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Initiation Journey through the crystal screens - the great creation 2020

Initiation journey to mount Shasta
Initiation journey to mount Shasta 2020


With the initiation of hundreds of planetary students, you have learned the wisdom of ancient Lemuria. We invite you on a journey of trenches, at the planetary light gate of the White Light brotherhood, to Mount Shatse. To the house of Lemuria - the city of light Telus. For accelerated initiation, to the glamorous days of Planet Earth. To the next stage of transcending and expanding the heart consciousness.

The journey was carefully constructed according to a unique program provided by High Priest Adama and Aurelia Louise Jones, author of Telos Books.

The journey will be led by the Telos lemuria organization  Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin.

Indeed, my dear, many are the light entities that come to participate in the work, and the mountain is a meeting place, a center The joint work. The inhabitants of Telos are doing a wonderful job; The choice to reach the mountain and establish additional light cities

On the planet, comes to save the cosmic information. But over time, the population of the mountain has grown, and created New additional goals that expressed all souls and all new light entities they chose to join To the task. Yes dear, you have chosen to descend across the planet, connect to the exact same mission and participate In it, this is how our connection is established. Many of you are getting personal readings right into the heart these days, Calls that Clarify Your Purpose and Role on the Ball - Provide Light and Give the Tools For raising vibrations to humanity. Know that we are with you on your personal journey.


You are invited on a journey through the crystal screens For 5 meditations on active portals at the gates to the city of light Telos At each gate you will receive the wonderful energy from the mountain and an exciting journey to the new light you will receive Messages from the High Priest ADAMA And the brothers and sisters from Telos.     All you have to do is sign up and state your full name and email to get notified when the journey will be available.

At the end of the journey we will clean the canalization ceremony open through the zoom   The journey begins from the first of August

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