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My personal story: 2010-Mt. Shasta changed my life


Mt. Shasta changed my life. I knew this a year earlier when I closed the book, Telos, Volume 2, Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation, by Aurelia Louise Jones, author of the Telos Book Series telling the story of the City of Light, Telos. Two months before my thirty-fifth birthday, I received a gift from my older brother: a ticket to fly to the U.S. for the wedding of friends. It was clear to me that the wedding was a cover for the true purpose of the trip—a visit to Mt.Shasta. Deep in my heart, I knew I was about to have the experience of my life on the mountain. The day before my birthday, I arrived in the town of Mount Shasta in northern California, where I was received by four angels in human form. The angels were representatives of Telos-USA who had come to meet me, a representative of Telos-Israel, an organization still taking shape at that time. The angels knew how to make me feel comfortable and create a sense of calm and great love After indulging ourselves at a charming restaurant, we held our first meditation in one of their homes.This meditation was visited by the spirit of Master St.Germain. In the course of the meditation, all who we represent entered the mountain crater by means of an etheric chariot. We followed a guide who led us to a pool of waterin an enchanting natural stream. Entering a crystal cave, we continued behind the guide as he led us to a lift, which took us into the depths of the earth.Six chairs awaited us there. In the sixth chair sat St.Germain, and it was he who gave us a message. His message was that we must continue the wonderful work we were doing for humanity, for nature, and for Planet Earth. We were told that the people of the city of Telos were working toward the enlightenment of the world and raising the level of consciousness, that we must continue the light work in which we were engaged. It was a warm and cordial message.I remember how, during the channeling, Aurelia’s cat,Angelo, came to us and began conversing with the Master.On Monday morning, my thirty-fifth birthday, we met again in order to conduct an ascension ceremony of spiritual expression of intentions. The ceremony was very powerful, and moved me to tears. In the room stood a chair draped in golden cloth; on the table were pictures of the High Priest Adama, of Master St. Germain, of Master Serapis Bey, and also of Aurelia. The ceremony opened with a prayer and the masters were invited in, and all present took turns sitting on the chair and expressing their intentions. As I sat on the chair, I felt my body becoming warmer and my heart expanding. I expressed my intention to work for humanity ,to illuminate the awakening of humanity, and to give of my life to this goal. I expressed my intentions in Hebrew, and inclosing even said a certain prayer—although I don’t knowhow and from where I knew it, since my upbringing was strictly secular.I left the ceremony greatly moved, still unable to assimilateall the expansion that had taken place in such a short time.I recall that the friends from Telos-USA urged me to make haste and reach the mountain, because I must under go something important there. I felt they knew something I didn’t. . .They took me to a store for camping gear, where I boughte quipment to hike on the snow-covered mountain. We then set off for the mountain. My excitement was growing, and although I didn’t know what lay in store for me, I was sure this was going to be the most wonderful birthday I had ever had .We drove higher and higher up the mountain, with some two and a half meters of snow lining parts of the road.The friends who were with me said it had been snowing incessantly until the day before, and I felt that the snow had actually stopped falling in my honor. The sun was out ,smiling down from a clear, cloudless sky. I took leave of my friends and climbed the mountain. With special walking shoes and support poles, I ascended higher and higher, singing to myself. I reached a flat platform and wondered where I should go from there.I noticed a further ascent to a higher area, and in my climbing boots and snow shoes, I headed in that direction ,singing a cheerful song I made up on this wonderful day.The sun shone. I climbed and climbed, and when I arrived, Isat down overlooking the crater of the mountain, opposite an enormous pine tree. My heart rate accelerated from the strenuous climb, then returned to normal and my body grew calm. The connection was immediate; the vibrations in my body rose rapidly.Then a dragon named Orelio arrived and took me on his wings. At first, I was fearful, but very soon felt the freedom of rapid flight. We flew up above the trees and above the mountain, circled the mountain a few times, then entered itand came out of it several times. An enormous smile spread over my face. Orelio took me into the mountain and brought me to a room sparkling with crystals. There we parted, but not before he had sent a pink ray of love to my heart. I felt free, calm, and happy.My heart chakra opened completely, and tears flowed from my eyes. The love of the fifth dimension began to penetrate my heart. Then Adama appeared in all his glory.He stood before me with twinkling eyes and said, “We are happy with the wonderful work you have done in such ashort time.” He told me to sit on a sparkling chair made of crystal, and I entered a trance until my breathing almost stopped. Only a fine thread held me; immense energy entered me through my crown chakra, and my entire body trembled. I felt an orgasm throughout my body; all the cells in my body opened. The energy continued flowing for several moments. I have no words to describe the intensity of that feeling.“You will bring this energy to the world at large: to children, to women, to nature, to humanity. This is your role ;you have been born anew. Your life has changed; this is your choice,” he said. I received a message to continue my work in education in order to help the crystal children and the indigo children, while at the same time building the center .When the energy stopped flowing, a bright white light flashed. I felt love and serenity. I began to cry with a sense of liberation. I felt tremendous thankfulness to Adama, to Orelio, and to God, as well as a commitment to spread the light during my physical life on earth.

The first thing I did upon opening my eyes was to write down my experience, and I am most grateful to Victoria for urging me to take along pen and paper, and to write.Since that day, I have felt in my bones the desire to spread the vibrations of love and light that I experienced on the mountain, and to continue working in complete cooperation with Adama and with the masters who, step by step, are leading the expansion of Telos-Israel. Upon my return to Israel, I began to fulfill the mission I had undertaken when I was on the mountain. My arrival landed me back in the reality of the third dimension—work, family, and friends. The landing was not easy, and I continued to float in the enjoyment of the energies of Shasta. I must note that from the very beginning, all the predictions I received have materialized—and here is a wonderful example: while on the mountain, I was told that I would give birth to a daughter (I had three sons at the time).Indeed, I very soon became pregnant for the fourth time, and, as I was told on the mountain, was granted a daughter— proof of the existence and realization of the words of the High Priest Adama.

The journey to Telos takes place on a path of absolute faith, a path on which the connection to the sacred heart is essential, a path on which one deals with challenging lessons. Today I am aware how far those lessons have taken me on my personal spiritual journey, as well as on my journey as part of Telos-Israel. One day during that period, I felt the urge to go to the sea. I wrote at the time in my notebook:“I sit facing the sea, which calms me and detaches me from the confusion between reality and imagination, betweenthe third dimension, which is the material dimension, and the fifth dimension that is in my imagination.” My life did indeed change. My soul opened to the secrets of the universe, to the new age, to inner awakening. There are no words to describe the scale of the sublime experience I have undergone, which flows within me and makes me feel endless longing for home, for the place where everything began long before I bravely chose to enter the cycles of free choice. Lemuria—enchanted continent, paradise of truth, of joy, and of so much love. At present there are only hints, sparks of light trying to enter blocked human memory—blocked by choice. The difficulty of continuing to play the game is enormous, and fleeing to the imagination does not always help; yet the magic exists and so does the reason, so the “great performer” carries on playing out the scenes of life. I see in this a mission. How does a light worker illuminatethe unawakened? With a great deal of determination and charisma—but ultimately the choice is theirs to make, through their own free will.There on the mountain, when everything was open, serene, peaceful, and loving, it was clear to me again, for a split second, why I had returned. I was taken on a journey to Telos, a journey in time where I met my Lemurian family and connected to my existence in the City of Light, Telos. That in itself, was a powerful experience. A strong ray of light illuminated me, and I met the noble, strong figure of Adama. Adama presented himself as my father, a beautiful and accepting figure. I am surrounded by love from them all, and know they are at my side, helping, supporting, and communicating. Today I choose again to live my life as Ayelet, mother to my children and partner to my husband, in the paradise in which I live. I choose to bestow unconditional love on humanity and to contribute to raising human consciousness. Thank you, dear ones. Thank you, Ayelet.

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