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Setting in motion the physical body with the divine light mass

Updated: Sep 24, 2023


I feel my physical body, again moving in the dense dimensions, practicing the movement and flexibility of the 3rd dimension, in the dense world, with the emotions that rise up and stream inside me. I remember that moment at the fountain, when I connected to the great light and was not present in my body. I remember their question…

“Do you chose to return to your body?”

I saw my kids…and the choices that I’ve made for this life, the lessons, the gates. Everything was open for me so simply, with reception and containment.

When getting back down to the physical body, returning to breathe and to move, slowly the intense light was compressed into the skin and bones.

I felt my body breathing again and my dense body cells functioning again in the dense 3rd dimension.

Our choice to move in this world.

Our choice to incorporate in physical cells.

Our choice to move in the rhythm of the corporeal life on earth.

All we have to do is recall how to do it with balance.

I breathe deeply and feel my father Adama beside me. I take a deep breath and listen to his words.

“My beloved daughter,

You have returned from the journey of enlightenment with a new light encrypted in your body cells. You have reached the infinite consciousness and was one with us in the lightness on the 7th dimension. You know how to move with your dense body in the worlds of the light energy and be different in a broad perspective beyond the veil.

My loved one, bring your knowledge to the new humanity, those sisters and brothers who choose to incorporate in the physical world while accepting that the access to the light worlds today is easy and simple.

We see you, those who come to the mountain. We support you while you release the dense masses of your bodies. We support you and together we rebuild your 4 bodies. The energetic vibrational flow that restream in your chakras centers enable you the ability to open the heart of your consciousness and be one with the cosmic flow.

And then we celebrate with you.

Indeed, loved ones, the process doesn’t have to take place only on Mount Shasta which carries the infinite light of the 5th dimension.

Loved ones, you can connect from your own home to the Telos consciousness and arrive with us to the light city which enables you to open the light gates into the temples of healing knowledge and wisdom.

The mutual learning which we do together, expands the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical bodies. The light is then united into one and a big light mass is created and then your consciousness opens up to new insights.

It’s not the brain that contains the knowledge, but every cell in your bodies is learning through experience, emotion and consciousness.

Therefore loved one, in these days you receive on planet earth such a huge support, and star seeds – in these days you can feel Gaya and be attentive to the changes that take place in the her consciousness field.

Choose your path.

Your soul path was set but can be adjusted every minute, according to your soul choice. The soul that chose to incorporate on earth. Therefore, in each minute you create your world. You are the ones to direct the play of your life. And what is that play? Ask, loved ones, and enable yourself to walk in the path of your passion.

Open your consciousness to the changes that take place in the physical world.

This physical world which you give so much significance to.

Your body is made out of cells and enzymes, but also of divine electric current of light. Are you aware to the vibrations that vibrate between you different cells? Are you aware of the physical body and its complexity?

Your body is a light capsule that vibrates, and each one of you can carry a certain light mass. Each body is differently built to enable carrying a certain light mass that the neurological system can endure, according to the consciousness that his being enables.

Your body was designed to carry a huge mass of light. During those ancient days you already carried the infinite light mass and were able to move lightly between the dense material and the divine light.

With the consciousness fall, as you know, this ability was shut down and you were disconnected from the one source.

But today loved ones, I want you to get our assistance and learn how to reactivate the light mass in your physical body.

The ability to contain immense light exists, only if you have passed through the divine ascension gates.

The consciousness of the person should be clean, so that he will be open to the divine. The high vibrations are so bright and pure from all doubt and distortion, so that when someone is not pure enough and connects with these vibrations, his nervous system can be burnt. Usage of the light mass is given to those who have prepared their corporeal and light bodies as one, for servicing of the planet, for passing on the light in the most effective and soft way to humans.

The human is his language, his thought, his behavior. Humanity is going a kind of a screening these days, that enables certain souls to leave their low consciousness and return to the planet for a new growth. Therefore, loved one, many leave, and many shall leave.

And those who shall stay will make a new choice.

Moving the physical body with the divine light mass is the avatar balance that has been discussed for ages. The avatar can balance his energy centers and in this way transfer the divine light in a uniform flow through his body, but still be able to walk in the dense world full of mental and emotional challenges, with understanding and divine openness to all there is.

Ask yourselves – when you are meeting someone who is different from you – do you feel the compassion and divine love or do you still shrink?

Yes loved ones, this planet contains a variety of colors and species, from all of the stars of creation. The diversity is very big and therefore the cosmic learning is huge.

In many times you don’t accept yourselves, you don’t appreciate yourselves – so how could you accept someone else?

I invite you, my loved ones, to our mutual learning sessions, from the light city of Telos, together with the light cell that carries our heart vibration, Telos Lemuria. We are one with you in the ascension journey. We are one with you in these days of enlightenment on the planet.

Blessed are you my children.

I am Adama”

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 25 Aug 2018)

TELOS-LOVE BETWEEN DIMENSIONS: Guided by Lord Adama, Telos High Priest & Master Ahanahmar, Unity Temple Priest

Like human beings everywhere, Segal lived in the physical world of the 3 rd Dimension,with its ordinary, every-day consciousness. But unlike most of us, she came to realize that we are part of the Multidimensional Universe – in which the Higher Consciousness Realities of the 5 th Dimension and beyond are attainable for living.After becoming enlightened at the age of 35 years – during one of her spiritual journey to the sacred City of Light, Telos, at Mount Shasta, Northern California – Segal acquired the ability to shift back and forth between the 3 rd Dimension of ordinary reality and the5 th Dimension of elevated consciousness.While in the 5 th Dimension during visits to Mount Shasta, Segal engaged in a passionate relationship with a female Light Body, known to her over countless lifetimes. They wereSoul Partners. Their high Frequency of Love led them to share intense emotional,romantic, intimate and spiritual experiences. Their five-year story – unconstrained bytime and space, and mixing reality and imagination – vividly unfolds in this book.


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