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Mysterious visit from the year 8100


I closed my eyes, in my vibrating room the entrance gate to the multidimensional worlds, see the vibrations of light moving in a spiral and the gate is open to me, more than a decade I move between the dimensions, move between the worlds, the gate invites me as magnetizing my body inside and I enter…

The spiral turns when it draws me and I see myself again in the thick forest of Shasta, seeing the familiar path, a path which I every summer deepen with into the forest to the mountain where the magic, and the visions are revealed to tens of thousands of souls.

The path deepens again I walk and look at the huge light trees talking to me greeting me in peace, I move between them hugging the trail keepers and they greet me as I enter into the portal.

I stand and feel the familiar fusion to me, and feel my parallel figure from Telos present with me, the warrior, I feel the frequency rising and rising, I breathe and my body fills with tremendous light and stretches upwards, when I open my eyes again I see differently, my eyes are seeing laser beams Illuminating and seeing the multidimensional which is within the forest, I continue to walk, more easily walking inwards into the depths of the forest about 11 km. And suddenly comes a huge baldness within the

I look and see the field of the baldness, and feel the energy as you feel a light fog, I breathe in, the baldness is very wide and I start to go inside, my eyes see it, about 6 meters in diameter, and it is built of a flat board and more like a trapezoidal structure and not a single unit since Connections or screws can be seen.

I approach and see with my eyes the caption in bright golden color, I place my hand on it and read that the present aircraft has come to the study of humanity from the year 8100.

In the Avatar body I am present and therefore my consciousness is different, there is currently no presence of this civilization here, but I know them.

I walk around the unique vessel watching, and researching and here I feel the presence of my father and teacher, the High Priest Adama.

Its light is bright and it is so high, it stands on the side at a distance of 3 meters and watches, I hear it… explains

"Beloved Oelet, wonderful that you managed to get to our school day, the tool you are examining came from the end of this universe, representatives of a developed star and the future has come, this unit is accompanying the planet from those days of the fall of the mother continent."

I understand that they are part of the program of research and support for humanity, but is it possible that they came from the year 8100, and if so what does that say about humanity.

"Indeed, these representatives came from the future time of the planet, when coming out of the electromagnetic field of the planet the land of earth time does not exist, as one moves away in this solar system, the laws of" time "are different.

Indeed, the planet Earth is still in its early days for the waves of awakening of consciousness.

Since this planet has been ruled for a long time, we in the last decade in particular have been able to work with the messengers of light who have begun to share on the consciousness of the fifth dimension and even beyond.

Man is still present in the cables of control and ego, it is important for us to tell about his personal individual, while with the growth of the field of consciousness the broad insight is that you are part of a huge collective field, your self is part of the deity, the man present on the planet still carries his personal field of consciousness. The rule, these few are those who dedicate themselves to mission out of humility and unconditional giving.

We witness in the study of humanity that human evolution is already developing the future generation, to the insight that the material world is of little importance.

Therefore, the researchers who come from the future have seen the transitions, they come to provide additional direction and accuracy and collaborate with those who enable collaboration.

The tool you are looking at and the field you are feeling carries the sparks of light that come from outside the planet, many of you long to feel the infinite layers of space again, many of you have been there in the past to the atmosphere and moved through the cosmos.

The longing a human feeling of emotion which when the human develops his consciousness beyond the here and now and beyond the individual, he will be able to be one with all the stars of your house. And they are so many.

Adama - Many talk about a plan to control humanity? Can you explain a little about our near future here on the planet?

'As I have explained many times in the journeys I have made, there are those who have ruled Planet Earth for more than the last 4000 years. And even before, but in the last two hundred years, it has been decided to allow many souls to join the planet in the great learning program in the universe, and to reach this physical world for the sake of divine spiritual learning.

Many souls have emerged to the planet more and more, and some have been programmed to control all of those souls and thereby track their spiritual and spiritual growth. Control is an encoded program that reaches human beings through consciousness through the mind in the crystal body and the physical body.

With the great convention over the year of the Christian year 1987 - the decision of the councils across the universe was made to support humanity and release them from the control program.

Since the warriors of light, as you know, have been called upon again for defense and warfare, the messengers of light wake up every day, with their pure hearts they also get to join their mission and be part of the light cells of the planetary inner light cities and representatives of civilizations outside Planet Earth. At Telos we have established the light cells around every continent and continent, I have chosen Aurelia to be the representative in conveying the messages to humanity, and when you agree to return home to Telos and experience complete enlightenment and insight into what is happening in the higher worlds, you are chosen to convey my messages to humanity. "

"Key points for the leap of consciousness and substantial change that will be opened to the messengers of light and to all awake souls is in 2025.

At this point, there will be many passages to open areas for residence, for example, a great wave of immigration of the Jewish people will return to its land in Israel.

The Tibetan people will be able to return to their land, the Palestinian people will gain independence and more people will be in the process of liberation from the power of darkness that has gripped them.

A major gateway to which humanity is marching in this cyclical time is 2050, it is the hour of fulfillment, the planet is moving in one light consciousness, consciousness will be connected to the stars of light which carry the same consciousness of fifth dimension and more, the planet government will be one world government for citizens. It will not be possible to demand or limit man, but it is important for me to note that those who will remain on the hypnosis will be those who will carry the consciousness of the Messianic deity, and were in full ascension, the frequency on the planet will be in the fifth dimensional consciousness you already know. "

It is important for me to note that to this day, the planet enters two years in which there will be an attempt to close the awake human consciousness, there is an attempt to damage the light fields of the planet and personal, so many of you feel tired or unmotivated, but I tell you loved ones, you know moving in around Telos, you know the enveloping and loving frequency, the infinite frequency of love, you know the house and those present in our community above the earth, bring to a real fulfillment the sublime light of the sons of Lemuria. You are beloved children of the earth, and many of you will continue with us to the same golden gates which I have mentioned."

Listening to the ground I notice that the field has changed, I move away a little and stand next to the ground, and look, I see two very tall figures in olive green, and in their hearts white contours, standing in front of us in the distance and making the movements of peace - their hand with only 4 fingers and shining with great light…

They enter the vessel, and he moves himself in silence and disappears.

I breathe and walk with Adama inside to the gate of light that takes us to Telos….

Namaste ~ Oelet

Translated by : Jaqueline R.Goldfeder


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