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How the connection of galaxies affects us


Is the solar system shift related to the Corona? The recent days are shaking for the human kind…riots throughout the planet, 2nd wave of COVID-19…people are tired and some are in pain… I close my eyes and I can see myself in the light city of Telos, in the council building. The crystal table is above me. The members of the council of 12 are sitting around it with the high priest Adama. I can see our galaxy, the milky way, shifting. I turn to Adama and receive the following message to explain what is happening on the planet in these days. Ayelet: How does the solar system shift affect us? Adama: My beloved daughter, Ohelet. You are attentive to the infinite cosmos voices and feel that changes in the level of humanity and in the higher light worlds that are visible to you. With the 2nd moon of Jun, that has echoed its resonance in high intensities and affected your electromagnetic fields, you can feel that your bodies are tired, or feel muscles pain or some imbalance… From the light city of Telos we watch you, and can see the fields and the great transformation that you experience. Indeed dear ones, there hasn't been such a change on the planet for a long time. A transformation of the billions of souls that have chosen to incorporate in this dimension, is currently accelerated towards purification, healing and preparation for shifting with the whole system to its new place. In order to be able to contain the light vibrations that has a high mass of divine light particles and contain aa lot of energy/electricity, you have to be one with the change. The solar system goes through a transformation, and of course also Planet Earth that absorbs the supernova light rays from the center of the sun. the whole system is moving in a new rhythm vs. the galaxy center. Ayelet: Adama, in last October when we went on a journey to the pyramids in Egypt, we performed a deep process in the king's chamber at the Great Pyramid. This process objective was supporting and leading our solar system to a new place in the center of the galaxy and merging it with a neighbor galaxy, Andromeda. Was this process part of the process that we experience in these days? Adama: Indeed. The process which you performed with your high light consciousness has started to take place in the visible world for science. During this period of time your scientist witness new revelations in the material dimension in space, and also the movement of the 2 galaxies toward one another, until they will be merged. This neighbor galaxy, that is very distant and located after the Pleiades cluster, contains solar systems with many life forms, that are currently reconnecting with Planet Earth. As the universe is in constant movement, the changes are expressed in these galactic mergers. The cultures from the distant galaxy, which return in this period of time, renew their communication with the milky way galaxy and the planet residents. Again they show themselves to humans, as happened before in the ancient days, hundreds of thousands years ago, on the blue planet. With the consciousness fall on Planet Earth and the distancing from the center of the universe, a distancing also took place from the light cultures of the stars that hold a very high consciousness. In order to preserve the planet vibration we have established a system of inner planetary light cities that are also in transformation today, in terms of the way they echo the inner light of the planet. One of the active one, which many of you visit, is Telos. With the shifts, a decision was made to support humanity, and light messengers were specially sent to lead and support the reawakening humans. You can especially see that in the last decade. In the last months humans have entered their new given choice steps. The consciousness growth in humans takes place in unity with the light fields that surround your corporeal body to the movement alignment of the planet. These are also connected to the other solar systems in this galaxy and to other stars with different life forms in higher dimensions. The peak of the process takes place at this very time, as you know, with the alignment to the unique star network that we have reached in the 2020 year per the Gregorian calendar. The stars system around Planet Earth is changing and is one of the factors that change the light fields around the planet that support  the light mass that is entering the inner system of the planet, the atmospheric space between the earth and the infinity knowns as outer space. These systems/networks of light, which many of you know as the crystal network, the diamond network and the magnet network, have returned to echo their full intensity and transfer the light rays that arrive from the central sun that feeds the source of our galaxy and the next galaxy as well – Andromeda. This galaxy already affects the solar system of Earth and the effect will intensify as the 2 galaxies will get closer. Therefore loved ones, how is it possible that changes in your own personal body fields will not take place? Will you as bodies that contain the most developed organism on the planet feel the changes? Are the fields and the physical bodies changing too? Yes, dear ones. You shift together with the huge setting of the infinite space that surround us. It is also important to explain that those cultures who return to the planet contain various different vibrations. Some are light cultures with high light vibrations and some are not. Therefore, you should always verify who are present in the space in which you move. When you field is pure and holds a positive vibration, it will magnetize to it a light from a similar vibration octave. However, what happens with humans that do not hold a high vibration and do not practice the significant processes of the 5th dimension and beyond? The current process that the planet goes through was known at those ancient days to the cultures that held the memories of the star seeds that were present on the planet. The ancient cultures have recorded in their records what is about to happen. The divine plan takes place. Loved ones, be attentive to the clues the arrive to the new consciousness space. When humanity succeeds in transcending beyond the great transformation, a collective shift will take place towards the high light consciousness and the solar system and Planet Earth shall be one of the cultures that vibrates in the high light vibration. The process will take place in the coming 3 decades, with the disassembly of the systems that hold the old vibrations and the renewal that takes place in these days. A new path is created in these days. The stars cultures are renewing their communication with you. They arrive with their representatives and build an anchor for the communication with the mother stars, your homes. Some of you are already aware of that and experience the change in the thought patterns and in new creations that take place in your life, that you haven't even considered. The mind is not aware. The soul is. Therefore loved ones, pay attention to the broad picture. Leave the vibration of fear and enable yourself to expand and shift with the planet throughout the cosmos to the new placement that is created. What do you have to do? Learn and recall the 5th dimension practices. It is no longer possible to echo the low dimensions. Listen to voices from the past. The light cultures transfer a lot of information to those who listen and succeed in moving beyond the physical dimension to interact with them. The information is accessible to all of the new systems that shall help in shifting to the high vibrations on Planet Earth. Re-learn how to act from your humanity. It is blessed and filled with emotion and passion. It is one of the only places that enables such a unique expression in the physical dimension. Don't give away that physical dimension. Learn how to move in it with balance and harmony. And for last, dear ones, you are invited to the light city of Telos, to the ascended masters brotherhood, to learn with awareness and love that shall support you in your remembrance process. The coming home. Be blessed children of the divine. I am the high priest Adama. #ADAMAYELETELOS



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