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Initiation of the 44 faces of the divine


I can feel myself before a rebirth. During the past year the high priest Adama has talked to me, he who leads me with his deep and unlimited loving voice, always present, supporting my everyday corporeal challenges.

And the moment has arrived…

The rebirth experience – the start of the next phase.

The experience of letting go of the old, again the old, yes, a part of my presence of which I will let go and from which the new shall grow.

At 2018 and, a lot of the community members felt the vibrational change, the new energies that had started to enter the planet.

Initiations, Rays of light, new guides…everyone experienced it a little different.

I knew that I am facing something different, unfamiliar.

And so I ended 2018. On the last day of the year, I lied down on my bed, with fever, aware that it is totally unlike me, and let go, aware to the rules of devotion, gathering inside and warmth.

With the waves of fever, came the abyss…I felt myself getting deeper and deeper. My heart stopped and a sharp pain tore my heart, my body cells, and I felt as if I lost my will to go on…my will to continue taking part in this current life game.

I lie in my bed and ask why is it happening?

I go further deep inside and feel the pain of humanity. So many are in pain…is this why we came here for?

I watch my myself from the outside…I can see myself at school, I see myself with my children and with my spiritual family at Telos Lemuria.

Is this real? What am I doing? So many questions come up…

Have I exhausted this life cycle? The sun is rising and setting, and then rises and sets again, so many were here before me and will be after me.

Why am I here? Why are we here? Will the controlled planet make it to the light and glory age? Will the freedom surround us?

I ask and ask and the pain keeps filling me, and the universe sends her to me, for guidance and support.

I hear her, feel her, and she walks this earth for only 90 years…and she is from those days at Colombia. I had the privilege to meet her few times. Her name is Aihtara.

She is a light worker who glows as the infinite stars and she knows the past, the present and the future.

I write to her. She is at Costa Rica at these days. And she answers me:

"Dearest Ayelet: I feel deeply in my heart the cry of your Soul, which is longing for a liberation from this heavy/marvelous task that she had impose upon herself.

what a terrible/woundrous moment this is, dear One! in the Mystic Path it has being acknowledge by some Schools as "the dark nigth of the Soul".

some others will call it "the metamorphosis transit" or the "Alchemy of the Fire", that will be in one word for us: "transition into a Higher Conciousness".

how Powerful this Transit is, dear Ayelet. believe me: no body -so far- has being able to cross the "great waters" (as the I Ching would say) without this painful step. once your Soul had being undertaken this task of "redemption/purification" to its most intimate and truthful commitment, there should be nothing but TRUST and FAITH in the long run. that is: to hold your Heart of Hearts (the Real Center of the Spirit) attuned with All that IS. there is NO OTHER ANSWER that will really validate your cry for Liberation. because THIS IS the greatest moment in our PATH, as real seekers. the LIBERATION of that ancien Soul who is longing for release. the Final Entrance of the SPIRIT, which is the Body of Light!

in our communities in TELOS, the ASCENDED MASTERS had being guiding us with high insides of all these processes envolving that "ascension" of the Soul into the higher CONCIOUSSNES.

not everybody is able to discern the meanning of this "secret transit" without an intense "purification" of the 3rd and 4th dimentional bodies.

whomever thinks is "easy" or "predictable" or even "spearable" because there must be a "short-cut" anyhow... is taking the wrong side of this wondrous step-by-step NEW REALITY.

I always loved the ZEN MASTERS's teachings at this purpose:

"at the beggining of the PATH OF LIGHT" rivers are rivers, montains are mountains and trees are trees. In the middle of the Path, mountains are no-mountains, rivers are no rivers and trees are no trees. At the end of the Journey, rivers become rivers, mountains become mountains and trees become trees."

Now, beloved Child, you're crossing that Bridge for the first time in "all your lifetimes"! the UNKNOW may be sometimes quite frightenning, tha's true. but your "response" to that challenge has been nontheless full of COURAGE. the responsibility that you have undertaken is far too much for that OLD SOUL of yours. the guidance of Other people takes not only great risks but at the same time beholds an impredictable outcome. no everything we " feel we know" should be the exact receipe for those that follow our instructions. there is a certain level of comprehension in all those intrincated labyrinths of the Mind that will produce different "designs" in each believer, or follower, or just someone that loves you very much. the members of your family, our friends, or even people thay are just longing for an "answer".

this PATH OF LIGHT that you'd been chosen, my dearest friend, is taken you directly into the Portal of LIBERATION. and it is always up to ourselves, in this last Cycle that we are leaving finally behind, to get or not the COURAGE to "trascend" throughout the density of matter.

the rebel soul will quit the QUEST for sure. but the SURRENDER ONE might just continue, with all the PURPOSE and INTEGRITY without forgetting the SIMPLICITY, that serves as the last "key" for the INTEGRATION of the SPIRIT.

"the LAST but not the LEAST" dear Ayelet. the Sacred Portal is there: in front of you. it's up to you to jump -or not- without a parachute, as I prefered to call this woundrous STEP.

the clean and truthful PATH that you had chosen, has never been taken for granted, dear Ayelet, in the higher realms of CONCIOUSSNES.

the Angels of COMPASSION, the ASCENDED MASTERS and Great Spirits of all CIRCUITS of SUPREME LIGTH, had been guiding and holding you all along your Sacred Journey. why should they withrow from you, if you preserve your FAITH on THEM and ask to them for COURAGE and SUPREME LOVE, which are the greatest "gift" in this crucial moment of this LIFE TIME?

THEY WON'T, believe me!

this time of "DEATH" (as has been called by some believers of that " transit") is nothing else but the "descent" of the GREAT SPIRIT. RELEASE is just a final step, for those like YOU, that had been holding throughout the storms and more...

the NEW CONCIOUSNESS IS... now a REAL REALITY in your life. Hold IT! make IT to BREATH in your Body of LIGHT, that is exactly what you are becoming NOW!

BREATH, dear Ayelet! mantain the Sacred Rythm of BREATH without forgetting anymore that YOU are becoming THAT!

taking your Being of Light always in my Heart of Hearts, I'm sending you a hug. and a ⚘for your ♥️ Aihtara"

I breath your voice my dear friend,

The healing tears run down and I can feel the high priest Adama wrapping me in his robe, holding me and whispers in my ears the sacred code words that he gave me, back then, 9 years ago, when we first met, there on Shasta Mountain…

And my heart expands and I can feel my whole body balancing from the cover waves. I can feel my cells awakening again, rwjouvinating, as bright candles, as light stars in the deepest nights.

I wake up to a new day and I know that I am different, as I made a new choice, I find once again the 44 faces of the divine.

And here they come from all over, the souls of the future, neighbours' babies, friends and family, and I feel the need to hold them, breath their skin. They know the future, they come from there…

I can feel them differently, their vibration, their light, and I can see the planet reawaken to a huge light!

I feel my bodies change and I March towards my 44 birthday, as the triangles merkaba, one inside the other, marching towards the infinity – I know that an initiation is waiting for me today.

I arrive to the home of Telos Lemuria at Israel, at Sdei Avraham we planted the roots of Shasta, Lemuria, Telos.

The rain welcomes me, the ground spreads good smell in the air and I walk through the olive trees that have deep roots, towards the Merkaba and the healing circle, and I can see them, the guards of the spiritual village that we established. And I can see thousands of people, from days to come, I can see the future vision brought to life, and I know in my heart that what I see is true.

I go inside the protective house, the containing house that was built with so much love, with its shining whiteness with sky blue.

And in front of me the portrait of the high priest Adama. The candles are shining. Great light takes me up high. I can feel my breath becomes silent and I am already in my Telos parallel image, in the city that is my home at the high light consciousness.

My family and friends, my loved ones, come to greet me. My heart expands and I can see the human consciousness expanding and awakening like waves. Waves that spread and the light touches every village and city, and the human hearts open up. The vision of the messiah, the opening of heavens gates, as a are one, together. The humans and the light beings, we call them angles, arcangles, masters, god…

Are we aware that those words hold energetic vibrations and that this vibration holds the divine light?

Light that is so gentle, loving. This energy that is Lways in motion, is never still. It contains immense light from the source of creation. And we, humans, give the words the meaning and by that incorporate the divine.

And Adama comes closer and puts his hands on my head, and transfers the new intended vibration for me. My body expands more and more. I can feel great mass of light that flows through me. I can see the shining gold-white light and I commit to lead, to light, to sing the song of the reawakening Lemuria at these days.

I can see many friends, so many, join us, and I can see us all enlightened and lightening, and we are one with the Telos community from all around the planet. They arrive from everywhere to this land at Telos village.

I have gratitude and appreciation in my heart. I can see you, teachers, brothers and sisters to this journey, you who support, believe and see the new, angles in humans body, and we March together…

I understand and see the endless infinity, the union of the consciousness, as we are one.

We create for ourselves the learning experiences through incorporation in this dimension, which is one out of many, and everything is open and clear.

I make a re-choice to return to the life game. To my family, friends, those who are grounded, and those who are more floating.

One heart for all, loving, open and wide.

On my 44 birthday I choose the life celebration, which is multisensory, flavors, colors, feelings. I am ready for what is to come, and in my heart there are lights and joy, and you are all invited to the love celebration.

I believe and see a good world in harmony. I see the old systems shattered. I see the balance between spirit and material, the huge controlling organizations disappearing and the governments of the planet give freedom to every soul, as there is abundance for everyone and there is no more need for survival. And the hearts are open and wide, happy and containing. No more sickness and old age. The good will of the heart supports each other, without joulosy and competition, no envy or victimising.

I can see what is in everything and continue to create abundance of light circles, journeys and the singing of the heart, for every beloved soul…

Gratitude to you, loved ones,

I love you,

Love from my heart to yours

Ayelet – Ohelet

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