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My journey to mt shasta end of a decade


The journey home after a decade is different journey.

With my arrival to the mountain from San Francisco, my vehicle did not stop and continued upwards on track to the first gate which is accessible to people in winter – the Bunny Flat.

I am getting out of my car and my heart expands at once. Breathing deeply and feeling my light bodies expanding. It is so simple to be in the fifth dimension vibration… Looking at the bright white mountain in front of me and I can the golden and silver flames shining out of it.

I start climbing the trail and it takes me deep into the snow. I breathe slowly and I already begin feeling that I am in another dimension, and here they come…Ohelet, I hear the call…

Joy and excitement, and the heart expands again. I can feel my Telos family welcoming me and all of my cells are vibrating and bouncing. And standing in front of me in his majestic glory, Adama. I come closer to him and bow my head.

Welcome home, he says.

I am accompanied by him every moment, supportive and loving, so precise in everything that he shows me.

The journey has begun, he says.

It was wonderful to see you releasing the dense energy and crying diamond tears, which have an important healing role in the human body. Indeed, I cried all the way, during the flight and till I reached the mountain.

I feel that peace surrounding. Taking joyful pictures and sending to my friends. Will everyone respond this way to the mountain vibration…?

And my heart tells me to send a video to a member that has been detached from the community recently, and she responds with excitement.

The heart and the mountain connect old souls that know each other.

The journey usually starts with the bodies cleansing. So on my second day, I wake up and go out to Stewart Springs, where we perform cleansing every summer with the ascension groups.

The silica water enter all of my body cells. The bodies are being cleaned again, the sauna opens ad expands and the dense energy is released. I can feel my bodies being synchronized, relaxed, released…

Gratitude in my heart.

Slowly I manage to clean the layers of my many roles in Israel and I reach Ayelet’s deep soul ad starts to converse with it through the silence. Myself and me at my home at Shasta. Great joy…I hold on to every moment and breathe.

The phone rings and a friend from Shasta wants to meet. The many friends that I gathered through the last decade move me very much. Teachers that experience the mountain experience in its fullness, in the connection between the human and spiritual world.

I meet with the friends and at night go through corrections, lessons, healing and circles closure – a decade during which I have absorbed so much…during which the Israeli Telos Lemuria community was built - holding the light and the Akasha memories – many friends have even arrived to the ascension journey to the mountain.

And some got drifted away and they return again with their mission calling at 2020!

I find myself again in the center of the headquarters at Telos – in front of the crystal screens. Observing the learning and the deep processes I have experienced during my growth – I can see my maturity and my readiness to contain more light that is about to enter my bodies and charge me for the coming decade.

The roots are very stable and the braches are growing and this is the time for a new consciousness breakthrough of the great creation.

Again, meeting and synchronizations, and I am being invited for an interview at a local TV station, to tell about Telos, Lemuria and the community in Israel. Gratitude in my heart. I am in service, connected to my calling.

I go up and down the mountain with my car, every morning and evening, cleaning and talking with Adama. I can see the human pain, the transformation that takes place, the new that is born.

Come with me to see the holy land, she says, and I go out with her to the depth of the mountain, to see that land for which there was a fight and a bloodshed. It contains pure water and the flow of the life energy. It is sacred, and this is its time to open up to all humanity, to get out of the hiding of the last decade.

My feet are on the ground and from my throat coming out the voice of the Indian Shaman, singing the healing song of those souls who fought over the land. I can see them in their lives in this role and I ask for the help of the mountain big spirit, for releasing the land from its chains.

I keep singing and my hands are deep inside the land, feeling it blessing, blessed.

And it stands in his powerful whiteness, echoing the creation lights all over – Shasta!

In all of the days the sun accompanies me. I know that it is with me, and I breathe it into my pineal gland which opens up more and more.

So peaceful inside me. I am so at home. I send the videos on Valentine’s Day to friends across the ocean and all over the planet. Feel that ray flowing through the human hearts. Let’s contain it in each and every day. Let’s rinse our home and our body with it in each and every moment…

Human – wake up – let your voice be heard and be aware to your consciousness!

I hear the voices of the guides that accompany those who awake, step by step in the journey…and many more shall return home…

At night, at Telos, I meet my parallel image, unite with her and go out, in awake consciousness to my love, to her which my heart is one with hers. I am fed by the stream of love inside me and I have a fascinating conversation about her life in telos. I can see the kids…and I sit down and my hands are running on the keyboard. Orion returns to Telos, after 8 years of maturity, and the journey has begun. I live through him the new knowledge and the lines are being written for the new children.

The days go by so fast. I try to hold on them, and I know that I will be back and other days will come, in which I’ll be one with my homeland at Shasta. I chose my life across the ocean, my physical life, and I have great love for my family, my community and for the importance of the enlightenment of the human consciousness, at that hot spot - Israel.

I give in again, climbing the mountain. I climb up in the snow to that open spot. It waits for me every year, and at that spot I receive the initiations. Below it lies the room of the king and queen of Telos. I have an ascension ceremony, there around the golden tree, and I make my wishes and intentions for the coming decade, and I can feel my heart cry and the passion, the faith that rises, and I am present and can see far ahead…

I lie down on the cold snow, and the sun warms me up. I go out of my body and taken straight to the golden chair. They arrive. I can recognize their images – the king and queen are standing by me. They encourage me and say that they are proud of me for my efforts, my will, my faith and my ability to create, and we further talk about the next decade and what it brings.

They put a laurel on my head and it is activated and echoes with the golden ray. I can feel my bodies vibrate and I breathe deeply, and he is beside me, always guiding, Adama.

I breathe deeply and I return back into my body. I go down the mountain, to the sacred land, I sit down and write. Tomorrow is my 45 birthday and I can see my next steps…

I wake up with the glory of the dawn rays. I go out for a run and the white mountain is glowing and lightening.

The hours pass by and again I find myself up high, after a long walk on the frozen snow.

I lie down with my face toward the lightening sun, inside a circle which I drew. And they stand around me. I am attentive to the masters’ voices, Adama and Aurelia and more…

They discuss my body condition, the strength of the blood flow, the skeleton, the nervous system…

I listen and I Adama calms me and asks me to take a deep breath.

I breathe the Pranic breathes, that only a week ago I taught the students in the Lemurian priests course.

I can feel my bodies expanding, my body is rising and rising, the head is stretched backwards…

I go up higher and higher and I can see myself as a giant hawk hovering over the snowy mountain. From a high perspective I can see the humans, their pain and suffering, but also the light point and those who hold the light.

“Your perspective is expanding. The visions you see shall deepen and your multidimensional sight, back and forth shall expand even more”. So he explains

“Your body is about to receive a new energy. Breathe deeply my child. We are preparing you for a containment and leadership ability, for activation and creation, for a meaningful decade for the growing light community”.

I breathe and feel light coming in from the crown chakra. My sacral chakra is open and I can feel energy flow through there too. My body expands more and more and I can feel the light mass rising, like electricity that fills in more and more…

I can feel the consultants, saying that my body is strong and it needs time for adjustment.


I open my eyes and see lights glitters all around, and shapes of Metatron cube right above me. It is active and turning, and I can see the light waves assimilate in me, learning, investigating, seeing.

And I can see the blue eyes of Adama.

I breathe and slowly return to my body and to the physical dimension. I slightly move and I stand in the center of the circle, my eyes towards the snowy mountain, and from my throat comes out an old Lemurian singing. The words wake me up, the energy is assimilating in me.

And I am asked to lie down for a second charge. It is easy and flowing. My vision is opened to the sights of the planet, those who will arrive and the parallel ones. I see towards what the humanity is heading. I can hear myself talking in an ancient language and whispering the secrets of the gates opening, the gates of the higher light worlds.

And more that I can share…maybe in days to come…

I understand that we are under a total protection, we are connected between the worlds. Theer is a choice – as this is the time for humanity to take an active part in the infinite spirit world, in the light worlds that unite the multi-dimensions.

Gratitude in my heart. I go out for my personal journey at Telos, to my family, to a world full of magic, light, sounds and infinite love. A world of life, and passions for creation and joy.

The sun goes down, and the body can feel the coolness. I reconnect with my physical world with gratitude in my heart.

I go out for a new decade of leadership which I re-choose, to serve humanity, to create a world and a healthy and loving society of light and joy consciousness.

I am ready to return to the loving light community of Telos Lemuria Israel, to the friends that give and believe, see and feel the wonders of Telos.

Friend – prepare for the new decade that we shall open on the holiday of 4/4, in the magical Telos Village at Israel.

Love from my heart to yours.

On my way back to Israel.

Ayelet – Ohelet.


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