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The age of cosmic renewal


Welcome, I am the high priest Adama. From the depth of the light city of Telos, which is present in the 5th and 7th light dimensions, from its control center, I greet whoever is reading these words. We can witness together these exiting days, in which the old paradigms get dissolved. More and more brothers and sister awaken to the light knowledge that is present on the planet in these days. We can witness and watch the light messengers who contain the knowledge that is awakening from their DNA levels, in their lives, in each thought, word and action. We can also watch the humans who are still under control cables, holding on to fears and to the old vibrations of the planet.

In these days, a minute before the great transformation into the days of the great creation of 2020, according to the Gregorian Calendar, the planet dream is coming alive. The cosmic renewal age with the new human that is being born – the new children, the children of the sun as we have already talked about, they are the ones who contain the core heart lights. They arrive with bodies who contain open chakras which activates the cells in all of their bodies. They don't contain the density of past incarnations. They arrive without old karmas. With these new children, the light messenger are also present on the planet. You, loved ones, who read these words and know that you are one of the 144 thousand awakening masters of these days. Indeed, the light messenger have the ability to transfer the high divine intelligence. You loved ones, who can feel in your heart that you are in one communication with the white light brotherhood. You are together with the ascended masters who return to the planet to communicate with you, for the increase of the light mass on Gaya. With the human awakening, Gaya also awakens and changes. With the arrival of the supernova rays to Gaya, the structure of the planet core changes and so is the vibrational content deep inside the planet. Therefore continents move and the poles move by sliding of the plates on the molten fire magma. The cosmic waves change and reactivate the vibrational energy flow of the blue planet. The vibrations quickly reactivate, in the speed of light, the resonance of the crystal networks outside of the planet and deep inside it. This causes the communication between the inner planetary light cities and the humans on the planet crust to get stronger. Loved ones, you who read these lines,, know that this movement happens gently for the sake of human kind that contains the great light in its expanding consciousness in these days. Many who still hold on to fears are afraid from a complete destruction on the planet. But know that, the planet is transforming itself quickly and gently.

No catastrophes will take place as those who still hold darkness predict. Great support from your brothers from other stars and other solar systems is present in the whole process. Many light teams from the light city of Telos come out to the surface and are present more than ever, to support the processes of the light messengers. In all of the systems, dear ones, you who are sensitive and present, shall feel us, right beside you. We operate in teams, and the great creation is already taking place. With the passage through the coming portal day of the 12/12, the connection between all of the biological rhythms of the body and the high light rhythms that are present in your crystal bodies shall take place. The central connection of the sacred heart will be activated on this day, and we will be with you in the light circle where you will be present.

From that day the transformations between the material world and the spirit world shall happen more gently, while combining multi-dimensions, for those who already acquired the high knowledge. Do you have the will to bestow your service for the planet? Loved ones, be the ones to bring the light message for those who still hold on fear. Be those who choose to lead and change the planet resonance to new days, a new reality. Support the children of the sun. Loved ones, be the creators of the big creation in your life. Create abundance and divine tenderness in all of your life aspects. All the love that you deserve is given to you on this path. Blessed are you, Lemurian people From the light city of Telos, I am Adama



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