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Dear beloved sister and brothers I feel the energies changing I sense the time is different I sense the voices towards the new coming into the planet Through the gateway of 12/12the stars are realigning The New Year is approaching us The curtain comes down, Adama shows me the great light that is entering the planet Yes my loved ones, many feel it…confused, tired, feel the burden. Breathe in fully, come to the community gatherings, for support, containment and understanding. And here we are, a moment before…the Big Bang I bless you in your arrival to the gate of the 12/12 I invite you to our family circle – the Lemurian family From my heart to yours Ayelet ———————————————— The Big Bang Charged the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and the material was formed from the divine light frequencies into a unity of oneness from which the planet origins were formed. Currents of frequencies, materials created the primordial earth, skys and water of the blue planet. The single free choice planet. Humanity walks Gaya’s earth for millions of years, from distant planets in the cosmos you chose to arrive to this planet. You must understand, my loved ones, that this planet was a forgotten planet that was created as a divine experiment, for understanding the corporeal and the material. Slowly slowly the different divine expression forms arrived, in order to take place in the divine experiment. So did Mu planet residents arrived to this planet. So did I arrive, known to you as Adama, the high priest of the light city Telos. Indeed, my people, scientists arrived from our home planet, and also scientists from other light planets, and they brought with them the needed knowledge for the existence of all growing and living forms on Gaya. Gaya agreed to be seeded with the primordial seeds. And the trees grew taller and taller, and the flora thrived. And the water animals were the first ones to emerge, and carried the old knowledge. Gradually they came out to the land. After the assimilation of the creation seeds, Gaya started to prepare itself for humanity. Fruit trees started growing, for human nutrition. And we brought our seeds from all of the cosmos planets, the seeds of the stars families. Divine light cultures were seeded, connected to both heaven and earth. Their feet deeply planted into the earth, and their crown chakras are connected to divine will. In parallel to the stars families seeding, the creation animals started to change, via the evolution chain until it reached its top with the prehistoric man, with evolved from his primates ancestors. These humans were quite primitive, without vocal communication abilities, without a crystal evolved mind and their consciousness level was low. Some of the stars families wanted to enslave these humans. And some objected to enslave any form of soul. That was the start of the war between Lemuria and Atlantis, and the story goes on, as you all know, my sisters and brothers from the mother continent – Lemuria. With the separation from the divine source, the stars families’ people mixed with the primitive tribes, and gradually a different humanity had started to evolve, humanity that can move between the higher dimensions and the understanding of condensed vibrations. The Homosapiens human, which carried the vibrations of the 3rd dimension, is the one that survived throughout the hot and freezing eras that Gaya had. We that chose to ascend to the 5th dimension, have established a network of light cities inside the planet. We have continues to preserve the 5th dimension consciousness, with the planet divas and the planet animals, and many times we got involved in the light and darkness wars of humanity. With the light gate of year 2012, a unique opportunity has opened up for humanity, to return to divine consciousness in a human body. Is this possible? So your star family brothers ask, all over the planet… Very old souls has decided to join the experiment and take part in this period of time, and reawake with human bodies to divine vibrations. How do you do that? Great question and we would love to answer. This is why Telos is openings its gates for you, loved ones, you that made the choice. This is why I, the humanity teacher, open my heart to you, my loved ones. This is why the ascended masters of humanity, that have experienced lifetimes of combining humanism and divine consciousness, are now living among you, whispering, teaching, supporting. Yes, they are here. The new humanity is the vibration of Acceptance. The new humanity is the vibration of Love. The new humanity is the vibration of Simplicity. Indeed, look at your abilities as human beings, at your emotions basket. Look in your hearts, humans, at your containing ability. It makes no difference what you were in your previous incarnations, it makes no difference if you were a king, a princess or a brave soldier. The present is what matters for your choices. Do you choose to ascend or to keep the ego hold on you – the domination, the aggressiveness, the jealousy?…the present enables you to practice your new humanity. A humanity of humility, a humanity of truth, a forgiving and compassionate humanity. The big bang is opening the planet gates. The big bang, in the transition night, to the new planetary year, since the Christ birth – Jesus. The big bang in which you are the ones to choose, whether you enable your heart to vibrate with Acceptance. Acceptance of the new humanity. Humanity that incorporates both in compressed form and ethereal form. Humanity which incorporates the life light, in practice. A new humanity that awakens to days of unity between heaven and earth. I invite you my dears, to creation land – to the night of the Big Bang. Bless you, and farewell I am Adama (Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 2.11.15)

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