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Summer Solstice 2023 celebration: the first day of summer and the longest day with light


The spiritual significance of the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice gives us time to reflect on your personal growth and the meaning of the season of light and expansion. This is the moment of our year when we have the most light at our disposal, the solstice period is celebrated by many cultures around the world, and also in the city of light Telos we hold a 3-day holiday, in which the members of the community invite and host friends from the areas of the inner Agartha network as well as from the stars of light that take part in the planetary mission, Many contacts and meetings take place.

Our planet rotates on its axis, towards the longest and brightest day of the year. The summer solstice marks the first day of summer, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. The day is long, and the night is short. The sun is strongest during the summer solstice and is recognized as a time of powerful healing.

The 2023 summer solstice will occur on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.

The word itself derives from two Latin words: 'sol' (sun) and 'systre' (standing still.) On the day when the sun stands still in the sky, many ancient traditions - from the Aztecs to the Druids - gathered to celebrate. The height of the sun's power.

The summer solstice is an opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect with yourself and the natural world by creating solstice rituals where we linger on the power of the long day.

The sun washes the crown chakra, and the rays pass through the energy centers in our light body.

Let's breathe the rays into the skin cells in the body and give them regeneration and the charging of that wonderful energy..

I feel the high priest Adama by my side..

I see his blue eyes, and he inspires softness and love, a connection that allows me to move to the higher dimensions of light, to those worlds beyond the compressed world in which we live. Looking around and seeing the many farewells to many souls who chose to go out on these Sha'ar days. Looking around and attentive to the brothers and sisters who face the challenges every day, feel loneliness feel pain, many feel the change in their physiological body and do not really understand what is happening. Earth, you accompany me for a decade, every morning when we meet, I am filled and see the future visions, I see the dark days of transition, and the great light that is about to break out. My heart opens and echoes the love that comes from the worlds of light and washes over us, the mundaneness that accompanies the challenges of life, the challenges that we have already experienced again and again in so many lifetimes.

What is unique about the days of light at this time, I ask?

The present faith gives the ability to pass through those gates of challenge and learning, initiation and deepening understanding and acceptance of insights in this present time.

"You are beloved, children of light, you who read these lines, and feel your heart expand and open up the abundant light, yes, breathe in the light, it envelops you, allow yourself to enter the awareness of those particles of creation, breathe in the blessings of the light present in the spaces of your bodies, coming from systems of suns and they are so many, the suns that send their light one to the other and on to the millions of suns and each one is a world and full like a mother giving its stars the necessary nutrition. What is the role of the sun in your home system? The mass of high energy is the one that is sent to the planet, thus allowing every living organism on the body of the blue planet to be part of the infinite fabric of light that supports the changes of planet Earth. In the last decade, the activity of the sun has been intensifying as the magnetic field lines that are twisted and entangled within the sun break out from time to time to The surface, the eruptions of the sun, affect the electromagnetic fields surrounding every living body on the planet. You, beloved ones, are affected by the sun no less than the frequency of the moon.

The charging of your bodies is by way of the light rays that emanate from the core of the sun, reach and deepen into the depths of the earth, are emitted again and ascend into space. And you beloved receptors absorb your body the light fields around you the mass of light. Many of you feel the reception of the light rays that wash over your bodies, yes they enter inside the cells and charge the magnetic fields in the bodies. The energy mass of the sun is the one that affects the crystal water of the seas and oceans, the human bodies that receive the light rays into the water molecules, charge and move those light waves in your body in unity with the water molecules in the oceans, therefore when you, especially these days, wash yourself with the water in the oceans And in the days, you feel unity and inner peace. There is a frequency adjustment. When you are in the big cities, you feel the entrance of the light waves and the mass present in the bodies, but the bodies do not always know how to deal with the tremendous mass of light. The sensitive bodies sometimes feel muscle pain, the mass of light, bone pain or fatigue.

Your scientists are very aware these days of the mass of energy entering the planet, both at the North and South Poles, the northern and southern lights in amazing spectacles move the electrons and protons in the solar wind that collide with gas molecules in the atmosphere and create a spectacular spectacle. The essence of the mass of light is part of the changes taking place on the blue star planet, along with the changes that apply to all the stars in the current solar system and its movement in the galaxy. These days, when there is so much light. Allow yourself to easily contain the mass of energy sweeping the planet. In the ancient days, your ancestors knew, in these days they would gather near a water source or in a cave until the brightest day of the year, and when the sun begins to set they would go out to celebrate the solstice day, the great mass of light also illuminates the lairs of the deep layers in your soul which are sometimes blocked, these days The blockages are opened and therefore many feel pain, confusion, we witness and feel your emotional bodies. Beloved, human beings, God's children, you are present in a continuous process, be in the presence, be in the consciousness, be awake, we tell and share so that you can move with the current wave of enlightenment. A wave that started on June 1 and is about to reach its peak on the three days of the holiday, June 21, 22, 23.

Bring your new vision, and every day with a sunrise Bring your heart's prayer in gratitude for your existence these days, sometimes the challenge facing you is great, but remember, you are not alone. The solar system feeds you with light that carries a very high resonance, breathe it in with love with the deep understanding that the sun is the nourishment of your home. Planet Earth and your body cannot exist without the sun's rays. Go out and see the sunset in front of the sea and the sunrise rising between the mountains. Blessed are you, in these days I am from the city of light Telos, earth.


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