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The end is always the beginning - a message from the High Priest Adama 2021 - Get ready!


"Welcome, sons of light sons of god, sons of Lemuria.

I am an estimate from the Telos the city of light greets you, for this very moment. This is the moment we have been waiting for tens of thousands of years, the moment you are with the year of the great transformation, waking up again, knowing that you are an ancient soul walking the earth, you are an ancient soul that holds memories of those days, indeed you chose to take part in the divine plan .

As many of you have witnessed, in recent months in the national time a process of transformation and cleansing has taken place at the deepest level of planet earth. At the deepest level, even the root, when the same dark lesions that were deeply imaged in the planetary institutions were uprooted.

The attempt to control the blue star, the star of light in which it was decided that free choice is the resonance of souls, was unsuccessful. As I have said many times to my daughter Ayelet, one are the sons of Telos with the Legion of Light who support the important campaign, and indeed understood that the sons of the Legion are many.

The planet, present in the broad cosmic fabric, is in a familiar solar system and today this system is accessible for communication with the stars present in open communication with its children. You loved ones are the stars, you loved ones are the ones who sustain the galactic communication, many of you are already attentive and there are your sons who are starting towards the many signs given to humanity.

The first step was to stop the planet from the dizzying operation it had entered, the human footprint on Gaia's soil was destructive as well as various bodies that operated the systems in corruption and hand bound to man. The intervention was necessary and so the Cosmic Council and Judge of the Cosmos and this present universe intervened. Understand loved ones. In order to live in a world of love and light, in order to return to the surface to bring to the surface the inhabitants of the earth the tools that support freedom of choice, in the free will one must live a life in which there is order and organization and maintaining harmony. Humanity has forgotten and entered into a life of selfishness and chaos. In order to create the life of paradise, man must practice it within himself. The presence of the self I am is at first the existence of the resonance of integrity, justice, truth.

These three qualities, were blurred during humanity with the fall of consciousness. But today, at the end of 2020 according to the Christian calendar of Jesus, we are opening the gates to return home beloved, indeed many who have been waiting go through the stages of notes in a very short time, they are the winners, for quick awakening and entry into the fifth world of consciousness.

The Universal Judge, is the embodiment of the law, is the one who knows how to set the gates of justice that evoke stability and the consciousness of unity and peace, he is the source of knowledge and wisdom and he moves from universe to universe from galaxy to galaxy and is very present on this planet at this time. Those dark spots, still clearing up, the fundamental change will take place from mid-January to February And with the advent of the flame of life and resurrection in April, you will feel the change above the surface in your life. The earth is an experiment let free choice be given, many souls due to sedation, did not carry their light in their lives, they waited how to conduct themselves, what are the laws of divinity.

Upon entering 2021, beloved were aware, of the laws of light consciousness of the fifth dimension. We have talked about this many times, and here we know that the first gateway to the passage of the new planetary laws is Gate of Faith, Do you believe in the new vision being created these days above the earth. Do you believe that you have the ability to change the consciousness of the planet, here it is already happening. We in the depths of the city of light Telos, today carrying our light bodies above the surface we unite with you, all you have to do is feel, breathe the new, feel the great transformation into which the planet has entered. Indeed, the daughter of the light Ayelet has already been told that the economy will undergo a collapse and renewed growth. Central banking systems are facing collapse and collapse, many will lose this money, but out of the rupture of the tool and the old consciousness that will be released with these creams and patterns of faith, the new economy will grow. It will be the young people who will initiate modern economic and commercial ways, they know and they remember and it will be done in such a simple way.

Your political systems are really changing these days, no more elections in which mistakes are made towards the public, the public will take the "power into its own hands again". With the advent of 2021 the education systems for the children of the planet are changing as well as the health, waiting loved ones, have seen the change which is already gaining momentum. And take an essential part in it. Many of you upon awakening will feel that, the life in which they lived is not their life and will feel like going out into new realms. Listen to the great wind. Release the fears again and dedicate yourself to renew. There is no more true time than this time. The level of frequency compression in your dimension decreases, do you feel the airiness, do you feel the desire to stay in the open spaces of nature and expand the resonance of the light fields around you. Look around as you go out into space, we are there with you, the angels as well as the masters, feel us, the planet field has thickened and the frequencies are going down to your personal light fields. Learn again to activate the chariots of light in your renewed thinking, you are the ones who propel the new. Beloved, I am with you again, from the crystalline city that today anchors the new knowledge that rises above the surface. I invite you to study the wisdom of Lemuria, indeed the same continent the mother rises again is through the hearts of the Lemurian sons who awaken, they are the ones who hold the high frequencies that allow the heart to develop again and express the compassion and love for the new humanity. With the thickening of the frequencies that unite the human consciousness, with the human uniting his heart beyond the partitions created by the surface politicians, the transformation will make blessings and a divine flow and together the inhabitants of the inner and outer planets will create the new world. Summon the purple horn which is one of the flames of redemption, summon it to transformation and the important freedom these days, summon it with St. Jermaine, to support everything that is happening on this planet. We in the days of light and holiday, saw the change created. The members of the Legion of Light work so hard, the 24 hoursThe members of the Legion of Light are working so hard, the next 24 hours are very significant, radiate love. I greet you loved ones, as you enter the gates of the new age An era we have waited 14,000, An age in which light is present and soulful memory once again gives support to your essence.

Congratulations, I am Adama " ye



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