyes and see who truly stands before you. Dive deep into them and, in a conversation of Love and Sharing, embark on a joint journey. And if there is a disharmony, through the mirrors of the Soul – theeyes – you can create a new conversation of insights and compromise, compassion and concession. In that process you both will rejoin your journeys to be One. Indeed this is the essence of the New Humanity. I am Adama. (Channeled by Ayelet Segal, February 27, 2016)



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