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Dearest brother and sister of lemuria i will like to shier with you my journey Since my last personal journey in April, 2014, there on the mountain, I have closed a circle and set out on a journey of spiritual maturity. Through this maturity, and through daily choices, I have deepened my exploration of the unknown. Into the unity within me, with the layer of divinity, Ahenahamar then reached. The flame of unity~the one is the whole, divine existence. Bless you. I am Ahanahamar, bearer of the flame of unity, the flame of peace, harmony, and eternal love . . . the flame embodied in the temple of the flame of unity in the light city Telos, in the fifth dimension. The city of light is embodied in Mount Shasta, which is the main portal of entry to Planet Earth at this time. This flame whispers to the sons of light, who are able to grasp the frequency of unity descending at this time to Planet Earth. Today, dear ones, more and more sons of light have the opening and the ability to contain the frequency of unity. Come with me on the journey of unity of the Creation. See your marvelous light bodies, enormous bodies, light bodies that maintain the ability to hold all the sacred flames circulating on Planet Earth, all the qualities that are embedded in the light centers, the light codes, and the DNA helices in your bodies. See your body crossing the multidimensional light portals into the here and now, and the journey takes you straight to the path of sparkling crystal bricks. The path winds among the different crystals in the depths of the illuminated city. In the glow, the crystals safeguard the light frequencies and calibrate the fineness of the divine light. Breathe deeply, dear ones. Breathe deeply; slowly enter the layer of the temples of knowledge and wisdom. See the crystal gates opening before you, see the crystal gates greeting you and guards at the entrance to the level of healing who greet you and congratulate you on the divine will opening in your consciousness. They accompany you to the temple of unity, which is already visible as a gigantic drop, round at its base and growing pointed as it rises, combining softness and sharpness. See that the color of the temple is the color of the unique pearl that bears within it the colors of all the flames. Indeed, the pearl has a texture different from that of the crystals. The pearl contains within it purity, gentleness, and stability. The pearl makes possible a gentle current of divine energy with the sharpness of the frequency of the Creator. The combination of both masculine and feminine. The gates of the temple open and you are invited in. Come, I greet you as you enter the unique temple. Feel your heart also open to the frequency of wholeness that exists within, embodied as a gentle frequency of tranquillity, understanding, and knowing. Look around you and see the stream of light flowing. Beside it are beautiful light pearls of different colors. Approach the center of the temple and see there the wonderful, gentle flame of unity, It too is shaped like a very long drop, some sixty meters high. The drop rises higher and higher. Breathe deeply of the frequency that exists in this temple. The qualities of this flame are a combination of characteristics and a renewed compound of light frequencies attuned to the frequency of divinity within you. Feel the vitality of the flame, which is composed of cells of light that contain the elements of creation. This flame has the ability to dissolve all that does not vibrate with the high and shining frequency of divinity, and to form the divinity's renewed creation of unity. The one is the whole, the divine existence. Look into your sacred heart and feel the poles and the contrasts that are embodied in your being; release what is not needed and feel your body become balanced anew­­—male and female, light and darkness, and all that is manifested in contrasts. See yourselves extending higher and higher like a drop, and feel the combination of the rounding, soft, and containing energy with the precise, sharp, and straight frequency. Feel the unity within you, unity with your being and acceptance that you are. Repeat three times, "I am uniting with my creation in wholeness, acceptance, containment, love." See yourselves as one with the immense creation, see yourselves as one with the multidimensional unity, feel your body dissolving, little by little, and all the particles of light rising further and further, higher and higher, rising until you feel the light gently borne, until the arrival of the one, and you are united with the source of all that is. Feel what is in your heart, feel what you are choosing anew: to move toward the one, to move from within the unity toward the separateness that allows you to feel the marvels of the Creation. The primal embodiment, this is what you have chosen, it is with this that you were incarnated in those days and also now on Planet Earth. Feel the light borne in your consciousness, feel the renewed choice of unity, of being one, of being. Gradually you are incarnated anew, in the light bodies, gradually you descend by renewed choice of your shining being. And the light body is built and with it all the other bodies. Look into yourselves, look at your choice, see before your eye the four bodies and your consciousness as one. Feel your heart beating and navigating this whole united compound, and bring what you are interested in achieving in this life, at this time. From within the primal light in which you are embodied at present, you go out of the temple of unity, taking your leave with great thanksgiving. With knowing and clarity, you carry in your heart the wonderful frequency of the consciousness of the one. Breathe deeply and look into the flame, which shines in its beauty and is embodied in your heart. Breathe deeply as you are escorted to the gates of the temple of unity. We take our leave for the moment. In your heart you know that the gates of the temple are open to you, for learning, for clarity, for safeguarding the frequency of unity in your heart and in your being. I bless you, with the entry into the gates of unity. I am Ahanahmar.

(Channeled by Ayelet, 3/11/2014)



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