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Message from Adama for the 9/22/23- September equinox


September equinox

Blessed you are ,I am Adama,

Who has been present with you for two decades in an up-to-date city talk, straight from the crystalline city of Telos.

In the year of light that opens before you, Jewish people, I invite you to see what is beyond the hidden.

The current century is a century in which the resonance of light on the planet is facing a fundamental change, the departure from one age to another, from the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Pisces gives mankind the ability to return home again.

Since the cycle of the planet and the movement of the earthly solar system moves in cosmic space, there is an entry and deepening of proximity to the cluster of light stars that hold the one divine resonance of light.

Indeed, even in the regions of the universe there are different fluctuations of dimensions, and it is the change that affects the stars present in that region of the field of consciousness.

With the entry of our solar system, and Planet Earth, the ability to once again return to the consciousness of unity with the source expands.

Therefore, beloved, from Telos we navigate with you together. Therefore, beloved, we are present with you in the journey where you feel us and we with you.

With the entry of the members of the Jewish people, into this new cycle, it is an ancient karma that arises among them, the leadership of the people faces a turning point to return to a pure and stable leadership, the Jewish people must be patient and resist the attempt to tear and deposit them from each other. With unity and the understanding that this is what is present in front of them is their inner resonance, then they will be able to move beyond words and disagreement and go together to their task of connecting the world of the higher spirit with the world of formal matter.

With the opening of the center of light in the heart of Jerusalem, it carries the ability to open the gates of light from the heart of the people's prayers, carrying the keys to the wisdom of the light of the cosmos, the headstone present in the heart of Jerusalem will once again be completely activated, it is the one that resonates the divine light and has the ability to flow the consciousness of unity to those centers of the planet which resonate in the center points of the light axes flowing through it.

From the Order of Metatron and the Order of Melchizedek together with the White Brotherhood, we from the heart of Telos with the Council of the 9th and the Council of the 12th are present with those who consider themselves part of the 144,000 Messengers of Light who give themselves out of the purity of their hearts for the sake of full support for the ascension of humanity.

Being in a lively conversation with you, beloved ones, together with Master Saint Germain and the purple flame that is awakening a unique alchemy these days in the vital cells of light on the planet, we see that by the year 2025

A fundamental change is taking place both among the Jewish people in Israel. These changes do affect the leadership of the peoples of the world.

Be attentive, beloved, to the voice of this call from the heart of the land of Lemuria, which is the continent of the Garden of Eden, which existed in harmony and carried the lights of divinity in the days of full expression in a formal body.

See this, beloved, because Lemuria is the one present in all the messengers of light who consider themselves on mission above the surface of this earth, who consider themselves to understand the high cosmic language.

Those who see themselves as bringing to practical expression the power of thinking in word and deed.

I bring my words through my daughter “Oelet”, which chose in this life to bring my messages, which express my mission in the crystal city of Telos.

This portal today contains the home of the various civilizations of light, since it resonates with purity the resonance of the fifth dimension, we guard the mountain field that will continue to resonate the high resonance of light and will magnetize to it those who accept the call and are ready to see with full arousal the full vocation for this time.

The levels of humanity are changing, you are already witnessing this, we continue to support the great transformative changes taking place in the political, military and economic systems. as well as education as support for the Crystal children.

More and more, from the truth that rises above the surface of the earth will bring the truths of light that will illuminate all the hidden places.

Beloved, more and more peace agreements will be signed in your area.

The day will come and the consciousness will be of one whole Middle East, and the stories of the wars will be heard by the younger generations as incomprehensible, because you will be brothers among you.

See the vision of unity in the Middle East region, see the collaborations, see the masters that the peoples of the area work in cooperation without the differences of religion, the different races, or any gender.

Do you have the ability to see this vision?

You are the beacons of light, with you we work together.

You are blessed

I am Adama


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