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Megiddo - a new cycle of peace is taking place on earth


Beloved community of light,

 From the Meggido Rack we talk to you with love, we share our morning, together with the messengers of light from the community of Telos Lemuria we have united for enlightenment.

  Thank you to all the messengers of light to the Diamond Heart Legion for enlightening you

 Together in a circle of 88 brothers and sisters, we nurtured and healed .

Thank you for this morning to our Telos Israel leaders for your Help and Support .





-Thank you for the lovely pictures

 Shabbat Shalom and love


From the wonderful morning

 "Today we are sitting at the top of the hill which contains 26 different historical periods

 A longitudinal central portal of light, from the north of the continent of Asia, a path that passes through the valley of Syria, Lebanon to Israel and continues to Africa straight to the Great Pyramid of Giza

 Historically, it is a place where many kings like Solomon, David and the kings of Rome lived, as a global trade route.

 In the mystical aspect, in all religious books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this point is mentioned, as a point of struggle of the light in the darkness.

 Megiddo is connected as a central point, one of 12, to the Giza pyramid.

 In the book of Yohanan, the last book in the New Testament, the day of Armageddon war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is indicated, in which the planet will be tilted to its new direction

 In which those with anointing in their hearts will see on the surface - the awakening of the 12 tribes again.

 In the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, it is mentioned in the scroll "The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness"

  the victory of the sons of light if their unity is the forces of the sons of angels and the brotherhood of light.

 Those with purity of heart and observance of the laws of the Torah will prevail over their enemies.

 We are here today, messengers of light from the Light Legion of the Diamond Heart.

 We witness the war of the sons of light in the darkness and we take an active part in the victory of the light in all combat systems.

 Here under the deep mound, twenty million years ago the crystal seeds of the Brotherhood of Light were planted, at that time we received the call from the representatives of the Great Cosmic Council to return to this point for activation, and to deepen the connection of the Cosmic Council to this portal in order to denounce darkness and enlighten Israel and the entire planet Earth through it.

 Today we will release the ancient karma of the people of Israel.

 We will connect the fields of light and darkness and become one.

 We will activate ourselves for high frequency activation

 And we will receive as Zion keepers the high light codings for communication with the high light civilizations .

 Together with Metatron, Melchizedek, Michael, the White Brotherhood of Light, the representatives of Shambhala, the High Priest Adama, Master Thoth, the Masters of Sisterhood , Mary the Merciful, the 144,000 Messengers of Light, the Deity Jehovah.

 The faith of Israel being born again is the one that gives us the recollection that we are children of the stars who arrived on the planet and we cross the areas of physical destruction and bring the light to full encryption and fulfillment in both the physical and spiritual aspects.

 We are the only ones of virtue who have the ability to vision and accept the truths that the new worlds of creation are present on the planet and raise the frequency above the surface of the physical dimension of space and time.

 From clearing the darkness in the Philistine Gaza area to the mountains of Lebanon and Syria.

 The Jerusalem of above gives us messengers of light the new law of wisdom and the new government, in view of the prophetic vision for a new leadership in Israel.

 I will breathe the light of the Lord of hosts. - We will connect to the intelligence of life to the many universes of life.

 And we will speed up the development of the soul and unite the 12 tribes of true spiritual Israel above Israel.

 With the growing purification of Israel's light army forces.

From now and forever to the generations that are prest

 It will be first to Go-d

 It will to be the last to Go-d

 And the ships of light will land and return openly to this earth

 And the light-bearers of mankind will unite and bring spiritual freedom and independence to create communities of light without distinctions of gender and religion.

And a new cycle of peace takes place above the surface of the earth forever.



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