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Opening of the sex chakra, the source of life, divine orgasma


I breathe the mountain wonders, yes, the same mountain I’ve been walking in its paths for the last decade. And with me those who feel the call. The sacred call of the heart. Feel the yearning to the ancient memories that are present in our DNA.

Memories which we hold since the ancient days of Lemuria.

Everything has already been said. What can this journey renew?

A summit journey.

I walk again toward the gates of Shasta’s summit, to that entrance point of Telos, the light city that exists in the 5th dimension.

It’s beautiful, glowing in crystal light in the colors of the creation flames.

I go higher and higher, walking between the basalt trails and I arrive to the hidden fountain, and right before me is the entrance gate.

I breathe deeply, raising my body vibrations. I can feel myself transform, and here I am a great light embodied in my Telosian body – Ohelet.

And what is that body? High energy form that flows and receives my body formation that moves at Telos. Very tall and light, with flexibility and containment ability of great light mass.

My hair is weaved in many braids and my eyes are deep blue. I can feel myself moving around the city, easily. I can see my friends and they are happy as they know that at these very moments I am present in full consciousness combining my astral bodies and my dense physical body. The ability to combine is rare, however after disciplined practice, I am fortunate to be able to combine the dimensions.

I move in the space breathing differently. I can feel the vitality and can see my partners in planetary and galactic missions.

The information that I receive as a human are connected to everything that is done at Telos in the level of the intergalactic communication. Therefore recently I go out for many astral journeys and these memories are bubbling in my physical being as well as in my Telosian being.

I move towards the center of the light city of Telos. The city gates are open for everyone.

The city gates enable to the reawakening souls to learn the tools for the transformation between the old and the new vibrations in a balanced way.

I am taken to the learning-control center. In it a huge crystal screen.

I look at it and see the journey that I have accomplished so far. I can see the members, the ascension candidates and the learning that each of them have achieved. I can see the growth and the exact point where everyone is. Some of them are in devotion and the journey opens up in their heart. Some of them after a great pain release. Some still hold victimization or doubt and have more lessons to learn.

I look deep inside and can see myself, watching my learning and initiation, seeing my heart, my mental, emotional and crystal bodies, my handling of situations with the group memebrs. Leading candidates to ascension is very challenging and I thanks the learning journey and the many gifts we received.

With me present at this learning experience is my father and teacher, the high priest Adama.

“Beloved daughter,

Today is your last day on the mountain and tomorrow you return the the physical dimension, to the place where your soul chose to incarnate and echo.

I can feel your heart, excited and happy to meet souls that are deer to you in your physical home,

I can feel your heart ache, having to leave your home Shasta with your physical body.

You know that we are not separated. You know that the growth and the learning from this journey shall bear their fruit in your corporeal world.

Your leadership in this journey was precise, and the concentration in all of the details was vital.

The 2 journeys of 2019 summer still echo in your physical being, as you have received great light into your body that keeps changing every day.

Telos gates open up for you every day more and more and you are attentive to your planetary mission for spreading the Lemurian vibration at this time. Therefore my love, you can see from your heart, the compassion that the group members gave one another echo the compassion from your heart, your attention and your devotion.

These gates in which you are well practiced echo in the mirror that reflected you the vibration which you hold.

Many humans awaken these days. Loved one – I turn to you, those who read these lines.

You who have already been on the mountain or will receive the call to move and come in these light gates at this time. You are loved.

A decade circle ends and a new is opened. Therefore many end personal relationships, feel the need to move and make their home more precise. When you feel the need for a change that echo in all of your bodies, the soul knows and makes its way more accurate.

The various predictions of what is about to happen sometime come from fear.

When you operate from your heart, the fear vibration melts and vanish and then you have the ability to fulfill the light predictions.

Create this reality and see the people in the world live in communities that sustain the peace vibration, the integrity. Loved ones, see your heart calling and telling you that it is the time to move towards freedom.

The new souls that awaken feel the need for freedom. The freedom which your experience comes from the high levels of the soul. This is why you feel the need to move to those consciousness spaces that are united with the planet consciousness, with the infinite cosmos consciousness and with the light consciousness.

At these spaces you can create and hold your new reality, loved ones, Look inside. The answers are in the depth of your heart. You can no longer put on masks. The masks no longer work. Understand that.

Your heart wants to be heard, your soul wants to be hears. Can you be quit and listen? Can you hear the voice of your soul?

Around Shasta Mountain the connection is easy and you can hear easily. But when you return to your lives you sometime feel confused.

Therefore we invite you to the temples of the creation flames, for mutual significant learning.

I bless you, beloved sisters and brothers

You who return home

We are here to contain and support your awakening journey

Blessed are you

I am Adama”

I get up from the control center, thank Adama and move to my village. I can feel my heart get magnetized to my family…to her…

I reconnect with my physical body. I keep moving. I go up higher and higher and move among the snow that covers the basalt rocks. Between the mighty rocks I can see 2 images come closer, wearing white shirt and short pants, with walking sticks in their hand. 2 tall men, about 2m tall, and their eyes are blue.

They greet me and my heart expands from their greeting. I start a small conversation with them and ask them where they are headed. They share where they have been and where they are headed, and we talk about the existence of Telos in the 5th dimension, and they, Steve and Steve in names, show me the road which I should take. We continue to discuss the essence of the Telos vibration on the planet and the differences in the vibrations levels in human on the planet today. I am attentive to their teaching.

I go on my way, knowing that these were messengers from Telos.

As I go higher and higher on the mountain I can feel the vibrational intensity rising. My physiological body slowly goes up and I can feel my sacral chakra opens up, more and more energy is flowing through my solar chakra towards the heart. I can feel streams in my body and feel as if I am carried up. Adama is with me, smiling.

I sit on a huge rock above the mountain wall. I can see the mountain crown and again I connect to my Telosian image. We are one and I can feel the immense light flow coming through my sacral chakra. I vibrate in all my bodies and feel myself disappearing, one with creation, breathing not breathing, I can’t recall, but great light is all around me and I feel light bursts all across my bodies and I keep feeling the energy flow coming through my sacral chakra.

“With this light mass you shall move in the world” I hear the voice of the high priest Adama.

“We are recharging you for the coming decade. The speed, the intensity and the life and resurrection flame is echoing inside you and activate the Lemurian vibration in Israel and in the whole world. Be prepared my love and learn how to contain this energy.

We will give you 2 crystals to assimilate in the sacral chakra. They will moderate the light emission in places with low vibration that can’t accept this vibration.

This light will very often awaken healing in those who need it. The light will be too great for them to contain, however it will induce lessons and learning.

Understand that you are a light transmitter on the planet. Your life is going to expand again to a new reality that you will create with us from the central control of Telos.

A unique team of 6 souls shall accompany and support you in your role, and thousands more around who will feel the new vibration that echoes from the heart of your being.

The Pranic breathing shall be learnt, and so will the activation of the sacral chakra, in a unique way, to contain the new vibrations that activate the planet.

The divine plan of the Telos organizations in the world is developing to another level, and the leaders shall receive clear guidance for the progress of the processes, each one in his country, as required.

Therefore loved one, breathe the Pranic breath and work with it. Be certain that with your precise leadership you are ready for the next phase of your life.

Blessed are you my daughter, Lemurian daughter, Ohelet”.

I breathe deeply, breathe the light, and slowly my bodies calm down. Tears are running down and my heart is so open. I breathe the energies, holding the rock and I know.

[Ayelet Segal, Shasta , Aug 2019]



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