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Beloved brothers, children of Lemuria, children of love

I feel my body changing, releasing the old, I am present in my body as it goes through a cleaning process from the addiction to sugar and industrialized carbohydrates. In this process there is an airiness, there is opening and renewal. The food that was sealing is not present, and emotions come up – I look at it again but from a different place.

I feel the body present differently in the space. How open it is to the high light vibrations, more than ever. Light sparkles, the angles and the masters that move through the space of the 5th dimension are present every moment. There is no more buffer between us, there is fusion between the worlds.

I feel the high priest Adama, and he continues to explain:

“In these days that are very unique, when the human has the ability to reopen the light center in his body and flow the divine light through the energy centers, enable those protons and electrons to fill our cells, to set in motion the DNA strands, into the new dimensions. Many of the humans go through a recalibration.

Many times human shall go through a recalibration even without the consciousness opening for it. This recalibration will then be expressed through a disease that accelerates our consciousness to further deepen our observation into ourselves, into our being. This may be a very dramatic and unique event through which we shall awaken.

And again, dear ones, you are the one to choose, to decide, in each and every moment, choosing the thought that assimilates into yourselves and choosing whether to hold it or let it go. Choosing how to manifest this recalibration in your life.

Your body was not created to sustain sickness. Your body was not created to carry vibrational distortions…

When you are closed and holding onto the old, the anger, the fear, there is a vibrational distortion. When you choose to let go of the old, the dense and are ready to embark on a new path, the light cells are created and contain the creation light – the divine spark. They assist in creating new thinking and they expand and grow, and this is how new reality is created in our life.

When you let go of a thought that is not beneficial for you, you open up to a more healthy new thought and to a new creation.

Are you, loved ones, ready to recalibrate yourselves?

In the 5th dimension there is fit between the consciousness and the bodies which carry our consciousness. We embody the vibration we hold.

In the 3rd dimension we can see the light vibrations that surround your corporeal body. You should understand that we don’t see you only as flash and bones, but as light bodies that are vibrating the colors of the creation beams.

Sometime we see you in low vibration and sometime in light intensities that excite us.

Loved one, when you are devoted to the expansion and the opening processes of the consciousness, then your ability to contain the light is greater. As human dense bodies you have the ability to contain a lot of light in your body.

Most of you have closed the energy centers that lead the light to all the parts of your body. You dense corporeal body have been in a survival mode for ages, and most of you still nourish it from this place.

Be aware, loved ones, to the nutrition that you enter into your body.

Talk with your body, understand what is correct for it, what is best for it.

In the light city of Telos we move in lighter light bodies and nourish ourselves with a nutrition that enable us to sustain the great amount of light that we carry. Indeed the nutrition is still very important in the 5th dimension, and therefore we grow our nutrition with the divine light consciousness and are very meticulous with those who handle our nutrition.

The feeding is different from your world and it does not take place where we move. Our environment is nutrition free, and the feeding takes place at one place and one time for all. Our culture is aware of the vibrational nutrition and we take special care of the young souls that incorporate in our society, especially at the time they grow and build the various elements of our crystal light body.

As you can see, my loved ones, you lose your multidimensional abilities when you seal your emotional and your physical bodies.

Your multidimensional abilities open up when your body is properly nourished and taken care of.

As much as you practice and take extra care of the correct nourishing and nutrition of your body, you shall feel a quantum leap in your spiral journey and in your multidimensional abilities, which shall slowly manifest in your life.

Your multidimensional ability is the ability to sense higher light vibrations. You are familiar with the divine vibrations flow in the term “energy”, when the charging of the light units contain the divine essence. You have the ability in your corporeal form to contain these energies. The sensors in your bodies shall become more and more sensitive.

The pineal gland that is present in the center of the human brain brings through it today more and more information, and science begins to understand that it has the ability to open the various brain parts to what is beyond the known, and that its activity changes from one person to another. The connection to the 3rd eye and opening of the 6th sense, the super sensual hearing, channeling, intuition and the ability for astral journeys. This glands opens up when the physical body is balanced in the level of the vibrational nutrition and the ability of the human to contain over 70% of light mass.

Most of the humans can carry 30-50% of light mass, and therefore the pineal gland is still non-active for most humans.

Your foundation body, that surrounds your physical body, has the ability to carry a very great light mass. When humans do not nourish themselves with the divine light, and they are cut-off from this source of nutrition, their foundation body is affected from it and so does their physical body.

Your physical body was not designed to age or hold sickness. It was designed to sustain your light for a very long lifetime, as was in your ancient ancestors’ time, when they lived on the planet for hundreds of years. So can you, my loved ones.

In order to be able to sustain your body with ease and optimal health, you have to feed yourselves on vibrational nutrition, sustain the pranic breathing and nourish the foundation body with the core energy from the center of the sacral chakra.

The ability to recalibrate your body your body is your choice.

The calibration starts with an inner discipline for changing old patterns. Many of you have been holding these patterns for several lifetimes.

There is no better time from these days to let go of old patterns and take care of your body so it would keep moving in optimal health on this wonderful planet of ours.

As you, loved ones, experience the recalibration, so does Gaya.

She moves between the old and the new and no longer agrees to hold the darkness centers that exist on her. Therefore a lot of climate changes take place. The calibration has begun.

I invite you, Lemurians, the children of the light, you who arrived and decided to incorporate on this planet, hundreds of thousands of years ago, you who chose to move with light bodies and divine consciousness, to arrive and take part in the mutual learning. I invite you to the circles of Telos Lemuria, for mutual learning with me and with the community of Telos Lemuria. To echo the heart vibration and embark on a joint learning journey.

The calibration has started – all you have to choose is whether you want to take part in it.

I am the high priest Adama, sending the vibrations from my heart into your sacred heart – for healing, transformation and recalibration.

Blessed are you.


(Channeled by Ayelet Segal,mt shasta 27-Jan-2018)



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