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Spirits of the Ego ~ Spirits of War

Updated: Mar 8, 2022


The pain pierced my heart, a powerful pain that for a moment I could not breathe, the whole body contracted, I sat on the ground and the sensors around my body began to open, see the portal open in front of me and pass through it in a light sleeve rotating in endless spiral, see the light - the crystal brick path

Begins to walk and slowly the heart expands, slowly the heart breathes I am at home.

The legs lengthen and the body changes shape, and the braids light up and my eyes clearly see the conduct in the city, I returned home and my body is present in the fifth dimension, how soft and illuminating everything is, I feel myself, and my legs continue to move and take me to the control center in the central planet.

Huge crystal screens around, in the center a team of 7 members, in different bodies, representatives of different galaxies which move parallel to our galaxy.

They examine the last days, they examine the war formation, in the crystal screens, you can see the same dark beings, those who are present in the war and feed on the pain of fear, they move the formation from the same one who gives the signals, thay rules the planet

The Warriors of Light are called, for this campaign, we are called to release the dark networks that try to forcefully enter human space in the third dimension, but this time they are not coordinated in the fields of the planet.

Since the planet's space has already risen in its resonance to the dimensions of the higher consciousness, they bring the darkness and the old ways of fighting, they try but, through them will not succeed.

The Light Warrior enters the main control room, and it transmits a call to all the Light Warriors, they arrive and stabilize with the unique light swords.

The Diamond Heart team, is for fighting and protecting the planet, all the systems are working and all they are required to do is get to the combat zone and fight those dark beings - and release them back to the district to the planetary space, or even dissolve them.

The Diamond Heart team prepares the armor of light, and the unique spaceships, they separate from the family in Telos and other cities of light - the battle is over the ego of the one who activates the ruler , the war is for liberation and devotion to the new world.

To the new tools, the language of walking and movement above the earth, the laws of which already resonate unity among the peoples living across the planet.

The team of the Diamond Heart, is the one who comes out without fear and knows that there is no possibility that the planet will enter a world war again, the team of the Diamond Heart, is the one who knows that, the divine plan is the release of control and creation of the new world in freedom consciousness.

The road has already been founded, and opened, and many human beings have awakened, many human beings are taking part in the planetary array, as well as the stars.

They arrive in many ships, present in space, in order to support the uniqueness of light and the change taking place on this planet, this is the latest attempt to control the darkness over the planet.

The warrior, goes out to his house, to say goodbye too, he goes out to say goodbye to the one in his heart, the Princess from Telos, he knows that she connects him to the house, she guards and protects him, she follows all his steps and knows his location, she was there before in that fighting, He trusts her and knows that he will return home with her.

He holds her hand, the same hand that heals... the same hand, which gives him the peace and calm from which he is charged, and place his hand on her heart, she breathes and her heart gets a sparkling golden hue, she breathes and her whole body become one with him, the fields move from heart to heart, they are one. They are one consciousness, now he can go into battle.

The ships are waiting, they are ascending, the 12 light ships coming out of the heart of the magical mountain, they are parting in this area, the ships are vibrating and disappearing into the atmosphere, invisible to the human eye.

There - in the expanses of smoke, they enter again, their eyes twinkling in the light and their swords ready to melt the spirits of darkness, the ego that tries to control the souls of planet earth...Act One.

Beloved ones, who read these words, I ask, send from your heart the light to the team of the Diamond Heart Legion, send from your heart the rays of radiance and support them, from your home.

Together we will restore harmony and fragments of peace, to the region of Eastern Europe. And so it happens!

Translated by: Jaqueline R.Goldfeder



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