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Just before The first light ~ the New World


Blessed are you, children of God.

I am Adama that blesses you, on your journey home.

These days we are taking part in the acceleration of the enlightenment of consciousness above the earth, from the depths of the planet many cities of light are united in full support, in those who are awakening, indeed human evolution is present in its renewed choice.

Many of you feel it, many of you make the changes, those who choose to take full responsibility for their lives, step out of the inner control point and release every trace, are the ones who have the ability to burst forth with their consciousness and be different with the sense of divinity present in the fifth dimension.

Beloved, it is important for me to congratulate in particular the group that went out and crossed the sea .

29 the messengers of light who broke through the consciousness of control and fear, and took part in the great divine plan.

Ask them, what they have experienced… Most of them went through changes both in the level of resonance in the light body and in the physical - emotional - mental body.

They are different today, we were with them when they were at the meeting of the halls of the lords of karma in place of their residence in Grand Teton.

We were with them when they visited the alien base at the unique Lake in Salt Lake City, when they forced their bodies into the 222,000 light messengers.

We were with them as they walked gently in the Shasta light portal, when fires broke out, they listened to the mountain and reached the soft spots where they were one heart with Shasta.

As I have shared in the last decade, with my daughter Ayelet, the planet is undergoing a fundamental change in all levels known to humans.

Understand that the process of transitioning to the consciousness of the dimensions of light, requires introspection and full listening.

Those who fully surrender win, those who hold on to human permanence, stand in their place and even present in regression they will choose to leave the planet again, and will not continue to the consciousness of the high dimensions of light at this stage.

I would love to share and tell you about that beloved mother continent, which many of you feel a great longing for.

I would love to share about life on this continent, about the way the sons of Lemuria echoed their light.

A moment before the invasion of darkness, and the fall of consciousness.

Life on the continent of Lemuria was fascinating, fascinating in their ability to create, fascinating in the rich ability they gave home to so many souls, the souls who were embodied in Lemuria had bodies of light as the Pleiadians, the priests of the continent were trained to connect maidens and bear To the laws of the planet.

And there were in human bodies carrying the mass of the planet, they were the ones who knew the components of this earth, they were the ones who knew the way to fulfill the abundance on the earth, according to the elements of water - fire - air - and earth.

The people of the planet Mo, were invited to take part in the process of the creation of the planet, they did it in a balanced and considerate way, they learned the laws of the planet.

Laws that did not exist in any star in the entire universe .

The villages built contained the families of the continent, with each family lineage having a unique role in the arrangement of the Lemurian community.

The roles were given even before the soul reached the land of Lemuria, the priests of the temples waited for this or that soul and knew what its role was.

Each soul had a reference in the halls, each family had its own unique way of motivating the fulfillment it had to fulfill, the variety was indeed wide, and for the most part the cluster of families / souls would help each other.

The unconditional frequency of giving was what prevailed in the space, the unconditional frequency of giving was what gave the mother continent the opportunity to exist in great prosperity.

Abundance was present in all, and the king and queen were in harmony with all the inhabitants of the continent.

Alongside the king and queen were the priests of the temples who carried the ancient knowledge bearing the wisdom of the worlds of light which came according to the coding from the mother continent of Mo.

They contained the tools of healing, fulfillment and creation, they contained the tools of passion and mating, they contained the means of communication that included the multidimensional legitimacy to worlds which are beyond the familiar solar system.

Alongside the priests of the temples, there were representatives of the council, they were the ones who assimilated the way to the conduct of the infinite route of time, to support the Lemurian community of light.

Council representatives were most often those who carried a high mass of light at the master level.

The supreme masters, were the ones who volunteered to come and lead the world of life on this planet.

They were chosen for this activity, some came from the planet Mo, and some from the center of the Shambala, which anchored the existing cultures above and below ground.

The princess - who were her parents? Where did he come from?

She was sent, sent from the house star Mo, her parents stayed there on the planet, indeed she was brave with her choice.

The princess who carries the pure knowledge of light, she has chosen to descend to the planet, with her delicate body, and her infinite consciousness.

The princess is the one who brought her heart to Lemuria and from her heart gave life.

She is the one who nursed soft babies who lost their parents, she is the one who healed the wounded, she is the one who carried prayers for the protection of her beloved people, and learned the laws of the Blue Star, even though they were so foreign to her.

She came from the courage of her heart and the choice of her soul, to the infinite time of eternity she knew that she will experience periods of cruel darkness.

She could not describe the intensity of the darkness, and when she encountered it, she experienced so much pain that caused her illness.

The pain of some of the sons who on the night of the depths parted from their family. She experienced a pain of separation that she did not know until this moment.

Out of this pain, she lost herself, so the elders of Lemuria took her to a cave of light far from the continent, deep in the depths of the earth they healed her broken heart, and sowed again the seed of the heart of life.

Thousands of years have passed, humanity has undergone over so much change. When she woke up she didn’t know the lower frequency, so low, she did not understand where did the other frequencies go.

And her heart was isolated between the elders and the teachers who survived, in the Telosian city, she took care of herself and continued to heal what she felt in her heart.

With the unicorns, with the flowers of light, with the delicate children of Telos who carry their infinite love, and a nation of harmony and wonder, gave her the ability to flourish again, her body is healthy again, her hands were opened, containing gold nets and diamonds of creation, her eyes returned to receive this beautiful purple bright color, and her body is illuminated again, leaving a trail of delicate lotus flowers.

Then the elders of Lemuria knew that a new era was opening up on Planet Earth.

Then the elders of Lemuria knew that the illuminated princess brings with her the light of eternity and the light of life

To the Seventh Golden Age.

Today you are warriors and messengers of light echoing the resonance of that continent, so we invite you together, feel where your heart leads you, feel where it is your home

I invite you to study light at the Lemuria Nakal Hall since is the center known to your soul.

I'm waiting for you, beloved family.

Blessed you are , I am Adama. #ADAMAYELETELOS


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