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The connection of the dimensions - Telos - Shambala - Physical


In Telos, the city of light, there is a lot of activity these days.

What happens in the depths of the planet in the days of the Corona?

What are the high light being are doing in the Fifth Dimension?

I will share with you, from my journey, the daily in the magical city that is my home - Telos

Going up the mountain, with my vehicle, which knows exactly which path to enter, he stops and starts moving on a path that takes you deep into the forest, it it’s deep is , I know there will be one of the gates.

Deep and swaying and here is the huge tree that guards the gate, greets me and I put the third eye on it breathes its depth and his roots.

As I continue moving there are three guards standing with the guarding rocks.

I place my hand on it and get a coding of opening gates, and the gate opens and I go down and deeper into the deep and deep cave, my hands go down groping the darkness.

Adama I call him ... my friends where are you?

I continue and I feel him with me, continue a little more my beloved, and here is a huge light rising in front of me dazzled a little unseen, feeling an outstretched hand and I see but from another place not out of the physical eyes and saw the clarity that is revealed to me.

It’s so happy to see you here with us, at home, I hear Galatia my mother, and my heart melts and I expands tears down over the infinite love.

Let's go deeper into the city…

I feel myself walking, and still dazzling as an invisible, slowly continuing to begin to see the light uniting into bodies into beings.

My soul is amazed towards the beauty that is revealed to me, “I see you…

"We know," I hear inside

"We are telephoning with you" and this time you are activating your multidimensional ability to walk with us in the city.

This is different from the usual I try to understand, but the experience itself cannot be explained.

I go deep and see the flowers blooming, and they are alive and bless me , and the trees that carry the lights but several times more than the days the meditation habits, what happened to me I ask

You stepped-up beloved, you are at Telos with the combination of the light bodies and your physiological body "

-Is it possible?

Yes, definitely when you are in a trascendental frequency, when you are in balance with the body, the mental, the emotional and the crystalline.

I breathe again and deepen and see the gardens of healing and the gardens of nutrition and the path winds and I recognize the illuminating buildings and they are so high, the buildings that surround the whole city.

-Telos has grown .. I ask

"Yes indeed" in the last decade game in thousands of new souls, and we have guests from the Pleiades base with their families, and guests from other cities of light who come to learn how we have managed to develop such comfortable communication with the inhabitants of the inner planet.

With Lemuria souls.

-Wow I'm thrilled, the city is really different, indeed Ayelet, to you was given the right to see with an open eye, in order for you to convey the new messages and information.

We arrive to the city center and there are a lot of presence , I suddenly see her, she is beautiful and radiant, yes the one I love so much, and with my parallel figure I breathe and feel the need to Thank you her .

Thank you for all the days you are with me, supportive and accompanying,

"Beloved you are one of us, the daughter of Telos, how will we leave you ...?"

And my character stands in front of me recognizes me well and smile, and her eyes sparkle ,and her hair full of braids are on her head.

Slowly as a magnet merge without discourse, out of understanding.

I breathe differently see through it and it is me and I am nourished by all the memory of the years I was connected in part.

I see the astral journeys, and the new construction in the City of Light, the connections with the Shambala and the encounters and discussions, the array that has been built in the depths of the planet towards these very days.

I see Adama and the supreme masters, healing with their light abilities the vast expansion of the planet.

I see humanity, extinguished, and those who are awakening and the messengers of light who manage to keep the beacons light from their unique hearts.

I take a deep breath, and still see those who will leave, the beloved relatives.

I breathe and see my beloved dragon, Aurelio, and he is beautiful and I walk over and caress, -beloved friend, we have not met for some time.

I ride to his back and flings me up and up ascending to the edge of the mountain and he shows me the entrance to the spaceships, and the Pleiadian base, the crystalline crystals that surround the mountain and I see the huge pyramid surrounding Shasta and light resonating for so many miles in all directions.

The dragon dives in to the depths of the mountain and takes me, deep in to the golden gate of light to pass to the great Agartha Network.

Here it is revealed to me, vast expanses of forests and seas, vast expanses of special animals.

I keep flying and see the other cities both shining in different colors and many, so many.

-How no one knows so much up there, when the connections will be made.?

״בזמן הנכון , בערות הגדולה ״ אני שומעת קול איתי .

אדמה אבי , מלווה אותי בכל המסעות בכל הרגעים , אני חשה אושר בליבי ומוקסמת מכל העושר והפאר ...

"At the right time, great awakening " I hear a voice with me.

Adama My father accompanies me on all journeys at all moments, I feel happiness in my heart and fascinated by all the wealth and splendor ...

The dragon continues in flight and I see the Sri Yantra and we pass through it

"To Where, I ask"?

-To the center of the Shambala, answers to me Adama

We arrive in front of a huge shiny crystal structure, many geometric shapes for it, and we cross within them, and reach a central space

There I see the earth standing in front of me and with it the representatives of Shambala, and more from the Universal Council.

They have different shapes in the light bodies they wear.

Marching forward, an enormous figure - whom I recognize as Ashtar Command

'I'm glad to see you here with us, Oelet, it's time to open your mind , since you've been working with us for some time.

Today after the meeting, the communication will go into the high spaces in order to get your help and the help of your community. "

-Why you need our help ?I do not understand, so the capabilities…

"Beloved human being, in the physical world you are incarnate, your body is the bearer of the ability of word and creation, we need you to change the expression in the physical world, for it is present and exists, some can be embodied in it, and some are not, therefore, as explained to you. The stars go into the bodies of human beings.”

Despite the laws of the universe and prohibitions, when there is consent from the same human being then, it is possible.

Unfortunately, these days carry within them a lack of separation and also confusion, since the transition between the dimensions is a process. "

-How me and my friends above the surface can help?

"First of all, we thank you for all the work you do, we meet with you the messengers of light, as well as the messages that go through you are meant to support and bring order to the world. "

From last February, we have increased communication with you from the One Cosmic Council, we will start working with you and the members of the community from the unique center in the city of Light Telos, together and in the service of the High Priest Adama.

-I understand, and feel Adama accompanies me and deepens and explains

"My beloved daughter , with your devotion, cross worlds, know the new is indeed about to break out, this is the practical stage in connecting the worlds. There are different names to be done above the surface, and I will continue to accompany you

And convey the various messages with precision and direction to my beloved teachers, who have the abilities to support and help in these days of transitions. "

I see the High Priest Adama standing upright and shining, feeling his love, and he approaches me reaching out his huge hand and we disappear…

I see myself again with him in Telos, in the beautiful Valley of Abundance,

-I agree, I whisper to him, I dedicate myself to the task

But I’m asking for help , that will come to us the appropriate souls those who remember are willing to commit to the common mission.

“Beloved, you, so much support you are about to receive, yes from your home and from your friends above the Earth. "

I see the, the community the special souls who choose to join, I see the conferences and conferences, the learning and expansion of the souls, the journeys and opportunities that come before us.

I see my children and they are growing up, and the passages between the gates of Israel and Shasta again and again and again

And Telos is open and accepts those whose hearts are pure and full of love.

Here again are my friends Dunbalo and I breathe and am aware that my parallel figure within me, is no longer separate at every moment we breathe together.

Since his contract is the stage of connection between the dimensions, since it is the stage of the oneness of consciousness one I am in all the worlds.

I take a a deep breath and take her hand and disappears into Telos to my personal world, it is the one that charges and fills all the layers of my worlds.



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