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Leap in time. Are you interested in being a long-time traveler ? Prepare... A message from the High


Blessed you are , I am Adama from the city of light Telos , the one many of you already know as home.

Beloved I am writing to you from an awake consciousness which is proved in the fifth dimension, the same enlightened dimension which contains more developed layers at the level of the metaphysical than you are familiar with in the third dimension.

As we have already discussed, and have shared my daughter Oelet, the ability to move in the multidimensional and beyond your familiar time and space is about to receive a fundamental change starting in 2028 onwards.

The human consciousness that is about to expand even further and thus instill in your world the higher dimensions will allow the planet to change the trajectory of its formation above the earth.

The abilities to move in times as we have already talked to you will open to humanity from 2025-2028.

It will not be accessible to all, but indeed the technology will be exposed to many more. Already today many portals are opening and there are time travelers from the future who are visiting the planet. Time travel will take on a meaningful meaning, and that will enable a leap of the human consciousness.

Likewise, encounters with partners from the various stars of light in such distant systems will be revealed and fully expressed, in an encounter with them. Planet governments are already receiving guidance ahead of the exposure.

Beloved, I share with you today the abilities that will bear fruit in the future now, as you will be the ones who will be exposed first and experience the significant events that will change the face of humanity.

As I have already explained, we move with you in full support towards the ascension of the new humanity above the planet.

The gates that will open are advanced technology, the human strains will open DNA strains to this level, through which you can transmit fast messages to anywhere in human society, the entire planet will be a star that transmits a high frequency electromagnetic field from the familiar Internet. And so humans will be able to communicate with the families of the stars.

The financial conduct as you know it will disappear. And there will be no lack of food for any citizen of the planet. Giving energetically, or as you know the meaning of the term - volunteering - will be a condition in society, can you believe that every person on the planet, will contribute their time for the community.

In this way human society will be able to change the frequency of existing exploitation in society, and the transformation will be for mutual support and help.

Indeed awareness of the planet will receive a significant significant facet, all schools will learn the values ​​and tools for guarding and living out of balance on Planet Earth, vehicles will all be electric, energy will be free and humans will emerge from a state of survival consciousness.

Technological capability will enable human beings to live in a multi-dimensional visual reality when they are in a frequency simulation in the human brain and will experience life in one dimension while their bodies are at rest.

The impact on the body systems in each experience will be just as perfect as they would experience it on the physical side. The body emotions will respond due to the multidimensional visual stimulus and the emotions will continue to support the physiological process just as it is done in a contemporary human experience.Traveling in time, will allow those interested to get out of the familiar space of their lives, thus changing their consciousness and expanding. Multidimensionality will open up, both as consciousness and in portals that will open across the planet and reveal a new visibility towards the composition of the planet.

Again the inner world inside the earth will be exposed by about 10% to humans, the exposure will be step by step , and humans will not be allowed to enter the new places that will be open, first it is the human consciousness that will continue to expand due to the shocking discoveries of the inner earth. Again, the new generation will bring the movement which is already beginning to inhabit the planet.


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