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The alchemy magic of Master Saint Germain - A gift at the end of a journey”.


Mount Shasta is the kingdom of the members of the White Light Brotherhood, during the last 13 years I had the chance to meet and receive messages from many of the masters present in essence from the depths of the temples of the flames of creation in Telos and even deeper into the Shambhala at the center of the Agartha network.

At the end of the journey, I remain in the mountain for several more days, these are the days when I get to enter Telos and go through my personal initiations, landing, breathing and entering into a deepening of inner peace.

At night I go up the mountain path and the endless map of the stars opens before me, the path of the cosmos calls me...

It leads to the home star, the heart beats, the silence is present and I disappear among the endless stars.

The mountain opposite emanates from it the lights of the flames of creation,with gratitude in my heart.

In every journey I get to receive gifts for the continuation of my service above the earth.

This time it was Saint Germain the great alchemist, who connected me to the essence of the keepers of the flame of light in Shasta.

The "cosmic" meetings are the most exciting in the mountain and I find myself meeting twice with D.

He recognizes me and congratulates me for my mission during all these years, "I met your group, so he says" and they hold a very high and special frequency"... I thank him, and we say goodbye.

The second meeting was at the gas station, we meet again and the eyes meet and the conversation flows into the essence of the cosmic meeting - the information arrives, we connect what each has received in the last few days and the gateway to the essence of the meeting.

I share it because two days ago, during the active journey to visit our favorite store "Soul Connection" and there of all the crystals, a unique lamp of the purple flame caught my eye, I felt that it was not just a "lamp" but I did feel its essence and the presence of the flame of transmutation and frequency In the presence of her, I shared with Nurki that I would love to have it with me because we need to bring it to Israel, but I have no idea who makes it and it must be very expensive...

and I continued,

D smiled and said "I am making it" and began to tell me about the message that came to him from San Germain, and how these days he is building a grid of the purple transformation flames in Shasta, he and I knew that something new was born and he invited me to the Hall of Light in his house.

My heart was moved and heading into the evening, I wore the clothes of the ascension ceremony, inside I knew that something profound would happen.

Walking to his house with the magic number 1812 the universe speaks to us with messages.

A white house and he and his partner received me, slowly the fields connect and we walk to the temple, the presence of the masters and Saint Germain, the high priest Adama, are present in everything, every limb shivers and I share with him about the significant activity we carry out in Israel.

For maintaining the high frequency, and opening the portals, some of which we purify, they are attentive and express their great appreciation for what we do as part of the Telos family.

At the hall, the door opens and at first glance I see Saint Germaine and Portia, they are standing in front of me and Crystal shines in front of me, my body shivers and in front of a picture of my beloved Miriam, I feel the waves of love and appreciation, and with tears in my eyes I see the pictures of all the rising masters and the sense of home is so significant in the center of the purple flame , the same lamp I saw and the frequency.

"We welcome you, Oelet , as you enter the Hall of Light…

We dedicate to you the flame that contains the resonance of the divinity, in the construction of the grid of the flames of light that contain the transmutation and alchemy intended for these times.'

He continues and explains to me, while I feel my heart opens so wide

"We want to grant you the beautiful flame “.


Yours will be the purple flame on the planet, to Israel.'

I am attentive and he explains to me the essence of the flame, "I received to make a grid of 44 lamps in light centers on Mount Shasta from the leaders of light communities", Saint Germaine had another plan to give you the flame to Israel - the number of your lamp is 444. Which is reduced to 12 is the divine energy of creation:

My heart expands and I receive messages from Saint Germaine, he shows me the essence of the order of the time to anchor the alchemy frequency in Israel with the purple flame, he shows me the changes on the planet and our being a significant part of the global grid.

I am attentive, disappearing with the masters on an extragalactic journey, again among the stars and the bright purple grid I see the alchemy that transforms the old into the new, more and more human beings will awaken to the subtle frequency.To the softness and love that the high masters bring.

I returned to the temple, and they are there, their eyes looking. I feel a family, know that the meeting at this time is so significant for the continuation of the mission and the connection between the open portal Shasta and Jerusalem….

I am sharing about the planned event of 8/8 the lion gate, the alchemy gate that Jermaine showed me even before the trip, and that's how we created the unique event combining the sounds of light…

"There, beloved, reveal the flame to the community" ... Saint Germain shows me.

With gratitude in my in my heart, I understand that I have started my steps in the new spiral of light.

I surrender to the Great Spirit, 4 hours have passed since I arrived at their house, I feel it was 15 days.

Wrapped all

… I bring the purple flame across the ocean to our sacred space in fulfillment.

I invite you all to come see, feel and hear more...

Ready to return to Israel, cross the ocean and continue the mission of light in the Middle East

For harmony , freedom of consciousness, peace and love.

Yours ~ Oelet …

Translated by : Jaqueline A. Goldfeder

###The lion's gate the connection to the infinite alchemy

August 8, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. – September 8, 2023 at 9:00 p.m.


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