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Return to bodies after sickness ~ Change of consciousness

Blessed you are, sons of Lemuria,

from the crystal city in the depths of the planet I am present with you, the children of God you are.

And these words are the words of light that contain what is opened to your soul.

You are beloved, awake to the changes that are taking place in the fields of light that envelop the entire animal and plant world above the earth.

You are beloved, capable of seeing the world embroidered in its multidimensional path and the linear liberation that was the main route of the material world.

You are beloved, those souls who enables the growth of the chakra system in order to develop the multidimensional communication ability, to carry the common discourse with light civilizations that carry the high frequencies.

You are beloved, you have the longing and desire to carry their abilities beyond what is being learned in your world, you know that this new periodicity is the periodicity that brings its face to the truth.

The truth is, is that which your heart feels and knows, am I as a son of light, am I as a messenger carrying the heart of a shining diamond core and connecting the layers of heaven and earth, am I able to fully exercise my spiritual abilities in the physical world.

You see loved ones the signs of heaven, you see many and feel the universe brings to your world.

For many of you the brain channels have already opened, for many of you who are walking with us on the journey of enlightenment, those channels have opened and the high energy receptors know you can very skillfully activate your ability to heal your telepathy and multi-sensory vision.

In the sleeve of light, you go through and enter those kingdoms that carry the high frequencies, the bodies of many of you are changing these days, being rebuilt and human evolution is preparing itself for the next decade.

Beloved, the process by which the planet entered is a long process of a thousand years.

The process to which the planet is present, is a stage of substantial transition, in all the stages of transition that took place across the planet, fear was a frequency that accompanied many human beings.

In days from the past, the frequency of fear paralyzed human beings.

But no more.

Look at this frequency, and transcend it, you as the sons of Lemuria, who carry in the layers of DNA memory the consciousness of light and love, you and you who can move above this frequency.

By carrying your length and enlightening to those millions of souls who are awakening these days to the new.

Many of the human beings who felt the frequency of the Corona felt a sticky and heavy energy, some of the bodies absorbed the "disease" in healthy lesions and some in the various senses.

Some of the bodies, experienced an encounter with the Spirit of God, and re-elected their journey of life on earth.

With the return to bodies, with the change of consciousness, all of humanity is re-learning the tools of activation both: the consciousness that carries more light and the activation of the bodies.

We from the control center in Telos, accompany you, we share with you even when you are not present in the physical bodies in the whole process, each body has a parallel supporter and attendant in the crystalline city. With some of the bodies we are able to communicate in awake consciousness, with the majority through the subconscious mind when the bodies are sleeping.

Every soul has the ability to choose a new contract, after the release of the corona consciousness.

Thus we see that there is a "strainer" for souls whose bodies will not be found fit to move on to the next program in waking consciousness, and those who choose to leave the planet to continue their journey, there is the choice of souls who still choose to continue in full consciousness on the planet and support the Light Legion.

And there are those souls who return to bodies, in the consciousness that is beginning to develop, are the ones who are confused and seek the supportive community.

Beloved, the light is present in the face of the planet, the divine plan is precise and many systems are taking part these days in everything that is happening.

So, examine your heart and your path of belief in what is happening.

Beloved, enter into your heart, breathe the deep blue ray is the one that brings the path of divinity, it is the one that reaches the birth canal of every soul, with its coming to the planet in a new body.

Beloved soul and see yourself, in the journey of light, see your path clarify and come to our meeting for learning and joint growth, together we create the image of your divinity to be in awake consciousness and ascend with your physical body to the next stage we enter.

From the Crystal City of Light, with Lemurian heartbeats

Blessed you are

I'm Adama

Translated by: Jaqueline Razon


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