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Prototype – the Human Man – Planet Earth


Welcome loved ones,

I am Adama. I would like to share with you and tell you who you are.

Who are you? Where have you come from? You look up to the sky, because you do know where you came from. You know that you were sent to this planet which is now your home. You have chosen to be sent and take part in the mutual learning of your soul, of your brothers from your home planet.

You know that at those days, we walked on this earth, before the continents movement changes, before this humanity life cycle.

The disconnection that you feel sometimes is an illusion. Your connection to your home star family exists and indeed you are in a continuous communication for mutual learning. Your soul knows that! Therefore many times you feel the yearning, you feel the desire to come back.

Loved ones, this stage at which you are present, the opening stage of your multidimensional ability, in hearing, sight and healing, is a stage where your consciousness opens up, awakens and expands. This is the stage that takes you back home.

Many of you already have the ability to move between the dimensions, from the corporeal density where most humanity is present to the lightness that you feel at the consciousness of the high light dimensions. There, you experience multidimensionality, peace and love that exists in the universe and in parallel universes, at planets that hold the high light consciousness.

Most of the light stars and the various life forms have higher and more developed consciousness than the one on this planet. You arrived from there, loved ones. There you chose to take part in this wonderful ‘game’ called: the return to divinity on Planet Earth.

With your soul choice the descend its consciousness, you were promised that you would not be alone and that you shall have points at which you would be able to choose to open from lack of consciousness to the connection to your divinity and to your home planet and the culture you arrived from.

Along with you, arrived to the planet learning teams, that guide you, and from the connection to your consciousness the learning on the planet takes place.

There is no subject that hasn’t been studied!

Emotions – thoughts – standing up to natural challenges – the study of the animals and the vegetation – and living at the dense consciousness of the 3rd dimension in total disconnection from the one divinity!

In the divine plan, all of the souls that chose to arrive to the planet were given the choice of their specific living environment, their soul families and their main learning junctions, through which they would develop and open their multidimensional communication channels.

The human bodies – you chose these human bodies, loved ones. Therefore understand and accept them.

Many times the soul has difficulties in adjusting to the limitations of the human body. Some old souls arrive to the planet after a refreshment period of thousands of years, and then the adjustment to the human body is even more challenging.

Your bodies are physically identical to your ancestors’ bodies, the Pleadeans. They were the ones that planted their seeds and assimilated their DNA stamp in the bones and the blood systems and in the physiological growth.

The human consciousness at those days, before the consciousness fall, was wide open, beyond the 3rd dimension and the connection between Planet Earth and the home stars was open and fluent. The planet thrived in the divine lights with harmony and love, color and sound, and such creation and unity that could not be found in the whole universe!

The Fall

The fall of Planet Earth brought dark days. Many of the souls left this galactic dimension, but there were those who haven’t let go and kept on living more lives on the dark planet, and returned again and again in survival consciousness.

Those were the ones that held the light at those dark moments. They hid but did not give up and from their connection to the essence of their being, from the faith and yearning to return to the days of the messiah, the days of light, they managed to survive. Many of you know them as Jews.

In parallel to the Jews there were additional ancient tribes that protected the vibration of the planet, and the conversation with her, and by that protected her existence. During the significant changes in the various places, they were one with the planet, supporting and synchronized with her, in full attendance to her heart. These were the Aborigine tribes and the tribes of North and South America.

Prototype – the human man

With the planet perseverance and the human survival on the planet, step by step, with the help of the stars people, your families, humans managed to establish what you know as the ‘modern culture’.

This culture developed from guidance and messages that were transferred through those humans that functioned as light channels in the various areas: culture, science, medicine, psychology.

With the help of these connections the human culture developed and expanded from survival consciousness toward the open abundance consciousness…

Humans that lived long lives in many incarnations used their choice to return again and again to the blue star and influence its development to the next phase.

Each time the soul was able to choose a body that shall serve it in the best way. Each body has its physiological genetics, which includes its unique motion. Via this motion, the body resonates in a certain vibration and creates its unique magnetic field.

Every body has a mind that operates in a certain way and enables that person the ability to steer his personal path toward his calling.

Therefore, understand that there are different prototypes of physical bodies. Some bodies operate at the same way and some in different. Some bodies vibrate in the same vibration although they don’t have the same blood line. However, inside every body there is a unique soul, like no other. Your family dynasty, through which you choose your physical genetics, completes your soul which choses to arrive to certain soul encounters.

Family Cell

The choice to live in a traditional family cell was right for all of those years in which humanity lived in the density of the 3rd dimension.

This structured framework supported the survival of humans on this planet.

With the expansion of human consciousness, in personal abilities, wider perspective and grasp of life on Earth, so did the family cell changes its perception.

As humans will expand their consciousness more and more and, be more balanced with masculine and feminine energies, connect to their inner light strength and let go of their survival grasp, then the consciousness of unity shall expand and the family cell shall change its form.

Light families incorporate as groups of many souls, in bigger numbers than those that are related to an individual family unit. These communities hold the unity consciousness and can sustain mutual, united and abundant life. When there is no survival consciousness, there is abundance for everyone, and there is no need to live on the expense of the other. Instead, there is sharing, unconditional giving and seeing the other beings in your light cell as part of you.

This consciousness is yet to be present on Planet Earth. However there are communities today that move toward the common consciousness, as you know in Telos Lemuria communities in Israel and across the world. These communities hold the vibration of unity and unconditional giving.

Humans choose differently today. With the planet consciousness that is moving and ascending to the 5th dimension consciousness, many souls chose to return today to the planet.

The density of population on Planet Earth today is temporary. Many research groups arrive to ‘the cosmic school’. The awakening is huge and you should know that the consciousness of many look up to you, those who incorporate in a human body with an open and awake light consciousness which is ready to walk on the planet awake and connected to the multidimensionality.

However, the population of the planet in the next 50 years is going to be reduced. Those that will be able to hold the light vibrations will be part of the new creation. Those souls who have limited consciousness shall be referred to a parallel planet to continue their growth and learning until they are ready to return home.

A lot of healing is required to many of these souls, from the deep fall that took place at those ancient days. These souls have a lot of support in all of the world, for their safe return home, to unite with the divine.

Loved ones, study your body, your souls, your calling and go out to the world you create!

Go out to the world from the understanding that you can move in parallel world, planets that families are waiting for you, for an encounter in full awake consciousness. Oh, then, loved ones, being completeness shall be divine.

I bless you in this day of learning, and invite you to return and read this message, and the unconcealed shall be greater than the concealed.

Blesses thee.

I am Adama

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 1-Jun-2018)



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