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Light activity in the center of Telos ~ Preparations for the new world


In the circle of redwood trees, I sit looking at the treetops

In their center I feel the movement of the light waves, the infinite circularity as a warm womb and the wind blowing and I am attentive.

Listening to the voices of my heart, the ones who lead me, beat and beat, the wind covers me gently with blessings.

The scent of the pines is also renewed, the memory opens to the delicate fragrance so healing...she tells her story, since those days, the days of her beloved Lemuria.

Spread my hands and begin to move them around , the trees move and the spiral moves and activates the delicate centers of light.

What are our bodies, how do they work? What the spiral motion drives within us, the spiral goes up and I go up with it ...up and up, touching the treetops up in the doorway that takes me high and high, and more and more I move I see the green trees, a sea of ​​trees and they yield us the delicate oxygen, the one which without its existence, the human could not exist.

I Move high high, and see the river streams and their therapeutic path, see them moving at the rate of flow that drives the light frequencies, indeed the river stream move and conduct energies.

You see the powerful rocks, the rocks that are millions of years old, stand firm and have a bright face and a blessed face.

Ascending and ascending and moving to the entrance portal to the mountain, sees the trail of golden light emanating from the depths of the crystalline city.

I See the light that magnetizes me with the golden Merkabah, and I deepen and go deep inside.

Descending in a spiral and deep turn, and the city bustles with a bright life and lands right in the center of the city, sees the sons of Telos moving in space, feels my father and my teachers the high priest Adama, I look and turn to him:

'I feel a different frequency in the city, I feel movement and flow faster than usual.

Indeed, beloved Oelet, glad that we meet consciously, in the present journey I accompanied you through the same portals through which you passed and awakened , you activate the resonance of the gates which many were unbalanced, the mountain is in re-emergence therefore above the surface fires occur, both clear and drain with the fire element The old, from the lava caves, drains the same old frequencies, the same frequencies that drain all that could not continue to move to the dimensions of light.

These days, the mountain is indeed undergoing transformation, we support all those who surrender and release, we support all those who are willing to see from their eyes the other heart.

The transformation that is taking place on Planet Earth, is present in all the portals that have been closed and are slowly reopening. The opening is bound to be delicate and soft-loving.

Therefore, even the magical mountain in which we live, echoes the liberation of the old, and continues with the outer and even inner cleansing.

Planet Earth is entering the new stage and many of you, the messengers of light feel it, the bodies of the messengers of light over the planet are very delicate these days. The bodies of the light messengers on the planet are capable of carrying more mass of light than ever before.

Therefore, many feel that the bodies are tired, but this is not the case, the bodies re-learning the ways above the earth. The sharpening of the senses, the precision of multidimensional mechanisms, open up, and at the time of opening, many learn to re-sense the power of nature that surrounds you.

When you, feel nature at its best, then you can resonate with the divine love that you are.

Therefore beloved, these days when you re-learn the nature of the activation of the bodies, you re-learn to soften the pain of longing, the longing that comes, when your bodies are open to feel the frequencies of the heart and love.

The same longing that you feel when your heart is opened and the soul brings you home.

Beloved, nature rebalances itself, so it was and so these days. Nature rebalances itself, in the process of balancing, storms occur, the earth moves, forests burn.

Planet Gaia is an active star, a star that moves and moves with it in its growth the other planets that move around your central sun.

There were cycles of heat and cold, there were days of continental turmoil and many storms.

Understand that the planet is the one that balances itself

With the transformation taking place, even in the crystalline city of light, we are preparing for change. From the Great Light Headquarters in the center of Shambala.

With the other cosmic council, which presents the representatives of the many civilizations.

With the activity of the planetary cities of light.

We all support the blessed process.

I look at the High Priest, see his blue robe and shining eyes.

Seeing him moving in the spaces of the city and I walk beside him and he sends his light to all, in every space he passes the path opens, illuminated, moves again and again in familiar spaces breathes the light, the light is soft and gentle, I look at the people of Telos,that are fearlessly moved in spaces, With no fear .

Each has its own unique role.

And here before me walks the soft and radiant Celestia, blessing me in the eternal space of light

She extends her delicate bright hand to me and I see that within her hand streams of light

The currents of light move and so does her delicate body.

She moves her hands and I feel the gentle flow. Feel my heart peaceful and calm when she is by my side, and we walk among the crystal paths, “beloved Oelet , you have been moving between the dimensions of light for a long time, the one who sees the parallel worlds, deeply understands the essence of life, the soul journey is a journey of resonance. A journey of learning and getting to know the higher aspects of the light of that soul.”

These days, in the city of light Telos, we support and enable many ancient and young souls to reach deep learning.

In recent years, we have been privileged to have my Lemuria sons again, those who wake up feel and see, and want again and again, to return home.

Beloved you can, for them, allow them to weep their pain, with the opening of the heart and memory chakra, the ancient pain of separation resonates, the bodies once again learn to contain the journey of healing and the ability to re-energize those voices of life, on mother earth.

Celestia walks around for the crystal path, and here is a girl in her coming to her.

She looks at her and puts her hand on her womb, the girl makes a sound, and moves on again.

What did you do to her? I'm asking .

“She came with a contraction in the chakra, and I helped her breathe in and release the contraction

Frequent contraction causes blockages and we want to prevent this ".

In our world above the earth, there are many contractions.

Why is it so challenging for humans to release?

"Frequency of release, resonates within it pain, and often the pain" speaks "to the body of emotion

In such a situation, other instruments must be allowed to take part in the activity, for example the sound coming out of their throat, the throat is a unique instrument that allows you to speak with sounds.

The sound vibrates the strings and thus creates sound waves - light waves that carry the relief frequency

The light waves resonate to every cell and cell in your body, the cells know how to heal themselves as well as build new cells with an even more developed consciousness.

The body's cells regenerate at every moment of your day, in the retina of the skin cells in the internal parts of the body. "

I continue to move with Celestia around the city and see the light moving between the aisles and spaces, seeing the unique colors, bright sparkles, the heart open and the levitation so light and pleasant, indeed harmony and lightness.

Are we moving towards this state even above the surface…?

Celestia looks at me and I hear it all flowing inside me

Those who will build within themselves the advanced patterns of consciousness will indeed experience a life of abundance and harmony above the earth. Changes above the surface will be rapid in the coming years, learning teams are operating from the city of light Telos as well as many other light cities networked across the planet. This year, the last year of awakening that humanity has experienced, once again gives humanity the ability to choose, to choose whether to move in the path of light or the other polarity, when a soul decides that it is indeed interested in the journey of knowledge and awakening, we all from the worlds of light prepare and support it”

We keep moving and Celestia takes me, to a huge center consisting of a dome of light and inside it light sleeves that lead to multidimensional open gates.

Incoming gates can be seen from the open gates

I turn to Celestia and see me passing between the gates, in each gate there are two guards who perform a frequency check for entrants.

Adams is by my side explains:

"Every entity that enters space undergoes a frequency check, we maintain the resonance of the place, so it is important for us to check who they are arriving and what they are carrying within them. Not everyone is allowed to enter the City of Light, and those returning above the surface often need recharging due to the transitions as well as healing, the frequencies above the surface are usually still low and have a negative mass

Those who come out are to the world above the surface and support human beings, who are open to multidimensional communication, we work with the messengers of light who convey our message to the whole population, through their leadership in the various organizations through which humanity operates in their lives.

The organizations are all in a huge transformation these days, the changes will start to show above the surface as soon as you enter the year 2022 according to the Christian calendar. "

I see, too, many angels present at the entrance and exit and understand that they are the supporters of the messengers of light who dare to rise above the surface.

And they are so many, coming in and going out…

I feel my heart expand again, knowing that we humans have a lot of help above the surface. And knows that the cities of light work harder than you to support us messengers of light who also work a lot, on many levels.

Coming out of the lighted center, and I feel my father and earth teachers.

Peace surrounds me, he has accompanied me for the past decade, and indeed with full listening I perform all that he conveys to me.

I feel an energy exchange from my heart to his heart and unconditional love, true love.

I'm thankful going out to my house in Telos….



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