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TELOS BOOK "Love between dimensions

Updated: Oct 31, 2021


Beloved friends, sons of Telos of Lemuria

I'M, so happy to share that we are currently in the midst of translating and final editing of the book

"Love between the dimensions" into English!

this book born out ata journey of deep acquaintance and assimilation of the sublime love frequency of the fifth dimension ...

The book will be added to the library of TELOS books on Amazon.

Below is a link to our library for English-speaking friends

, We would be very happy to help with the distribution

I will share in the part that I personally connect to from the book

For me it was a journey that changed life ...

Love to you all




“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:

That word is Love.” ~ Sophocles

In order to feel the touch of love, we must possess fully embodied maturity – which leads us to theconnection of the four bodies: emotional body, mental body, etheric body, and physical body. On mycurrent journey, I understood that spiritually I feel mature enough to genuinely Love, but my physicalmaturity is still blocked and rigid.At a Telos meeting, I met a charming woman who specializes in partner contact. With our encounter, Iknew that meeting her was created to support my growth process. When I returned to Israel, I met withher to learn the secrets of the Art of Love in the Zen tradition.The Art of Love has changed its meaning and frequency over the years. The High Priest Adamaexplains the situation this way:

"I the High Priest Adama, who carries in my Heart the frequency of Cosmic Light and Love, bless you in the journey to the Heart of Love, and invite you to fall in Love and re-know the depth of the Love Frequency. This frequency transforms, opens worlds and heals all pain. In this frequency, creation happens, and all fear dissolves. Love is a frequency. It is energy. When human beings lower the Frequency of Love and misuse this frequency, distortions occur. Human beings often exploit the lack of understanding, and instead of making positive use of the frequency and grow from it, they use it in a way that breaks the flow of energy in their bodies and sometimes even breaks auras or harms and blocks all the chakra energy centers. As human beings, the Frequency of Love that you can sense in the higher dimensions is a frequency that opens our Heart and creates a sense of peace and acceptance. When we are at this frequency, we do not feel fear, control or aggression. The 5 th Dimension opens the window to the Cosmic Light. With this Light, our crystal body expands, and shines and resonates its protons and electrons, which become expanded and accelerated. With the descent to the lower dimensions, the energy of Love takes on a reduced frequency. Its expression is in contact causes friction between the two physical bodies. The human being present in the frequency of Love feels the need to embrace, kiss, caress and express affection for his/her beloved. However, many times this intimacy gets misdirected and lacks an energetic balance between the two physical bodies, resulting in an energy drain – as one human being takes energy from the other. In order for Love to be expressed in a harmonious, balanced and complete way, the energetic connection must be intimate and compatible between the two human beings’ frequencies so that their physical bodies will complement and support each other. Thus, their Love can manifest and grow, fill and expand, all the Light bodies – the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies. How many times, while watching a movie, do you felt that the Love between the actors on the screen is reflected in the physical harmony between them? You must have felt your own heart expand in the presence of the shared Love that comes out of their hearts; perhaps you even shed tears as you watched the connection and perfection created between the loving couple. But the highest Frequency of Love is not expressed and felt in this way. Moreover, physical friction between them may turn into exploitation

or sacrifice, and even generate a sense of violence. Beloved Ones, you are responsible for building the script of Love in your life. You can learn a lot from the relationships you create. Indeed, many couples meet and fall in Love, and after forming a elationship complain that the Love has disappeared, and they lack the passion and the desire to touch. Because Love is a Frequency, as much as any other energetic frequency it must be preserved, stirred up by the energetic flow, in order to ignite it with the Divine Spark. A touch resulting from real Love happens when your Heart is open, when you feel the frequency of your partner resonating in balance with your total being. How can this high frequency and pure Love be preserved? Love is first embodied in your Heart, within you. Even before you feel the need for a relationship, look at your Love for yourself, the Divine Love that is given from your Heart to your Heart. From this fundamental inner perspective, your Hearts can Love each other. An intimate relationship consists of values inspired by the Frequency of Love: Such as sharing, listening, giving, patience, gratitude, forgiveness and tolerance. These values are expressions of Love; they are not necessarily felt in physical-sexual ways, which you often take as sure evidence of Love. Honor your partner and maintain the energy balance between the two of you. Only this will lead to the realization of Love and its expression through sexual exploration. The sex chakra, located in the area below the navel, has been represented as a beautiful lotus flower, which opens and gives you the ability to experience wonderful sex. For most people, the sex chakra is blocked and does not function well, so there is no flow of life energy. Therefore, the energy of Love is lacking during intimacy between the couple, and does not generate sexual fulfillment. The passion of sexual intimacy that exists today on the planet is absent! Instead of Love, human beings exploit each other through domination and exploitation, thus embodying a Love that is unauthentic. The human being who feels momentary excitement, which is often expressed in males, acts out of a state of self-loathing. From this place, the physical connection creates a mere momentary sensation of connection to the Spark of Divinity, and a pattern of addiction is is very important to choose. Sometimes physical contact takes place without the permission of the other person, or sometimes it exists out of a sense of obligation and not of free will. On Planet Earth, there is a strong emotional and energetic subordination of one another through the sharing of sexuality. With the lowering of consciousness over time, the connection of Divine Love, the connection to the powerful Divine Frequency as it was known, was forgotten and began to exist among human beings in a primitive way, thus often blocking the Divinity within us. That is how sexual exploitation has taken place on our Planet. It is important to note that the desire for physical contact that you feel, Human Beings, out of clear and pure Love, is an expression of a tremendous healing for your physical body. Caressing out of Love, tenderness and warmth accelerates the release of positive substances within the human brain. This process contributes to the natural immunity of the body, and feelings of lightness and security. It is also worth noting that this process can only occur when contacts are made from a place of Unconditional Love between two human bodies. Observe how a mother caresses her children. The softness coming from the Love in her Heart passes to the young child, and the healing is immediate. The same is true for a couple loving from a clear and pure place. The healing flows, and the humans in the couple support each other. Through sharing genuine Love, they heal each other. In the higher dimensions, the energy of Love flows between the Light bodies and fills their energy centers. The sex chakra awakens and opens with the powerful Light that enters it. With this powerful fire, the sex chakra illuminates the other energy centers. All their bodies vibrate with great force as if electricity is flowing through them. With the touching and unity of the two Light bodies, there is a huge burst of light and colors, an explosion that rises up and shines throughout the Cosmos. This is the explosion of Love, carried out by the energetic resonance when in the higher consciousness dimensions.

I feel the explosion of Love in the higher dimensions, and I act upon it when in the City of Light, Telos.



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