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Human memory ~ Awakening time and Knowing


I’m sitting on the familiar rock, as if it was waiting for me to return, alone, and around me there are they , my brothers and sisters the trees the stand upright, always attentive, the silence is in my heart.

Who I am, here alone on a journey, without commitments, to which I have been attached in the earthly world.

No roles tasks, the soul breathes my being.

Who am I ? I am all earth, and sky, air, and light, I am nothing, wandering between the same bodies I have chosen

to the “role-playing games”, mother and daughter, wife and sister


That’s for all of us, loved ones awoke, saw the crashing world so we experience when the known is gone

But basically he comes back, to balance, he goes back to rehabilitation.

So many predict what will happen, feel our desire for change, many also feel the change in their lives, jobs changing, the way we love our lives ..change.

Notice the culture is changing… We know today that the worlds are facing the fusion of the material world and the worlds of light.

I see the opening to Telos, the gate right in front of me, I breath in deeply and approaching to the gate slope

If I get in, I will not return…

And there is a whisper of his voice,my daughter , Oelet ..

And a whisper of her voice, my beloved daughter

Adama and Galatia my parents from Telos

I remember the first encounter with them when I returned from the mountain a decade ago, how many tears I shed then, and since then the gates have opened and I am one with them.

The worlds are combined again, they are present with me again.

I see Telos and enter the City of Light, my corresponding figure greets me

And with her my loved one, I see them and merge with my character

My body is again filled with sublime lights and sounds and I see my hair braiding and I saw an opening , from my eyes I see differently, see other colors and the members of the city.

I move in the space between the river that takes me to the waterfall of flowers on the living side, they move and breathe, every flower within it a living entity and they welcome me on my full presence

I'm moving in space seeing the entourage marching along with me, and here's Donabello greeting me, welcome sister, we've been waiting for you.

But I'm here all the time, I say, yes but in such an alert and conscious presence, you have not been for a long time.

When you are on the mountain your physiological bodies react differently. That's why you come twice a year in the last decade, to charge and transmit the light and frequencies.

We at every meeting work with your bodies so that you can be the messenger you are. To convey the messages of the High Priest Adama, and lead the missions to which you are required.

I feel such joy in my heart and my body fills flexible and bright,

Donabello, dear brother, I'm going to ask you a question that I often ask myself these days

Did I do the right thing by canceling the group?

Donablo looks at me..with deep green eyes that glow in the light

Beloved you sister, at first the journey was not canceled, you passed it through the crystal screens, to the chosen human beings

Those who yearn for the mountain will come to the next journey which as you know will be rebuilt for those high frequency messengers.

This summer is a summer for you beloved, so that you can continue to bear the high luminaries.

Understand, the bodies of those who engage in the resonances of light change.

This you know and already teach, see your own bodies change when you are on the mountain, your DNA is different, brain cells and more light mass passes through you today.

This morning we showed you that your every request is so easily fulfilled, even the energy of the internet when you do a “live” in a place where there is "no reception" for your convenience.

So beloved, believe and see that many more surprises will come up in the next decade.

Calm down in your heart, and assimilate the length.

The feeling that comes from you of infinite peace, is the light with which you will return to your land. The connection made between the bodies must be immersed.

You have witnessed everything that has been done in the last decade, and we show you the outline further.

What should I share with friends I ask?

I see Adama with his blue shirt, I see his shining bright eyes looking at me deeply

“Memory, the memory present within them is the important thing to awaken, indeed the cellular memory and the memory of the soul for those days when they were awake in walking bodies.

Working on DNA codes, activating light centers in bodies, and it is very important to drink clean water free of metals and toxins. They are the sealants”.

“When more and more brothers and sisters are awakened to the memories of their incarnations, then they will release all fear and free themselves from the fears that bind them, indeed the fears and shackles are what prevent fulfillment.”

“Life is not meant to live out of suffering, but out of joy and fulfillment, we have talked about it a lot, and in the last decade you have experienced in the wonderful community of light the lights of joy.”

“Therefore, the new world is a world that already exists, now you cross the bridge between the worlds, and when the old world disintegrates, by the very fact that you are human beings who have experienced challenging situations in your life, they also now hold the frequency of survival.”

“This frequency, at times, binds your inner faith and through the dedication to the new that is to come.

Dedication out of an awake consciousness of knowing where you are going, what the next step in your life is going to be”.

“See it first in the spiritual aspect, and then draw it in the physical aspect.

Understand that the world is a mirror of all thinking arising from brain cells and high light resonance.”

“You are beloved living walking bodies and connected to the worlds of light, in those days the days of Lemuria your bodies were very high, so you carried much light in connection with the high frequencies.

Today the bodies have shrunk, many human beings have completely cut off the stream of divine resonance, there are those who are still connected, and you beloved ,you are in the resurrection stages of connection between the dimensions.”

-Are there new tools, Adama for connecting the dimensions in our world?

“The work of light through the “rays of the flames”, those who practice every day, is a wonderful tool that allows for awakening.

When you feed your bodies in the gentle light it is renewed to all levels of cells and bodies and then you have the ability to activate all your bodies, even the high ones.”

“Consciousness is the link, it carries the signal of light in the right proportion to your bodies”.

“I will tell you about the first days when we came to Shasta to build the unique city of light Telos.

Did we do the work in the depths of the mountain with our hands, in physical work.”

“You know that not, together we created the appearance of the city in our consciousness, we sat together 12 representatives of the city and planned in great detail the various levels that make up the city, the temples the living and food spaces, education and fulfillment.”

“This is how the city was created, slowly it continued to develop with the younger generation who continue to build the city for its needs.”

“Notice, what's going on in your world, after the surprise phase, many of the human souls have realized that the story of the Coronavirus is even deeper than the one told in your news.”

“Slowly, more and more friends gather and dare to carry their voice, the Land of Israel, the people who carry the high light, stand and ask, what are they asking for?

Seekers are fair leadership for the people Leadership, they seek justice and integrity, to live their lives with decency and abundance, again they are one in their hearts. United in the name of calling for their future.”

“Since the days when humanity went down to the stage of slavery, there have been a number of revolutions in which those souls have risen and broken the cables of darkness.”

“Look inside where your cables are inside you, where are you still stopped from saying who you are!”

-I saw myself a fighter of light in the days of the American Revolution, in the days of the French Revolution… Seeing myself even today carries the torch of integrity and truth.

-I asked Adama… So what is the future for us these days?


“Pay attention to your words, dear, pay attention to the timelines.

“We operate on one plane with you, the present plane of time, your being is required to be present in every moment and moment

Your presence, is the one required to bring your expressions.”

“Beloved, you who are sons of light, you who carry the divinity codes, you who awaken to the messages of truth.

You have the gates open.

You are invited to move for the light paths of Telos, you are invited to move for the paths of wisdom, it is the one that opens up to the personal space of your life.”

“You beloved are the ones who create the spaces of your life, you are the great creation."

-Feeling, his aura, and my heart expanding, breathing deeply

I Continue to move around the city, my home home of Telos.

I am with you, one,

Ayelet - Oelet



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