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The end of the journey ... is it?


I feel my body, feel its pain, its strength, I can see my being, I can see it enlightened, glowing, full of endless sparks of creation, flickering, beating life. I breathe deeply the Prana breaths, breathing, deep into my diaphragm. The body flows the blood, the internal organs can feel the heat rising in my body…the body releases and I go out… I go beyond any physical-corporeal limitation. I go beyond any familiar holding. I go up higher and higher into the great light. I am one with the eternal love, with the creation, with silence. I can hear the angels singing. I listen to them and sing with them. And here she is, beside me, bewildered soul. She does not understand where her corporeal body is. “I just went to sleep…Where am I?” she asks “I can see you” I answer her. “Come and fulfill yourself, enable yourself to let go of the corporeal”. “Indeed you have finished your current incarnation…” I can see her…light full of holes. Her etheric body needs rehabilitation. I can see her life, I can see the hard effect of the journey on Earth. They arrive to her, cover her body with a white robe and lead her on to nourishment, charging and the bodies’ rehabilitation. Indeed the journey on Earth is full of challenges. When we do not nourish ourselves with the light of creation, it affects our physical body. This soul has left too soon…only 44 years old, and a mother to 3… She was not prepared. It was very sudden. And in this life game she was my 2nd degree cousin. And what is this journey that we choose? A journey of family, emotional experiences, pain and suffocation along with happiness and love, we move between the polarities in search. So many of us in search…of what?

Of the voice of our soul… We ask one question and we are 20 years old, a second question and our biological age is doubled already…a 3rd question and we almost approach the end of our journey, and we know it. The journey on planet Earth is short. Why have I arrived here? So many ask… Do we have enough time in this short journey for hate? For creating disharmony in our lives? Do we have in this short journey the right tools to navigate our path to fulfilment?

The tools, the answers are in our being. They are inside each and every cell, and at each and every breath that we take, and in each and every thought that can be realized on Earth… A lot of research has been done on the power of thought and its strength. The sub-atomic particles, those waves of energy that move from a thinking cell to realization and fulfillment. Yes, we can see our ability to fulfill, but do we really want to fulfill our dreams? What will happen when we experience success? I move in the time dimensions, I move in the consciousness dimensions. I look at life, at friends, at humanity…

Withering and growth, the circle of life – each of us has his time on the planet – a time we chose to arrive and a time we chose to leave. I choose to move through my life dimension in pleasure and joy. I choose the light and the unknown, the knowledge that exists beyond the veil and the physical experience, and never the less to experience the human experience at its strength. Get out today from the world of disturbing thoughts and create new thoughts, happy, filling, softening thoughts. For health and peacefulness of friends, for days of joy and love on planet Earth froy heart to your's Ayelet



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