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It is the journey of transcendence that gives the courage to be the truth that it is ..."


The days were summer days, the mountain was open to the public ..and they came, from all over the country some hikers had families and some were independent hikers who were on a personal journey, there were also groups carrying the spiritual aspect and there were also motorcyclists.

The mountain attracted many, the mountain opened its gates to all the visitors.

In the crystalline city, during these months, there was much activity, the people of the town would rise above the surface and accompany those souls who were awake and with the desire to awaken to the higher worlds. The people of Telos would accompany those who ascended the mountain, where they would whisper and rarely even appear before the same human beings who came.

The resonance of the immigrants to the mountain was carried in advance to the people of Telos, even before they arrived, the people of Telos knew who were those who were coming to the edges of the mountain.

When groups of a spiritual nature carrying the high resonance of light would arrive, many preparations would be made.

Each of the candidates was accompanied by a unique guide, who would accompany the candidate to ascend, and slowly step by step, there would be the supporters.

To those who would come to the mountain for a short time, and photograph themselves flawlessly, there were mostly heart-expanding operations, and the release of angers and pressures that accompanied the same human being during Peru’s journey.

That summer, the warrior met with the daughter of the figure of the one above the earth she is his twin soul, she is the one who returned to the mountain again and again, and this time came on a journey where she is destined to undergo initiation towards the next stage she enters.

The warrior knew that she, had been waiting for this journey for a long time, he knew the challenges that were facing her and here she comes, she must close the lessons that accompanied her for a long time and prepare herself for the new. He knew that it was his time to be revealed in the appeal, and thus to strengthen so that she could be present one hundred percent in her mission.

He knew where she was walking in the mountain forests, and where she was walking he followed and guarded her.

That day, she went out with the group to the depths of the forest, he looked at the group and saw that they move to the gate that connects the worlds, the gate that is open to the passage, he also knew that she is the one who will see the gate and get closer.

He goes out towards the gate and here he is looking and sees her standing right at the edge of the gate and looking inside,

Is it possible that she recognizes the entrance to the gate?

He looks at her and she knows that there is an opening to the city here.

And what if she does convene? The warrior thought to himself as she approached step by step toward the gate.

The warrior knew that it was not possible to get too close to the gate and here she was getting closer and closer, he saw her and watched the turn….

The gates of light open.

And he is standing right in front of her watching her and she still can't see him.

Still a whole layer is the one that separates them from each other. Her present.

As she stands in front of the gate he hears her voice, is this the open gate can I enter Telos, along with this thought comes the knowledge in her mind that at this time she is with her earthly children with many commitments which she has taken for this life journey,

"It's not the time yet," he hears her

Stands right in front of her and gives her his love and support, and whispers to her "Indeed beloved, we meet in the high dimensions of light, bring the information and light to your physical life and I am with you, I am not the one who leaves you on the spiritual side"

The tears of the diamond, moving on her cheeks flushed from the stagnant sun, she knows and feels him his figure from Telos, she knows and her heart longs for the encounter but it is premature for the unity of the bodies, and therefore, no she can not enter.

Aho” she hears the instructor calling the group.

She watches, one last time wiping away her tears and moving back to the gathering group…

Indeed, the gates of Telos are open to those whose minds are open enough to see and be.


The journey deepens and every day the candidates ascend the mountain, deepen and walk together with the sound of silence on the path to the depths of the mountain, the ability to know the mountain ways are given to those who are one with the mountain beats, the guide walks, with her light legs, and the group after her.

Slowly approaching, to the magical waterfall, it is hidden and cannot be revealed to the whole audience.

The water is heard and the group feels the coolness of the dripping water that surrounds them.

The waterfall is indeed hidden, it stands in front of the waterfall, and detects another light door behind the waterfall.

The friends sit on the rocks watching, and here the mouths of the waterfall are already emerging to converse with the friends.

The sounds of the fairies begin to whisper to her the uniqueness of the waterfall, and her voice opens, to the sound of the light language.

She hatches and they dance, indeed Telos surrounds her, her house, the calm and peaceful place where the bodies are all healed, again she is beyond being in her physical form, the bodies ascend to a delicate frequency, her light bodies open and she sees herself in the waterfalls in Telos, where her light family is ....And love expands the heart.

The Lemurian language awakens again in the waves of love, the language of light awakens again from the waves of light and gives the human heart the human liberation, a liberation that brings freedom from all unnecessary definitions or cables of control.

She breathes and sings and knows that she is stepping into her new path, into the path in the journey of her life that she has chosen, liberating the old, and knowing that she is the Creator of feelings that comes from her heart... where to release and where to fulfill her dreams.

"Beloved songs, the language of light, sing the freedom to which you long for all the shackles of humanity, this age is the age in which you bring and strengthen light, you are the one who walks in the faith of your heart to creation and joy."

Her heart expands and her smile brightens her face, she has chosen she knows, the current journey of transcendence, gives her the courage to be the truth that she is!

Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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