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Gaia is awakening to new days


Dear beloved sisters and brothers,

People of Telos, people of the land of Lemuria, the mother continent on which we walked at these ancient days.

I sit in front of the see, on Caesarea beach, at which Herod built his famous harbor. I see the pillars lying one across each other, the wall of the aqueduct broken and its stones scattered across the beach…

An earth quake was the one to shatter these ancient magnificent structures back in the old ages…

I breathe ad hear mother nature voice at these very days.

Gaya, as we can see, is awakening to new days. The changes that we were told of from beyond the veil, by Adama, Kryon of the magnetic service and the Pleadeans…

The change is taking place now, in front of our eyes. Tender wind caresses me, the scent of the water with their saltiness enters every cell of my being.

I close my eyes and remember those days of the beloved continent before the sinking…

I can feel the high priest Adama by my side explaining, and my heart expands, I feel loved and protected, listening…

“I bless you Ohelet. Indeed you can see those days…At those days at which we knew, there was a feeling of something huge that was about to happen. We felt inside us the feeling of substantial change that was about to take place. The priests of the continent shared their feelings, and talked to the people of the Lemurian continent about the transformation, but no one could predict the exact time…

You can’t predict Gaya’s breathing. You can feel it…light or heavy, fast or slow…but Gaya is the one that choses how to move the planet into the next phase according to the divine plan, according to the light vibrations that vibrate in every cell or physical or enlightened body that is present on this planet.

Can you predict the earth movement? The eruption of a volcano, a tsunami?

The Great Rift Valley has been surprisingly active and had burst in the middle of Kenya few months ago in your earthy time.

In the middle of the ‘Ring of Fire’ at the center of the Pacific Ocean, Gaya releases its vibrations, and the volcanic eruption continues and the lava keeps flowing…the scientists can’t predict when this eruption is going to stop.

In all of the west coasts of the USA we can feel the earth quakes. The San-Andreas Ridge is very active, down to South America - to Chile – to the ‘Land of Fire’ ) Tierra del Fuego(.

The land is aware of the vibrational change that takes place. It prepares itself to the next phase.

Are you aware of the quick change? Do you look inside and are aware of your being?

Humanity is going through the awakening process in the fastest speed it has known.

Many friends create sickness through which they awake into a new choice in their life.

Many friends perform such a quick transformation with their body, with the environment, sometime out of consciousness and sometimes not…

The universe is open to the star seeds more than ever. The communication is flowing through the electromagnetic field that is active and fed by the light transition.

The crystal and magnetic grids are active and echo the light, and unite the divine consciousness on this planet.

My children, my beloved ones, enable yourself the love, the acceptance is the one to support you with your heart chakra opening and charges you with the divine vibrations. This energy flows in your wonderful bodies and gives you the ability to synchronize your life rhythm with Gaya’s rhythm.

You are one with Gaya.

Therefore, be attentive. Feel the right place for you to live at this time. What is the comfortable place for you in terms of climate or vibration?

Many move across Gaya at this time and there shall be massive families and communities migration.

Gaya is open for all. There are no limits, no restrictions. See it as a home for everyone.

The human consciousness that speaks unity must be more accurate, be cleaner, beyond the words, in the intentions. And from the heart intention – the reaching of the hand to another person.

Gaya’s consciousness is getting more accurate both in the climate design that takes place and also in the continent movement, and by that she prepares herself to the new world that carries the light vibration of compassion, acceptance and unconditional love, as was in the ancient days of Lemuria.

When your heart opens and expands, your multidimensional abilities expand too. Did you know that?

When you carry the vibrations of decency and integrity, the truth and the forgiveness, then you carry inside you the ability to contain the immense light that is in your bodies.

This learning is from your heart, as humans that held the darkness for the past few centuries, the pain and density still echoes in many of you. Indeed, loved ones, it is time for healing.

I keep talking with you about the healing process, and in these days, more than ever, don’t push your feelings. Enable the truth to come up. Enable that ancient incarnation to bring the pain and heal it.

Let go of this human experience that is still painful from your consciousness and re-create yourselves.

From the light city of Telos, we reach out our heart, our light, the heart of the divine light temples for mutual learning. Many of you arrive at night…we are one with you.

One with Gaya.

Find the time during the day to observe the new that is born in your life. Enable it to materialize, to grow and wake up.

Make a new choice again, not to know, not to understand…

Make a choice again, to feel, from the depth of your heart, the tenderness and the simplicity, the love and the joy.

I bless you my loved ones,

From the light city of Telos, the heart of Lemuria

I am Adama”

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 30-Jun-2018)



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