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Renewing the Ability to Create in Our Lives I bless you. I am Adama, the High Priest from Telos. Indeed, it is I who accompany you on the journey of awakening. It is I who see your Lemurian heart opening and breathing again as your heart chakra reopens to the light frequency to which you are connecting, and your light body expands with every renewed breath, with every renewed choice to embark on the journey of ascension. If you wake up in the early hours of the morning and hear us, we are indeed performing with you processes of conscious expansion. Some dream and others feel; the opening to beyond the veil is varied and wonderful. Each of you beloved ones carries a different frequency, color, and texture; each of you beloved ones carries within you the Lemurian memories and knowledge that is reawakening. Reawakening to what? You are excited and knowing, yet still cling to the skepticism that exists as an old pattern in the human brain. The new humanity carries within it new knowledge; your scientists already know and do not deny it; your government officials are already aware and are therefore acting with the greatest caution. The blue star is changing its resonance and its configuration; more and more light cities within the planet are awakening. You feel the calling and embark on journeys, you feel the calling and visit the energetic portals in which it is easier for you to fly and connect to the higher dimensions, the dimensions of divine light where you feel the closeness and the vibrations of light that are called love. From within this love you exist, thus in the Lemurian age when you breathed, your breaths were different, your bodies were different. They must understand that at this time the process of transformation the planet is undergoing, together with humanity, is individually adapted to each and every one of you. Each of you is on your own journey, and together humankind is awakening. I ask you: in your daily lives do you, in practice, express the awakening? Do you express the love, do you create love? Creation is the gift of divinity. In the days of ancient Lemuria, each creation had an energetic reproduction that carried its geometric configuration. Each creation had a unique frequency built from divine components. Do you understand the power of creation? Do those of you who sit at home and dream, understand the power of leaving your home to bring the frequencies to humanity that is in need of transformation? Open your hearts beyond all languages, to the power of creation. Often anxieties and fears are obstacles. Look into them, dear ones, for fears and anxieties are often the lesson your soul has chosen—delve deep and choose to pass through the portal of initiation. Do not see others as being at fault, rather, find within yourselves the reflection that awakens this place to learning, to healing, to love, to yourselves. Observe and release; the universe awaits your instructions, the universe is waiting to feel you embarking on renewed creation, you are the sons of light, Lemurians who have chosen to come to Planet Earth and build it according to the divine configurations of light. You have chosen to awaken at this time and to rebuild the new humanity. Focus on creation; the codes will open with every step and every portal through which you pass. The codes awaken independently—did you know that? They can’t be hastened. When your light frequency rises, with your daily ascension, the appropriate code opens and the gifts arrive. Thus you remember, thus you receive the wonderful new ideas that “suddenly” have come to you. . . . Above the light city in the fifth dimension, the crystalline light city is already built and expanding in the eighth dimension, above the mountain. You are invited to come with your shining gold chariots and enter through the illuminated crystal portal, and to meet the angels who will greet you. That is where the hall of divine creation exists. The halls of creation consist of different geometric configurations, each form having a frequency and power of creation unique to it. Each hall has a guardian angel, and a priest of the sacred creation. Each hall is responsible for a different essence of creation, therefore each building has a different geometric shape. Each geometric shape has meaning; this is light language. Light language is made up of geometry and configuration, all with maximum precision. Each configuration in nature, on Planet Earth, has a geometric shape; every tree and flower has a certain encoding, thus it carries the frequency of divine creation. Creation never ceases. . . . The creators of the planet go out from the halls of creation, on to planets even more distant. There exist today new planets that are being recreated, after having experienced absolute destruction. Today it is possible to create anew as a result of the change taking place on Planet Earth, and thus, throughout the universe and all the universes, the power of creation is being transformed. The ability to create exists in every soul that has chosen to be embodied on every planet in every universe. The creation on Planet Earth began to revive and be accelerated in 2012, hence there are many changes in weather and movement of the continents taking place on the planet. The energetic changes and the creation have a unique time; similarly, science is being greatly accelerated and creation exists there too. I ask you, dear ones: where does the creation exist in your corporeal life, where does the creation exist in the place where your passion exists. Do you have the ability to create? Indeed you do. Breathe the creation being revived at this time within you, feel the desire to create, to help you leave the comfort of your homes to bestow the light. Human society needs your light; don’t hesitate to turn to those places that need enlightenment, because those places will change with your renewed creation, with the frequency you carry into them. The light city Telos too is being renewed and is being created anew. Feel, see, draw, sing, speak about the configurations you receive; share your vision with your Lemurian brothers, and support each other. The creation in all Telos organizations is resuming at this time, the fruits are ripe, the light is being renewed for days of golden celebration, days of ascension to spiritual maturity. I bless you, Adama. (Channeled by Ayelet May 17, 2014) (painted julia lagos



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