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In service of the planet - in service of the divine


In the service of the planet In the service of the divine What does this mean? Many of us that have experienced mystical experiences, such as transcendence out of the physical body, touching the divine light up there and returning to the corporeal reality, return different…different in the level of soul insights. There is a deep understanding that this body is very temporary and it moves only if part of the soul is renewed and fills all the components of moving the consciousness, the mind and cells. There is a realization that we are part of such a broad consciousness, part of something that we can indeed call divinity. There is an understanding that we are part of distant worlds of which we have not been taught about in school and society does not speak about…But yes there are other worlds ... The realization that the physical reality is changing and today we can move between the dimensions, to move beyond the physicality that seems to us so absolute. There is no absolute! There is space, there is a different understanding. Yes, then, upon returning to the body, many of us undertake to carry the lofty light with which we blended up there and bring it to the planet. Then we begin our new incarnation, in our familiar body. We return "home" but we are very different. We return to our lives but everything is painted in different colors. Indeed, out-of-body experiences give us a deep, consciousness enlightenment. There is a before and after. This consciousness was opened for me when I was 35 and experienced an out-of-body experience on Mount Shasta. No one had prepared me. I did not learn of that, it just happened. The encounter was so dazzling, indeed the light up there is so great. The heart melts and for the first time I felt the infinite love of universe, a different love than the one we know here on earth. The words are too little to explain, but the consciousness remains. Yes, as many others, I had committed myself from the source of my soul to what I undertook before I arrived to the planet: to spread the teachings of Lemuria, to open hearts and to be a light messenger from my home, Telos. The return to the body was supported. Since that day, the body carries in it an energy which sometimes feels like a huge fire that infuses all my cells and jumps me sometimes at the speed of light to physical creation and realization, and all with ease and simplicity. I came back with the ability to communicate with the light being that has manifested as my father in the higher worlds, and is known as the teacher of humanity - the High Priest Adama (many raise their eyebrows in this part of the story). I returned with full support in the corporeal world of humans, and it is clear to me that the connection that is created with them enables me a space of absolute support and assistance in fulfilling the task to which I have committed. The word 'task' is very rigid, so we will can replace it with a 'mission.' The word 'mission' brings in many people the memory of the Masaya Jesus Christ, also not really my zone, as I am the mother of 4 children and teacher, connected to the world and to the earthly game. So what is the appropriate word for us, those that have awakened and felt a strong need to commit to the mystery that opens before us? In the meetings with the High Priest Adama, the future of the planet and of humanity are exposed to me. Sometimes I feel pain that pierces through my heart, the pain of Gaia, that being of our Planet Earth. Is she also a messenger? the great mother. I see myself today in a number of characters and roles. Perhaps the concept to which I am most connected would be a 'teacher', as this concept represents me in a number of hats that I chose to wear. As a teacher I am first of all in an endless learning, in deep observation, in daily practice of faith in goodness and in the next generation. Indeed the next generation represents all of the new that is coming to the planet. We are facing challenging times but it is important to note that if we learn how to breathe and play according to the new laws of the universe/planet, then we can easily make the transition. Sitting in front of the magical mountain, breathing it, feeling here more than any other place, my spiritual roots. Moving between Shasta and Magshimim, my two homes that I have chosen in this life reincarnation. I carefully observe myself: what else should I improve, what is my next step? I go out of my body for inter-galactic voyages and study the great universe spaces, which contains cultures of different lives which are very exciting. I know that the next few years will be fascinating. I can predict the potentials of the formation of the planet and the face of the new humanity. Breathing and feeling him, my father and my teacher the High Priest Adama. "You are loved and can be present in a number of dimensions at the same time. You know today, that the growth and expansion that you've have gone through in the last 9 years are what you have chosen to experience at this time. Your soul is chose to return to the planet, and this time to remember, yes, to remember who you are, and to move on the planet from this place. Therefore, at a very young age your heart was attracted to the Northwest of the United States, to the source to which you had arrived with the sinking of the mother continent of Lemuria. Loved one, you are not alone. You know that. Life on this planet is challenging for many of the souls - 8 billion in number, and all of them have arrived to take part in this time, a time of healing and releasing of ancient karmas, a time when the soul has the opportunity to raise its consciousness ! Therefore, the planet experiences today big waves of awakening. You chose to be a leader. You chose to be the a Lemurian who carries the mother continent vibration. Just as you led back then on ancient Lemuria. When you are connected to your earthly role in full devotion and in unity with the mission of your soul then your support is the choice of the universe and the divinity itself. Therefore, even if you sometimes feel that the task you committed to is heavy, you can feel the support, and receive the tools and the protection for all that you feel that should be fulfilled and realized. Your ability to create comes from your purity your devotion to being yourself – human divinity – Ohelet – Ayelet. Like every morning, I bless you my love for being yourself. Open your heart and go out to celebrate this wonderful day at your home - Shasta. And I am one with you. I am Adama".

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