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Meeting with the Pleiadians

Mt Shasta Lenticular clouds


Mt. Shasta, four o’clock in the morning. I wake up and connect

to the guardians of the mountain, the little people who

welcome me and tell me that tomorrow we will meet. They

fill me with love and confidence, and I sit up and connect to

the mountain. I see above it a gigantic space ship, enormous

in size. I receive a blessing of peace, and it is explained to

me that this space ship belongs to the Pleiadians, and that

during the past two months they have been working with

great energy in the mountain. This is why a gigantic cloud

has been hovering over Mt. Shasta recently, causing haze

and obstructing vision. I am invited to enter the spaceship

and rise up in my etheric body. The commander of the ship

welcomes me and suggests that I undergo an expansion of

the brain and an opening of the DNA codes in my body, at

a deep level. I thank him. I am led to a chair made of crystal

combined with another material whose nature is unclear to

me, and am seated. A dark violet ray penetrates my brain

expanding it, and I feel my physical body stretching and

have great difficulty breathing. The light continues to flow

and combine with a golden color that fills all the particles of

my body.

Adama arrives to make me feel secure; he explains the

essence of the Pleiadians’ role in these times, and tells me

that there is cooperation between them. The charging

continues and I feel protected. I see the commander. At the

center of his chest lies a red crystal, emitting tremendous

energy. I see how the crystal in my heart is also colored red,

and receive the explanation that we can now communicate

telepathically and work together. I return to myself and

rise from the chair. They lower Adama and me through a

beam of light deep, into the mountain. When we come to a

stop, I see before us the Pleiadians’ bases; gigantic domeshaped

structures, where they live in groups. I take leave of

Adama and return to a state of full wakefulness. Tomorrow

morning I will go to the mountain.

Conversation with the commander of the Pleiadian spaceship

Tell me who you are and what your role

is in Mt. Shasta at this time.

First, we want to thank you for the connection with us, a

connection that will bring about cooperation in raising the

frequency of the planet. We Pleiadians are familiar to you

human beings. We arrived from the Pleiades cluster of stars

when the first groups of souls arrived on the earth, and we

sowed our seeds so that we would be able to maintain life

on this planet. Over time, there were changes in the plan

of creation, but we won’t go over that story. Today, we

are present in a number of energetic portals, including Mt.

Shasta. We are also present in the Middle East and above

Tibet. Our goal is to continue the work with Mother Earth.

The flora and fauna on this planet are at an end stage of

life, and we are examining which of the species we planted

here have withstood the third dimension and which have

not. We are learning the story of the planet, absorbing

from trees thousands of years old, the frequencies that

existed here, and learning from animals about evolutionary

changes. We are gathering the memories of flora and fauna

from different eras the planet has experienced and studying

how, with the shift of the planet into the fifth dimension, we

can reroot species that existed in the past and are worth

restoring. We are also taking part in climate changes on the

planet; there will be another adjustment of half a degree

in the angle of the planet. These planetary changes will

alter the regional climates—desert areas will become more

fertile, the tropics will become sub-tropics, and so forth.

The polar areas will also change. We are helping Mother

Gaia, Mother Earth, to get through the final steps of parting

from the old, and building the new. In this process, there will

also be energetic purges manifested on the planet; some

human beings will take leave of the planet.

This is indeed the way things are. Telos is reaching for a

frequency higher than the fifth dimension, up to and beyond

the eighth dimension. Some of the people from the city will

connect with human beings who have succeeded in making

the transition to the fifth dimension. These changes will

take place in the coming fifty years, according to the timing

of the planet. We are working today with many sons of light

on the planet, and we are happy to see the change taking

place in the human species. Many will pass to the level of

consciousness of the fifth dimension, but we also see that

many others will not. Unlike you, we live in groups; our

consciousness is of the group; hence, there is a difference

in our way of life. We are again establishing colonies on the

planet, but we know this is temporary.

The consciousness of human beings has risen extensively

of late; we are examining to what degree you act from your

sacred heart in all ways, not just cognitively, as you did in

the days of Atlantis. Without the heart energy, the planet

cannot ascend; only when your hearts connect to one

another will there be union and work through sharing, and

only then will you be able to ascend as a race. Therefore,

many of you are receiving messages; those who are unable

to release the karma of control, of ego and of other negative

human characteristics will leave the game. We are happy

that a channel of communication has opened up between

us; we are at the beginning of a shared journey.

Peace to you, old-new friend, Dominion, commander of

the mother ship Shasta.

(from : Telos - From Theory To Practice,ayelet segal,telos lemuria)



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