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Message for Equinox Day~22/9/22


Welcome here is Adama, the high priest of Telos, talking to you children of light. These days, the days of 2022, are the times for which you have waited for tens of thousands of years, the bodies of light joined the physical bodies, the bodies of light that you carry, experienced energetic purification at different stages in your personal journey, on different levels. These days, you are again facing the rising challenges, these are the last cleaning lessons, the healing with which you refine your body again, with which you once again check the old patterns, most of which do not serve your being today. Most of you perform the release of ancient karmas with those around you, most of you prepare your home, your body to receive the frequency of the fifth dimension, indeed the frequency exists in some places on the planet, and there are communities that experience and live the frequency in the fifth dimension above the surface, but in those places where the energy compression is still extremely high . The children of light have to deal with the inclusion of compression and therefore the gaps which sometimes prevent the ability to maintain the high frequency to which you connect if with your being. Therefore, beloved ones, we recommend you to visit our temples in the city of light Telos, and in many other cities of light on the planet. Also, beloved ones, we recommend you to join your communities and together discuss ways of coping day to day in your world. Therefore, loved ones, look deeply from your being all day long and live from awareness and the wisdom of the heart, the wisdom of the heart through which we all lived in Lemuria, the wisdom of the heart that holds the cosmic knowledge and the knowledge of the North in the womb of Mother Earth. Indeed knowledge that exists in creation is the knowledge of love, the compassion that gives gratitude and knowledge most of which is not applied in your human society, and therefore you the beloved children of light are asked to be a beacon for those human beings who are around you, yes loved ones, your very being in a certain place illuminates, their very being that speaks the language of light is empowering and increases those human beings around you, this is the work of light. These days the planet is in many stages of awakening of mankind, on the other hand we are witnessing the darkness that is trying in the last stages to hold on to the power of control, these are the days when action must be taken, the frequency of creation must be taken to spread the frequency of love to all the hearts of the sleeping human beings, to all the human beings on the planet, if you are witnessing the scene dark, illuminate it with the work of light, if you witness a human figure that overshadows those around it, send your love to dispel the darkness. Indeed, light is the instrument of creation, the instrument of divinity. The planet Earth experienced a huge change with the opening of the decade that opens a new era, a change that surprised many of our friends who watch what is happening in countless distant universes, universes that send us reinforcements to illuminate the planet, the importance at the level of the cosmos is enormous, and we in the cities of light connect with each other, some of us decide to rise above the surface in order to help humanity, to ascend as human beings of light, to make the change while integrating with different groups of light on the planet, yes, when you leave the city of light above the surface, you cannot return loved ones, the exit is one-sided, on the other hand, we refine the screen between the human beings and My children, the beings in the fifth dimension, and we show our presence to those children of light who arrive in the cities of light and visit energetic gates on the planet. More and more human beings are seeing visions that are unknown to the normal human eye, visions that appear through the screen to awaken the awareness of existing in the fifth dimension, and we are happy for your ability to develop your supersensory vision, which is awakening these days, more and more human beings will continue and their senses will sharpen. Today beloved ones , is a day when the children of light enter their divine essence, in the stage of free choice. The Day of the Gate of Battle, the Fall Equinox 22.9.22, the Gate to Infinity is a landmark day for you who celebrate above the surface of the planet and for us in the depths of the planet, we connect the worlds and embrace together the gates of the laws of the fifth dimension. During these days, the children of light connect their spiritual being to the source of their divinity, the source of all that exists. Indeed beloved, a day when a tremendous burst of illumination penetrates the earth from the source of God, from the center of creation, the source of light, love, life. A day when armies of light envelop the Planet. A day when decisions were made at the highest levels. A day when the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning - And we invite you to open your hearts, open your intelligence, look at each other and send the song of your soul, express your divinity. And we are with you, you are loved, be blessed, be peace on earth. #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by: Jaqueline R. Goldfeder



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