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now is your time to go out above the face of the earth and give beyond


Blessed you are, I am Adama,

From the depths of the crystal city of Telos, I sing to you beloved ones,

This days that are on hold , patience and the sharpness of the senses is what brings the new to the physical world.

You have indeed experienced stormy days during the past few months, do they have passed Many of you ask with hope …?

Beloved, the storms just pass as they come.

Waves of empowerment continue and wash over our beautiful planet, some are visible and some not.

When you see riots and riots on the news there is a certain tendency to show you a certain side.

Do you know that many times the news review does not bring what is happening in the dark. This is why you, loved ones, must sharpen your senses.

This is the time to observe not from human eyes but from the eyes of the soul.

This is the time to see beyond everything that is familiar to you in your world and to raise your multi-sensory vision to a deep horizontal vision.

The light that washes the planet today illuminates the places that need to be illuminated. Some places manage to wear out your vision, where I recommend you, dear ones, to look deeply into all those situations that seem familiar to look with your sense of intuition.

Every time that you don’t feel safe call us, to the angels for guidance that comes from your heart.

The presence of God and the angels of light are present and support all those who need support.

Understand, and see how affected you are when the media shows you events that carry human pain, see and understand how you react when silence is present in your space.

Therefore, beloved ones, create the spaces of silence in your circles, and send your light present in your being in all the spaces of resonance, the quiet ones and the noisy ones.

The pacification is to give those warriors of truth and justice the time to prepare for the next campaign, since the human fight for the light is done during many ages and will continue to reverberate throughout the worlds until the systems of light have not finished the main campaign.

Understand, we from the cities of light in the interior of the planet, together with you continue to move the lights of creation and to give from our higher consciousness for the growth of humanity, many many are awake and carry the beacons of light. But there are many that still vibrate and vibrate at other frequencies.

The days are pleasant and you are with them, see how to enjoy your day, see how to bring joy to your life, see how to be balanced in all moments of the day...

The divine presence is present and protects those who have the roles, those who are aware of their destiny are the ones with the high intention, and what is that high intention, in your day-to-day visibility, in all your fulfillment and desire that arises from your being.

See yourselves beloved in everything, see yourselves beloved, carrying the information of the past, and live them in their eternal light above the surface of the earth.

Wasn't it in those days that we called you beloved, we explained to you, and now is your time to go out above the face of the earth and give beyond everything that you have ever believed in, which is only seen in a vision is coming to fruition, indeed these are the days of the great fulfillment to celebrate your being masters on earth.

With the passage through the gate of responsibility the great transformation takes place, alchemy and magic.

We are with you, from the Crystal City,

You are blessed

I am Adama

Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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