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Updated: Sep 4, 2021


The center was alive, the figures who entered and left were different in appearance, the representatives of the different civilizations were at the center of learning, and also the representatives of the cities of light, all in different bodies, had in common their desire to support the human transcendence program.

Everyone understood that, one must join and help in order for harmony to be fully present above the earth.

They both stepped down the crystal stairs, deepened more and more, below the crystal ground, deepened deep into a light portal and passed through it.

The center was built in the depths of the earth to protect the Akasha records that were in it, for every Lemurian soul, the Lemurian Akasha Library had its unique book, a book built like a crystal plate, where the personal story from the moment the soul set out on its journey to this planet, and remind that every soul has the opportunity to re-choose its path to the light to return home.

The entrance to the learning hall, was through a unique identification of the personal DNA, or a code that matches your location in the cosmos system.

At the entrance are the two guardians of the temple, the identification according to sound waves that read the field of the same being or a reading in the fingerprint that carries a resonance of light.

The gates of the temple opened with a bright white light dazzling their eyes, the guards recognized the two of them, and did not ask for a code, and they entered into the depth, knowing the structure, knowing the gates, the rooms, and knowing where they were headed.

Walking deep inside, passing through the golden gates, 12 in number, each gate indicates a consciousness and awareness that is essential for the stages of learning and initiation.

The stages were developed over the years, and they were the ones that brought the knowledge from Lemuria.

The knowledge required for existence in the consciousness of the fifth to seventh dimensions.

The knowledge needed to maintain balance, the sharpness of sight and hearing, and the ability to operate the bodies between dimensions, and in the reality of planet Earth that is a compressed physical reality.

The gates were accompanied by teachers, staff who had been trained as well by the superior masters.

They were there supporting everything, they brought their light and supported every soul that chose to awaken in these times.

The two felt, how with each passing through the gates, their bodies once again receive the radiance which accompanied them, the princess noticed that the chain of light on her heart had begun to shine again with great radiance.

The prince felt the sword resting on the chakra of his heart bright and warm.

They knew that they were approaching the Temple of the Divine presence.

The 12th gate is in front of them.

It’s open they enter, and ascend 22 golden steps, and there are two golden chairs waiting for them.

They sat down on the chairs and blue laser beams began to scan their bodies.

They knew that the scan touched their DNA layers.

At the level of the crystal bodies and their human bodies representing them above the earth.

The DNA - was the one that gave the connection between the physical abilities in the material world and the high spiritual knowledge in the crystal bodies in the world of light.

They remembered the decision made by the Great Council of Lemuria that with the fall of consciousness the DNA of mankind would be reduced to only 2 strains.

The human DNA has evolved over the last thousands of years, especially in the 100 years in which there has been the intervention of our brothers from other planets, and ours living inside the Earth, but still, the distance is so great between the existing DNA at that time and was in the days of Lemuria.

Humanity is still on its way to learning

Learn to love yourself

Learn to speak your truth

Learn how not to be a victim

Learn not to let anyone define you

Learn how to feel your mastery

Learn how to stop blaming other people

Learn how to get out of duality

Learn to give yourself more

Learn that you deserve to be here in full.

This is a very, very significant learning during these days, the laws of mankind, are written in the Ten Commandments of the new humanity.

The same laws of divinity which were given after the fall of human consciousness.

The DNA, in those human beings who passed through the golden gates during the various incarnations of life, doubled itself and even tripled to the higher capabilities of the being of light that they are.

These days, more and more souls have begun to come to initiation in the Lemurian halls of light, they have gone through the initiations of transcendence and learned the multidimensional activation, the transition from human beings to the higher master consciousness has been a fascinating process.

The warrior, together with a team of teachers and therapists and healers, contributed to the opening of the gates and the enabling hundreds and thousands of souls to return to their higher spiritual being.

With the rise of human consciousness above the earth, the people of the crystalline city of Telos as well as other cities of light can also grow and deepen the multidimensional communication with those souls.

That how it was, the princess who awoke from her deep coma as her figure connected to her unique human figure.

The scan was accurate, going through all the energy centers and light cells in all the essential parts especially in the crystal brain, and the sacred heart.

The scan had to be 100% full of light so they could continue the process.

The warrior and the princess, felt their bodies awake, and everything that is was standing in front of them, and again they remembered their choice of the moment before departing from their motherland.

The Lemurian DNA was awake and they were one with the universe and the parallel universe , with their house star, and others halls of information and light centers familiar in the cosmic star systems .

They were ready to work together again, as they had done then in the bright days of heaven.

Sharp and ready to head out to the new gates of the seventh golden age.

They got up from the golden chairs, standing upright. Ready. To the new campaign.

When they got off the chairs, they met their staff.

“Heart Diamond Lemuria team” - they knew most of them.

Translated by: Jaqueline Razón

The Nakal - The Lemurian Mystery School which is located in the city of light Telos and contains all Lemurian knowledge. From this knowledge our courses were built which are taught by teachers from the community and by the guidance of High Priest Adama...


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