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Temple of the Dolphins


On the flora and fauna level in Telos, there exists a beautiful temple built of a unique crystal. The temple covers some seventy acres of earth and contains pure, pristine sea water. Its floor is made of different crystals that raise the frequency within. This is the temple of the dolphins. The temple of the dolphins was built especially to enable ancient animals familiar to you, such as dolphins and whales, to exist in a frequency above that which exists in earth’s oceans. Your planet, which received these wonderful animals, has undergone significant changes over tens of thousands of years during which the original composition of the oceans has changed. For the marine animals that inhabited them in the past, it is difficult to preserve a high frequency these days, and is the reason some of marine animals are choosing to leave the planet. Thus, you are witnessing many incidents of dolphins and whales suicidally beaching themselves. The planet today is performing energetic cleansing. In Telos, we have chosen to preserve these kinds of marine animals, so we have presented this temple to a few dolphin and whale families. In the temple, they are able to preserve the clean, pristine frequency in which they arrived on the planet. These animals are rich in knowledge. They activate ninety-five per cent of their brains, and they have wonderful communication and transmission abilities. Their knowledge resides in their DNA and contains codes that have been preserved through the ages. Their transmissions often reach us, the sons of Telos. On many occasions, we come to the temple of the dolphins for healing and balancing our frequencies, and when we swim with the dolphins and whales, we are able to provide healing to places in need.

Meditation with the Dolphins

We invite you to breathe deeply and fill your body with the light ray of the turquoise flame. You see yourselves in a carriage full of bright white light, and in it, you takeoff up into the sky. The carriage flies at the speed of light and connects with a beam of yellow light descending from the center of the divine source to Mt. Shasta. The carriage enters deep into Telos, where you get out and follow a guide from the light city. You walk along a path made of crystal bricks that leads to the level of the animals. You see before you various temples, among them a turquoise temple so enormous that you cannot see where it ends. As you follow the guide, a large crystal door opens; you enter and come to a small room. Through the transparent crystal, you can make out a gigantic aquarium filled with clear sea water. This is the home of the dolphins of Telos. A family of dolphins approaches and invites you to swim with them. You accept the invitation and at once notice a one-sided passage through which you can enter the world of the dolphins. You enter and find yourselves in the water, breathing with no difficulty through the crown chakra.

The dolphins connect with you, greet you, and invite you to hold on to them. You communicate telepathically. Each of you grasps a different dolphin, and you begin a shared journey. The dolphins take you deep inside, into the depths of their temple. You see before you sparkling crystals and continue sailing inward, until you reach a circular center in which there are crystals of different kinds and sizes. The dolphin brings you to a specific crystal, whose frequency is identical to yours. You hold the crystal while the dolphin scans your body with his special abilities, allowing him to see all your inner parts. As he scans and finds places that have energetic blockages, he asks the crystal to send light rays to those places, and you feel your body expanding and opening. Feel how every single cell in your body is breathing, expanding, becoming enlightened, and opening to the frequency of creation. The crystal continues its work and you feel support and love. The dolphin continues to communicate with you telepathically. He may advise you what to focus on at this stage of your personal journey, or how to deal with a person who is close to you. The dolphins are ancient friends; each of you feels that there exists a deep familiarity between you and the dolphin who is accompanying you. You are each invited to ask the dolphin’s name. Your time is up. The dolphins take you back up to the entrance; the turquoise color stays with you throughout the process. You feel pure, calm, serene, joyous, and loved, and you know with inner certainty that at any stage you will be able to connect again with the dolphins. You go into the small sealed crystal room and from there leave the temple, enter the carriage full of bright white light, and begin to rise. Connecting with the beam of yellow light, you depart the city. You leave Mt. Shasta and return to your homes.

(from: Telos - From Theory to Practice, Ayelet segal, telos lemuria)



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