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On the ridge leading to the top of Mount Shasta


Waking up to a new morning. The sky is blue and the mountain rises up from Shasta’s county wilderness, invites me to it. I travel to the fountain and fill my bottle with pure water. Ready for a new day, my last day at this journey…

I listen to the voice of the high priest Adama who invites me to the upper platform…I drive in my car and the songs of the heart fill me in. I feel that something very special is about to happen today.

I park my car and I can see the clarity that this day has opened for us. I rise up higher and higher with my feet. I am aware that I only have one bottle of water.

Where to? I ask Adama. “Up to the the mountain” I hear…

I look up towards the crown of the mountain. It looks far away…o.k….I start and sing the song of the heart. The trail takes me beyond a curve I already know. This time I continue, walking and singing in the narrow trail. The land is rocky, covered by basalt rocks. I continue…

I keep going up and up, and so I see myself halfway to the summit. It doesn’t look so far any more…I continue and the silence seeps in. The physical efforts is felt. I continue with the trail and it rounds further and I can see a possibility for a shortcut. As a travel guide I am aware of the danger, but I an attentive and can feel Adama beside me, along with Saint Germain and the big spirit of The Mountain which opens the gate for me.

I keep rising between the basalt rocks and pass through the energetic gate, and before me appears a beautiful hidden valey with running water. I smile to myself. This is the valley of abundance. Hidden between Shasta’s curves and it has a lot of water. I thank, drink and continue my journey.

The rocky land continues to echo its power. Coarse basalt rocks. Another gate appears and I walk through it, and a huge golden basalt circle appears before me with a huge rock in the middle and a marking I can’t read. I understand that this is a portal to the Pleadean extraterrestrial base which is positioned on the mountain in an inaccessible point. I continue. The legs are walking by themselves, taking me higher and higher. I gasp for air and feel all of my muscles…

The rocks are piled up one on top of the other, without any land in between. I am aware to the danger of an avalanche…

The fears start to crawl into my heart. I stop and feel the hand of Adama my father, and from the other side Saint Germain and Serapis Bay. I breathe deeply and feel my Telosian image as one with me. I keep hovering over the rocks, in such lightness as if the force of attraction has stopped effecting me. I go higher and higher until I reach the east summit, ridge leading to the top of Mount Shasta a small tree has grown. I sit under it.

I feel the gate and I am drawn into Telos,

I see all of my family hugging me, happy for the vibrational transformation that I have accomplished. I find myself sitting on a gold chair, and I can see before me, arriving, tall and enlightened the king and queen of Telos with the council of the twelve and the high priest Adama. They bless me with so much love in their hearts. They surround me and I open my hands and my gold wings expand. I wave my hands and they light up all around with immense light. I can feel the royal vibration. Adama approaches me and gives me a blue diamond ring, so deep that you can see the heart of the Telos city in it, in which I am one with my infinite divine being, I can see who I am!

I can see the light, the mission, the choice, the future and the realization. I am in great gratitude and my heart keep expanding. I breathe deeply and slowly saying goodbye and I am raised back into my body. I breathe deeply my corporality, grounding myself, drinking, and slowly going down from the basalt rocks until my feet touch the ground.

During my descent I see again the extraterrestrial circle, and I am called to go inside it. I sit on the rock and it activates the field around it and I am already elsewhere…I can see the Pleadean commander greeting me, “we know who you are. We greatly appreciate and respect you. Come and see our mutual work in the mountain area and beyond on the planet”.

I can see the spaceships and the landing field, the flights into the open portals in the planet. I can see the huge help that is given to Gaya in these days and the communication that shall expand more and more between humans and Pleadeans.

The quantum transitions into the multi-dimensionality and the multidimensional communication which we shall all be exposed to and to the government that works with them. The activity is indeed vast.

I thanks them and give them my blessing and I return to the third dimension, grounding myself, and with singing in my heart I go down from the magical mountain.

On the ridge of summit I have been today, breathing the unique vibrational space, and indeed up there, there are more gates, but you have to know how to pass through them, and you have to know how to climb the mountain…

I am full with gratitude for the support of the process I went through today.


One with The Mountain, one with this land.

I am Ohelet

(14 Aug 2018, Mount Shasta, Ayelet Segal)

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