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The Chakra System on Planet Earth22/2/2022

Beloved I am ADAMA,

Congratulations on this gate day, a gate day where we end the stages of the campaign that resonated during the two material years of your time. And we are moving into a new time zone. The planet reopens itself in the light portals, after a deep process of purifying and balancing the chakras in the field of the planet's network of light lines.

It is the new field, which gives the planet a return to the high consciousness of light that exists in the cosmos.

The same centers of light operated in the past and served as landmarks of the kingdoms of light and the fraternity of white light.

These days the same focal points of light will move in the renewable spiral of light according to the renewable DNA in the free choice star.

Just as you are loved, working and working on the DNA in your body, also is the planet, ascending to the next stage, connecting the consciousness of the planet, to the consciousness of outer space.

The portals act as antennas to the working fields, and they synchronize themselves with the magnetic poles and huge crystal bodies that are buried in the heart region.

On this day, which opens its gates of consciousness to receive most of the divine wisdom in the layers of DNA which are in your light bodies. You are the ones who are about to reactivate and see the initial resonance in the light centers. The machines are called planetary chakras.

The seeds of light are activated again and connect you to the seeds of light in the stars of your home.

You are the loved ones who operate the light channels and operate the crystals of light on the planet, in the chakra centers, thus illuminating and preventing wars.

The planet is already present in the advanced stage, towards the ability to communicate with civilizations light years away from this planet.

I present to you the gates of light, be focused in your mind and unite your body with the chakras on the body of the beloved Gaia.

From the City of Light Telos we are going to be one with you,

On the day of this gate

In the operation of the Legion of Light.

Blessed are you who take an active part in the divine alchemy.

I'm Adama

Just as we have our own energy centers or chakras, Mother Earth also has its own.

As you begin to look into the nature of the universe and the earth, you will begin to see how everything is. Within us there is a universe, around us a universe and we are all connected.

We are connected to Mother Earth through the gentle electric current that travels around the entire earth. These electric currents are known as the "Ley network" and are almost alike the veins of Mother Earth.

Just as we have veins flowing in and out of the heart, Mother Earth has ley lines, which are energy lines that wind around the earth in a similar way to a strand of DNA.

In fact, where the grid of intersection intersect they carry within them high points of energy or high concentrations of electric charge.

These intersections along the Haley network happen to be home to some of the holiest temples in the world, including the Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Jerusalem.

When looking at advanced cultures like the ancient Egyptians, it is clear that they seem to understand the energy and power of the Lei network.

In fact, it seems that most ancient cultures around the world have some understanding of this network. In China they are known as dragon lines. In South America shamans treated them as the wind network, in Australia the ancient Aborigines called them dream lines and in the West they are called the Leigh network.

What is also interesting to note is that where the heli lines intersect and meet, they also align perfectly with astrological constellations.

If you think of these heli lines as Mother Earth's energy currents, you will begin to see how Mother Earth may also have energy centers or chakras.

It is said that these ley lines are able to take information or energy from these higher vibration points and carry them around the world, while disseminating knowledge and wisdom to all residents.

The base chakra

Mount Shasta, California, USA

Mount Shasta is part of the Cascade Mountain Range that runs from Northern California into Oregon and all the way to the Canadian border. It is believed that Mount Shasta is one of the most electrically charged mountains, but the whole area is bustling with energy. It is believed that this area is the basis of Mother Earth's energy system.

The sex chakra

Lake Titicaca, Pro-Boliva, South America

The Titicaca is the geometric center of Mother Earth's solar plexus chakra. The surrounding area of ​​Machu Picchu, Cusco and Iquitos is also very high energy.

Two Ley lines intersect at Lake Titicaca, these include the Great Dragon Lei line of a male passing from Mount Shasta to Lake Titicaca and the Great Dragon Lei line.

Solar plexus chakra

Northern Territory, Australia - The Uluru

It is believed that the uloro and an area called kata are the solar plexus of the earth. These areas are still considered sacred to the native Aborigines. The Great Dragon Lei line connects Lake Titicaca and Oloro.

Heart chakra

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge as well as the surrounding areas of Glastonbury, all make up Mother Earth's heart chakra. The place where Stonehenge is built is the strongest point of all this energy. Again, the Great Dragon Lei line connects the Uluru to Stonehenge.

Throat chakra

The Great Pyramid, Jerusalem, Mount Sinai and Mount of Olives (Middle East)

Mother Earth's throat chakra includes the Great Pyramid area, Mount Sinai and the Mount of Olives located in Jerusalem. The throat chakra is one of Mother Earth's greatest energy centers, indicating its importance at this particular time in our history. It is also the only energy center that is not connected to the large male or female dragon line.

The third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is the only one that moves, it is due to the motion of the Earth's axis. The third eye chakra moves every 150-200 years or every study. These eras are also arranged with astrological constellations. It is believed that in 2012 we moved to the Age of Aquarius, which means that the third eye chakra is now in Western Europe near Stonehenge. As we move into the Capricorn era, the third eye chakra will move to Brazil.

The crown chakra

Mount Kiles (Himalayas) Tibet

Mount Kyles is considered the holiest mountain in the Himalayas and is located in Tibet. This is Mother Earth's crown chakra and is believed to be associated with the full moon of Scorpio.

In fact, many locals harness the energy of Mount Kailas on the full moon night of Scorpio, which usually happens once a year in April or May. For Mother Earth, this full moon marks the beginning of a new evolution and a new cycle of energy, as Scorpio is connected to the idea of ​​death and rebirth.

Although these 7 chakras have very high energy, there are other high energy points around the world where the grid of lines also moves. Bermuda Triangle

Karachi, Pakistan

The Sea Triangle of Satan (Japan)

Mount Fuji, Japan

Maui, Hawaii

Sedona, Arizona

Lake Louise, Canada


Kiev, Ukraine

Bali, Indonesia

Easter Island

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sarwak, Borneo

Gabon (West Africa)

Cape Town, South Africa

Lake Taupo, New Zealand



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