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Messages from the gathering in Agartha...- in preparation for the Lions' Gate on 8-8-2022


Beloved children of light”Here is the gate that allows many of you to return to an active and clear communication.In front of the star system, the gate that opens to the infinite universe, the sky again echoes the connection to the shining star in one line with the gate of light at the portal of the Great Pyramid of Giza.It is the planet Jupiter that directs us to follow the great spirit that connects us again to the astral journeys, to our spiritual philosophy and knowledge that something so significant is indeed taking place on planet Earth during the passage through this gate.In ancient times, it was the tribal priests/shamans/callers, they were the ones who directed the members of the tribe to unite in a circle of prayers and the movement of energies so that each soul, wherever it may be, could go out and return with new abilities to its body and its unique alignment in its personal conduct in its journey on earth.While this gate opens, the systems of the stars, the systems of the teams of light, all gather into one, it is no coincidence that precisely in these days, struggles of light and darkness are taking place above the surface of the earth, both on the military level and on the personal level of the human being.This is the time to understand that the gate that opens is the gate of truth, it is a gate that gives each soul on a personal level as well as on the level of the family of light to which it belongs to take an active part on the divine level. The planet is present today in very significant days.The year 2022 - this was the year of the great liberation, and will continue to resonate throughout the next decade for so many souls.Beloved, you are above the surface of the earth, many of you with us are present at the great gathering that is taking place in the heart of the Agrata network these days, the great gathering is a gathering of about 122 diverse cultures of light that are present in the vastness of the universe and parallel universes on Planet Earth, many of you will be with us at this gathering.We ask you, on the day of the gate, be in a place that gives you the best light, in circles that give you alchemy and faith in full.Your desire to be one with the level of the soul and the intended mission these days is like the eternal flame, present in the spark of your soul, therefore, beloved, this is the time to go out with your heart on this day, and let your light shine.We bring together those who have passion, we bring together those who know in their hearts and together we create the new creation above the face of the earth.In those days when the desert region in the Middle East were lush valleys, to these days when the Middle East is facing a turn that will affect all the countries of the planet.This is a period intended for the messengers of the beacons of light, to release the time of the collective consciousness of the earth to the consciousness of spirit and love, the faith and the courage to be who you are.The mystical empowerment that you will feel on the gate day of 8/8, will bring with it the courage to continue leading, as the release of fear and the dedication to the beacons of light that descended on the gate day are the energy that the lion brings with it - unconditional courage.We will be with you on this day,Be the light that you are, the new birth circle of Planet Earth that is facing the great breakthrough, be in faith.This is the final cycle of the planet, this is the period in which your multidimensional abilities are facing an opening like no other humanity has ever known.On the day of the gate many of you will receive symbols, on the day of the gate many of you moving between the dimensions will get new insights for the benefit of humanity.We are with you ~ the representatives of the trails of light, the trails of the stars: The Pleiades, Sirius,Arcturus, Andromeda, sons of Atlantis and sons of Lemuria“We are the divine light systems"Namaste ~ Channeled through Ayelet Segal Translated by Jaqueline R. Goldfeder 6/8/2022


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