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I would like to share with you an exciting evening from our 13th Sacred Seven Flames course. I've been practicing for several with the Masters in order to learn of their knowledge and wisdom. Every gathering, every circle is different, the expansion that takes place in all the bodies, all dimensions. Together, we are re-charged with powerful light frequencies from the city of light called – TELUS. While sitting in a circle, our beloved St. Jermaine greeted us with an extended energetic transmutation. We breathe the light frequencies that are encoded within us. And here comes Lady Nada, with love and softness feels our sacred hearts and like a beloved mother she grants us with a divine hug. Her partner is Senanda, an ascended master and teacher for this planet. He greets me a moment before his appearance. Many people ask me about channeling and of the procedure. They want to know what I feel, what I remember. I tell them that surrender is easy for me, and that the connection to the high priest Adama is from the core of my soul, the most clean and pure place inside of me. I've learned how much it is important to keep the channel path clear and clean. To separate the "I" from the "me" as a vessel who provides their vocal cords personality to the light being who Channels through me. Adama revealed himself to me as my father and out of this ancient deep connection, I have the knowledge in my heart that it is him indeed that speaks through me and his messages are for all of humanity. I've been through al lot of initiations along the years with the masters that are channeling through me; the gates of my home and body are open to them all which enable them to forward their messages. I also have the discernment to know what is accurate for me and part of my commitment and mission. When this special encounter with Senanda arrived I became very excited. The rejuvenation flame escorts me since my personal enlightenment in Mount Shasta that enhanced my expression, my creativity and passion for all that is. Senanda started to feel my body, the connection was made. He greets me, I feel my heart expands and jumps out of its place when a huge wave of energetic flow covers me with heat, fire swat, flow of words…I surrender myself for the sake of our beloved team. After visiting TELUS with our light bodies and the work of rejuvenation we did there, and massage from Lady Nada, Master Lord Senanda stood in the middle of the circle and gave us a special massage of his own. Enclosed below: "Welcome my beloved students, friends and family. You are blessed for choosing to be here in this present circle, like in the ancient times where we set together. I am pleased to see you arise for the call that comes within your heart. That same voice of the Divine sparkle that awakes you and through your attention to the places where you feel the joy and the rejuvenation that emanates within you. Do you understand that you are not the same as yesterday? Do you understand that with every choice ignites the gold carriage that continues to resonate with other universes? You are loved, worriers of light, all of you. Grant yourself the joy of this call and celebrate this moment, with no hesitations. You are in the right place. There is no place for doubts in your powerful being. You are the son of god and I am here to support and remind you of the days when we walked on this planet together, when we saw and witnessed with our own eyes the same miracles. Are you aware of your ability to create the same alchemy and the same miracles? With open heart, breathe the light cells which vibrate when you feel this Genesis love that dances and tells you with Divine Joy – yes!! Yes!! You are so loved. Why are the doubts? Only you can create the miracle in your physical life is these moments, in this dimension that you are in. You see, you are the creators. No one will do the magic for you, for you are the miracle. Are you willing to create different reality at this time? If so, breathe the rejuvenation beam to every cell and every atom and every electron within all your bodies. Celebrate this moment; celebrate your ability to see the eternity, to feel and to dance the light just as you did in those ancient times before the fall of your consciousness. Are you willing to see beyond the dark side? Do you choose light? Ask it in every moment and every breath you take on this planet. So why doubt? Let me ask you, me and the other ascended masters who chose to support the ascension process of this planet, in these happy times of joy and fulfillment, the divine light emerges and you can connect to those light pipes which will allow you to ascend with planet earth. If you choose to be like most of the people – so it shell be through the divinity that exist within you. The city of TELUS has opened itself to you along with other possibilities that enable you to connect to the ancient sources of knowledge and wisdom. If you choose to visit the wonderful city of light for divine healing, you choose to be creators and I embrace you in your journey and walk hand in hand with your renewed existence – you yourself in this current creation." Q: What is the revival and rejuvenation of life? A: It is an energetic frequency with codes that are activated around your personal creation. By declaring it – you become it. This is the divine way. You need to notice your truth in living within the light. Either way – you are in the exact place for you in any given moment. Your soul that came from the highest source, chose it's lessens in advance, therefore you chose life and rejuvenation. Q: How can we spared the doubts and connect to all of the above? A: Observe your doubts and see what lesions hide beneath that lack of truth, luck of belief, what are the things that represent this lack. Did you come to this world of all that is just to experience all that isn't? Either way, it is your soul's choice. Are you welcoming joy, softness and harmony in your life? Take a quantum leap of faith trough the accuracy of your truth. Faith is essential in this process. Q: How can we help a teen-ager in need? A: In order to support a friend, you need to get an approval from the source of his soul which we call the over-soul level, to work with the energetic transmutation flame from there. It helps for the unbalanced people, and goes with the flame and balances all the places that need it. This kind of help must come from love to remove blockage and transmute and empower the light within their sacred heart. I bless you, beloved ones, for choosing to be here today. For choosing to breath the revival and the rejuvenation flame. At this present moment, the high priestesses of this temple support you while you are loading you physical, mental, emotional etheric body, breath and feel the creation that is manifested and so it is. I bless you and happy to be with you. You are blessed. Farewell, Senanda." So we are taking another deep breath, full of life, of Senanda, and with gratitude for lady Nada, we step out of the temple with physical and emotional presents. We feel powerful since we are the life and the rejuvenation of the rejuvenation. As we go down the steers, we bless the abundance; all of our bodies are rejuvenating and changing with joy. We leave our city of light – TELUS with our Light Merkaba that awaits us. We go up through the funnel towards the Middle East and to this room, We re-connect with our physical bodies, taking a deep breath. A deep brown root is coming from our lower cacti straight to the heart of Gaia – mother earth, grounding us as we move our fingers, hands and legs and we say 3 times: I am that I am. And we open our eyes. Welcome back!! Channeled by: Ayelet Segal – 26/4/2015



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