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Dear brothers and sisters, children of light, children of love

In the shortest day of the year 21-Dec, a unique and thrilling energy enters the planet, very powerful and lightening.

We share with you the light of the enlightenment flame!

You are welcome to a journey beyond space and time, straight from the magical Mount Shasta.

From the exciting “journey in the enlightenment tunnel” .


The enlightenment flame –

The Mountain draws me inside, into the light city of Telos.

Through a gate that opens up in front of me I am walking on basalt stones that light my way to the light city of Telos.

I am not alone, the gates of Telos open up and my family is waiting for me…I feel my heart chakra expending. Diamond tears run down my face.

I enter the city. Immense light flows through the space I enter. I see my father and my teacher, the high priest Adama.

In this journey I have surrendered again to the big spirit that have called me. I have arrived to Shasta, knowing that I end the 7th year and entering my 8th year.

The gifts were soon coming, and I received a great initiation of an immense divine light that entered my body.

There, on the treatment Trinity table in Victoria’s house I received connection of all of my bodies. The vision of the one, the infinity was opened to me, visions of past, present and future and immense light flew through my bodies. My neck got stretched backwards, my whole brain was transformed and the light kept entering and entering my bodies. I felt my heart chakra opening again and expanding beyond the known. At the base of the bed stood a team of healers with Adama, calming me and supporting the powerful process.

The vibrational mass that contained my bodies filled me, very similarly to the process I went through 7 years ago on the Mountain.

Afterwards I understood that they charged me and prepared my bodies for the next 7 years.

I surrendered. I committed, and tears of unity, serenity and love were flowing at the end of the process.

I know my mission on earth at this time.

I see my Telos family and my beats strongly and opens up. They accompany me today to receive the code of the enlightenment flame.

We hover over the center of the city, beyond the eternal flame, to the level of the temples of wisdom, knowledge and healing.

The crystal gate opens and I can see all of the temples of the sacred flames.

And I can also see the additional flames: the turquois flame, the gold flame, the harmony flame, the unity flame, the magenta flame.

I feel great excitement in all of my being. I arrive to the center of all the temples of the sacred flames. The vibrational work is very present. The energy is very strong…

I see a shining sparkling road in front of me. “You are welcome to walk this road” I am told.

I feel that a transparent robe is surrounding me. Gentle light lines flow through it. It is live and active. I feel my crystal body expanding and echoing tenderness and love.

I feel whole.

I see Adama by my side and together we walk the special road. The colors of the flames light up the space. Shining light beams and many angels are flying around, some are walking with us. There is a festive and joyful atmosphere in this unique and pure place.

And in front of me appears a special temple, all shining bright. A huge crystal lotus structure. Every leaf of the flower is composed of shining fractions of diamonds, many fractions, and the energy passes through all of the leaves. My heart opens up again and I feel excitement in all my bodies. Shining white light with light azure and gold, come out of the center of the lotus.

“Let’s go inside” says Adama. “This is the enlightenment flame temple”.

Indeed in the last months he talked to me a lot about the vibration of enlightenment, and this journey has received this vibration.

We come closer and I can see a crystal gate opening up for us.

We are greeted by the temple priests. They were the same unique robes as the one I wear.

I can feel the divine pure energy.

At the entrance of the temple stand the temple guards. They ask me to enter a cell in which my body goes through a vibrational balance and my pure intention is verified, before I enter the temple.

I enter a sleeve of light, breathe deeply and go through a purification process.

“You are welcome to enter the temple” I am told.

I enter and I see a room built as a lotus leaf. It is multi-dimensional and has a very unique shape. When I go deeper to the center of the lotus I can feel the vibrations of my body rising again, I enter a deep breathing mode and keep going inside.

Adama leads the way. Around us the entourage of the temple priests, and at the center of the lotus I see it, the enlightenment flame!

High and tall, shining from diamond light. At its base there are diamond particles, hovering in a circle around it, and they rise and rise until they are transformed into a huge light, white-azure-gold in color.

I breathe in deeply and I am very excited.

Two temple priests arrive: Arktoros and Victoria. They stand in their golden clothes and shining light comes out of their palms, blue eyes and their heart and crown chakras.

Around the flame stand the ascended masters.

I breathe deeply with a lot of excitement.

Victoria and Arktoros send light beams into my heart. All my bodies absorb this magnificent and special light. I breathe in deeply, breathe in the energy of the flame.

Saint Germaine and Portia are also present.

The master who carry the vibration of the enlightenment light explain:

“The enlightenment flame reach all those humans who have passed through the ascension gates in their journey on earth. This flame is unique and contains higher vibrations from the rest of the sacred flames. The pure divine vibrations that compose all of the diamonds in this flame arrived from the source of the one creation.

The One source is charging this flame and the connection to you is done through the temple at Telos. The enlightenment beams reach those humans who reach enlightenment and are in a high mission on earth, from an unconditional devotion to spreading the light from their sacred heart.

“With the enlightenment, each cell in the candidate body receives the ability to move beyond the earth corporeality and to bring the divine light to realization on earth.

The enlightenment flame is very powerful and therefore it does not reach every candidate. Once you have touched this flame your life shall never be the same.

Most humans don’t have the ability to contain this flame. Therefore it reaches very few at this time.

With humanity awakening and the planet balancing, the flame beams will be spread across the atmosphere, and with every breath humanity shall breathe the divine vibrations, along with the rest of the sacred flames. Then the planet will vibrate in the vibration of the divine light of the high consciousness dimensions.

You are loved for carrying your open consciousness and choose to embark on your infinite divine mission.

This human divinity is the gate through which the planet shall ascend, and also all of the solar system as well.

With the planet ascension many stars that have been sealed and closed shall be reopened for you, and you will be able to reconnect with the people of Sirius, Venus, the Pleiades, your home start Mu. The communication will be easy and natural, similar to your communication and travel across continents in your planet today.

Indeed, loved ones, this is a holiday.

We bless you Ayelet for arriving to the enlightenment temple

We wash you with the diamonds light beams…now…”

I feel the flame light washing through me, and tiny diamond light particles enter and assimilate in my bodies and being. More and more diamonds particles light up my bodies and I feel them everywhere and with them great light that flows through me. Love in my heart, my consciousness is one with the creation. I can see the divine unity in everything: the vegetation, the animals, humanity.

I can see the connections between the worlds, the flow that exists in all of the human circles who carry the consciousness of light and love.

I can see the unity of the light cities with the humans on the face of the planet, with easy gateways between us. I can see the connection with the home stars and extragalactic communication happening so easily and clearly.

Love, containment, acceptance are not just words. A new vibration has entered and assimilated in the planet, in children, adults, humans. The planet is already ascending.

Diamond tears run down my face. My heart is wide open to everything. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

I can feel Adama beside me and I thank my privilege.

I breathe the enlightenment beams into my body and I am one with them.

I am Ohelet

(Dec 2017, Mount Shasta, Ayelet Segal)



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